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    Hi guys


    I had massive battery drainage on my new iPhone 5. just normal use and my 100% battery would go down to 70% in like 30mins. I was actually pretty shocked. With about 60% battery i restored my whole iPhone 5 to factory settings. Unplugged from iTunes and took out the sim card and switched it off. I then plugged the iPhone into the charger and let it charge to 100%. Plugged back into iTunes and did a restore from back up. works ok now i guess. Took iPhone off charger (100% battery) at 7.30am. Its now nearly 3.30pm and and i have 53%. thats with texting, iMessaging, facebook, twitter and surfing the net on wireless with 3G turned off. Everything in iCloud is turned off except for contacts.


    Hope this helps guys. But yes there are a lot of problems and I hope there is a fix soon from apple.



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    hi everybody

    i am not so familiare with iphone  so the battery problem was a big problem for me

    i took my iphone5 to dealer today  and ask for solving the problm ,,,, so the staff guy advised me that  in iphone 5  using application is running on the background of iphone ... this is the reason of using battery very fast  and advised me to dellet the background application,,, after doing so now after  4 houres  of standby i have only 1% battery reduced,,,

    to do so is very simple by duble taging ( like duble click ) on home buton you will see all application runing on the background of your iphone , this is application using your battery and simply for delleting this application you can press one of them for whie ,then the (x) mark for delleting them appear and you can dellet the background application from here  ,,, this will increase your battery life

    and  also please remember that every application you use,, is running in background ,,so you need to dellet these background application everytime you use that,,,a little hard job but for your  battery life that is  a need

    i hope this work for you

    best regards


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    I also am having this same issue. After reading all of these replies here, it seems that there is yet no real solution in resolving this battery issue. That's a shame too. This is my first iPhone and I was really excited to purchase the device--I waited a couple of weeks to pick it up. I've carried out most of the suggestions here (e.g. turned off push notificaitons, turned off LTE, decreased battery life, switched over to wi-fi whenever possible, and limited usage on my apps). However, I'm frustrated here. What's the point of having this device if you can't enjoy the full effect of it due to a limited lifespan of a few hours. I charge the phone up and leave it on overnight at 100%. When I wake up in the morning it is at 40% or less capacity without me event using it. What is the status on Apple's end? Is this an issue that is being worked on as we speak? Can we get a definitive answer on how to fix this or when the fix is coming? Is this too much to ask of from loyal Apple customers/fans such as myself?


    Jeff from San Jose

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    To Jeff from San Jose,


    Have you been to an apple store to talk to them about it yet? If not, I suggest you do. If you tried everything here and you're still having the issue you may just have a dud. In my experience Apple had always been helpful when I've had issues with products.


    I feel the same, what's the point of buying a shiny new iPhone if I have to turn everything off? Talk to Apple and see what they say. Let us know how it goes.


    Good luck.

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    Thank you for the support. I'll try to be brief and note that, while contradicting some of my previous comments, I have been able to extent the life of my iPhone 5's battery.

    I incorporated some of the strategies from the two resources below and they seem to be helping. However, it does require us having to turn off stuff (such as the LTE, geolocating, push notifications, wifi and others). All are temporary and can be switched on/off when you need them but that can be a hassle. What I can say though is that the "double-clicking on the home button" suggestion is actually pretty effective. It requires pressing on the home button. The open apps come up which I then hold down (just randomly pick one). All the apps on the bottom then jiggle and have a remove icon next to them. I remove all the apps right away. Another thing I did was go to the Setting>Notifications>In Notification Center section and removed some things from the pull-down screen. Last night I went to sleep with the phone fully charged and when I woke up 6.5 hours later I had only lost 7% charge. I went to work and used the phone for moderate email, web-browing, and app usage (closing any apps I'm not using) and 9-10 hours later I still had about 80-78% power. A much more significant improvement compared to before.


    I know this doesn't solve the overall issue of our expected quality but at least the phone is operating for a longer period of time. It performs just as well as before. I haven't had time to go to the Apple Store but I plan on going on the weekend. If anything significant takes place, I'll let you know. Please do the same.




    Jeff from San Jose

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    I got my iPhone 5 the first day they were out and had set the settings identical to that of my iPhone 4.  HUGE difference in battery life with the iPhone 5 sucking the life out of the phone simply standing by; no phone, no texting, nada. 


    I was told that I need to turn everything off to prolong the battery life.  Location services, pushes, blue tooth, wi fi, name a feature, it's off.  This did little to improve the battery life. 


    This morning I watched the battery life diminish 15% in two hours in stand-by mode with everything turned off.  I have a strong signal where I am, so it's not that.


    The question we have to ask ourselves is, what is the point of paying a premium price for the new iPhone and having to turn off all its features?  It's simply insane.  I'm taking mine back and getting an Android. 

  • Griswaldo4g Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I independently came to this conclusion as well. I recently had some problems with different menu items not working so I had to delete the ipsw on my Mac. It really seems like I have had a lot of corruption issues since updating to Mountain Lion and, admittedly, I was on a wild goose chase with the issues I was having after my restore. I didn't come up with anything conclusive in respect to push or anything else.

  • Mcovee Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Delete the PODCAST APP. I'm pretty sure this is what was killing my battery. I deleted it and noticed a huge difference. I went from four hours of usage to eight or nine hours. Downcast is a better podcast app and can be set to update once a day when I,m at home. iTunes is also a good way to update your podcasts. I try not to install any apps that are constantly scanning the net for updates, notifications  or new episodes of podcasts that I subscribe to .

        I had my phone checked at the apple store and they said it was fine. I was told it was a problem with iOS 6 and that the next update should fix the problem. I hope that's true because I waited a long time for this phone. When I do get up to 8 hours of usage its usually just a few text and a couple of hours of listening to podcast or music. I'm suppose to get 40 hours of audio playback and "up to " ten hours of web browsing . That's a joke I bet if I could kill my battery in couple of hours on the web. I love this phone but I hate that I need to take my charger with me everywhere I go if I plan on using some of its awesome features. Turning off your notifications, cellular data, wifi, Bluetooth, and locations services is not a reasonable solution. This phone was suppose to be ..... Better?

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    Hello together,


    I´ve also the problem, that the battery of my IP5 drains out to fast. My IP5 does not reach the specifications.


    I can not use LTE, my phone is in 3G with perfect radio conditions.


    Yesterday, I made some tests with my IP5.


    I found out: Running WLAN in parallel with having 3G Data connection = on seems to drain out the battery of my IP5 in unusal high manner.


    After releasing the 3G Data connection and running my IP5 only in WLAN for data, the phone reaches the specifications in extrapolation. After one night in standby and some phone calls / mails / Push= on / surfin during this morning: the usage time is much less than ever before related to my use cases. 16 hrs standby, 1hr 10 min. usage, 87% rest-capacity. Values, I never reached before, regarding my usage profile. Extrapolations for 3G call time is nearby 8hrs, as expected by specification.


    For sure, this is no solution. But it indicates for me, that the HW / battery of my IP5 seems to be fully okay and perhaps, there could be a small software problem causing unusual demands from the mobile transmitting unit, especially when WLAN = on.


    Let us see, what will happen in the near future ( SW-Update?)


    Kind Regards from Germany,


  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Dive fun:



    You nailed the issue perfectly.  The issue exists with 3G/4G running on the DOES NOT affect people with LTE service.  I suspect the code written for the 3/4G connectivity is at fault.  The only work around is a software update.  Even though it is unlikely, no one can rule out hardware at this point.

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    I made the biggest mistake in upgrading my iphone 4 to iOS6.  I was having so many battery drains that even at one point my iphone 4 was dead for 36 hrs.  I tried to charge with my macbook pro, the wall outlet, my car, nothing.


    I went to 2 different Apple stores to use my apple care and get a new battery.  They performed their tests and told me that my battery is fine and denyed me the right to


    2 weeks ago I was eligible for a new phone, throught my corporate discount.  I choose not to buy apple and instead buy the Samsung Galaxy S3.


    Also in the future after my iPad2 dies or is no longer supported by the next iOS, I don't think I will buy another apple tablet.

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    Those are nice numbers. Mine suck real bad.


    Mostly LTE 4-5 bars, last few minutes in 3G 4 bars (as I came indoor). Worst battery life ever. I can't figure out any correlation. The last time I used Navigation in the car my signal sucked, but I got much better battery life. Go figure. Wifi was off the whole time.



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    As many of you i have same problem. At the apple genius bar i am almoast every day. And newer get any help from them even thought they start boolshiting. Last time i was there the girl took my phone and go to back office after she come back she explain to me the problem was because my bloo tooth was on and function TTY was on. That boolshit . I was monitoring my phone for last week with settings and that was fresh restore from morning and i am almost sure 99% bluetooth was off. I dont know about TTY. She explain it to me that those function are by default on. I reolise strange sign next to battery meter which i newer saw before. She turn it off. Unafortunately for that time battery was about 40 % it was 2 pm and that was first day my phone was like that usualy by this time my phone was about 7-11 % When i left the store i was surpised my battery start draining very fast again by the time i arrived home about hour later it was 5 % . I dit fresh restore again and setup as new phone and now way function TTY was off by default i knew that because i newer saw that funny sign next to battery meter. Never think apple work like that meaning go to back office turn on some setting and after come back turn off with me. I dont know how i accept that and left the store with no complain. I was doing some screen shots before and i didnt see this sign that means it was off. By the way my battery work much better now what i reolise every time my phone conected to any device after disconnect the battery drain is very quick but after few cycles of charging and draining it improved with every charge What i reccomend do not hook up your phone to any device only to the phone charger and after 2 cycles you will see a big difference. all my settings on only bluetooth off and LTE off. Locaion, wifi, Cellular data always on. Try do not connect the phone to anything else except the wall charger run two cycles and let me know how is your battery. All the time i hook it to desktop or laptom since disconnecting battery goes to 0 very fast

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    I have been using it for few days. Half of the time it's on 3G and rest on LTE. Battery runs out within hours.

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    Perhaps this news yesterday that Apple is testing an iOS 6.0.1 update with the various carriers will help us out.  No specific mention of fixing issues with battery life, but a mention of a fix for cellular data and something to do with WiFi as well.  We sure can hope! 


    Apple iOS 6.0.1 update being tested

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