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    Hi andaryjos:

    Thanks for suggestion.  The new phone was fully charged overnight using the wall socket charger before usage.  And I have done a number of full discharge cycles since then.


    I don't want to turn off location services because that's one of the features the phone is supposed to be supporting (maps, Safari, OpenTable, etc.).  I've restarted the phone more times than I can count. 


    My next step is trying to get a new phone just in case mine has gremlins.  Who knows, if Apple starts dishing out 4 phones per person, maybe that will incentize them to solve the problem.

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    Personally I don't think they care. If notice 450 people have posted comments on this site.

    Thousands have viewed it. Since it is theirs you would think to work it out. The people at Verizion gave me the Texas two step, passing off like there was mo problems with the 5 that they heard of. They all just make millions and leave us in a lurch.


    My keys to text are not working right, my phone heats up and I have followed suggestions from both sides. We should NOT have turn any capability off unless we choose to. At the price I paid and get this load of crap makes burning mad. That's why I decided to upgrade. I had a 4 and it was fantastic. The only reason I had to pass mine to my husband was he dropped his in a glass of water!

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    Between the two threads on this issue there are over one hundred and fifty thousand views and about fifteen hundred replies.


    We're about to do a big road trip, my husband asked me about using my iphone with maps to plan out our trip and occassionally use gps features in maps on it.  That's hilarious. I will have to charge it constantly to use such features. I have bought roaming time with Virgin and we'll see how this phone operates over the ten days I'm gone but, I'm not optimistic at all. REALLY frustrating.PLUS I have to make sure I have the car charger which I never had to do with my 4. It lasted long enough to not worry about that. By the time we stopped at a hotel, I could charge it there and have battery life left when we got there. I keep having to buy more product to adjust to this already expensive phone. Extra chargers for every situation is not a solution!


    Apple did know about this issue and did create an update but, it did not fix the problem of the battery draining like crazy when you use nearly ANY feature the phone was designed for. All I can say is if you are thinking of buying an iphone 5 for a Christmas gift or as an upgrade for yourself. Don't do it. I'm stuck with this phone as Virgin isn't going to trade the phone for me but, you don't have to be. Apple, you really dropped the ball on this one and ignoring this problem just makes it worse. From Apple fan girl to completely turned off by this product AND the lack of dedicated response to get it fixed or addressed properly.

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    An update from this morning.  I have the sneaky suspicion that there must be something within the hardware or software that just ***** the battery out of this iphone


    Here's my progression today (shortened)

    - 6:38 am Usage 0; Standby 0; Battery 100%

    - 6:50 am Usage 3; Standby 12; Battery 99%

    - 7:01 am Usage 14; Standby 24; Battery 95%

    - 7:32 am Usage 44; Standby 55; Battery 86%

    - 7:32 am Usage 44; Standby 55; Battery 86%

    - 8:19 am Usage 1h 16m; Standby 1h 41m; Battery 77%

    -10:15 am Usage 1h 56m; Standby 3h 38m; Battery 61%

    -11:31 am Usage 2h 46m; Standby 4h 53m; Battery 45%

    -12:54 pm Usage 3h 39m; Standby 6h 17m; Battery 26%

    -1:37 pm Usage 3h 58m; Standby 6h 59m; Battery 20% (I am now in the red panic zone)


    Have just checked email, took screenshots and some imessages. No phone calls, no iTunes, no pandora, FB, Twitter. Nothing. 

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    I purchased an iPhone 5 for my wife and one for me at the same time. Her battery seemed to have lasted for days, where mine drained is less than a day. After comparing all the settings, I figured that the most likely culprit is the location services for Passbook. If you have the location services for passbook "on" (go to Settings/Privacy/Location Services/Passbook), turn it off and see if it helps. It sure did help in my case. Granted there is a reason for Passbook to require location services, but I can do without for now.

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    I had the same issue.  After telling the apple care rep that I followed every suggestion from the apple genius in the store that nothing works, the apple care rep admitted that apple is looking into this and hopefully will resolve this with the next iOS. 

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    I am a first time iPhone user ( been an Android fan right from the brick of a phone call G1) - so dont have a battery expectation benchmark with 4/4S, But I must say I am a tad disappointed with the iPhone5.


    I was expecting to run thru a full day and have about 10% juice at the end of it - typicall usage being ( 1-1.5 hour of phone calls, light browsing on 3G, moderate push emails for 10 hours on stable WiFi & some light browsing, not much facebook or twitter or music streaming, no games etc.)


    I checked the app "Battery Doctor"  - and the one thing I have noticed is that Apps that I used are shown as being alive in memory and consuming power - sometimes I have apps showing up for 15 hours after I used them for 30 seconds.. If this App is functioning correctly then it probably indicates that iOS6 has a bug around memory management and killing used process.   - hope some one from Apple looks in to this and solves it asap.



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    Hi Guys,


    I have exactly the same issue with my iPhone 5 as everybody else in this post....


    I'm not sure if this is even worst since the last update to 6.0.2....


    Basically, my phone was fully charged this morning at 08:45, it's now 09:45 and i already used 15%.


    I did not use a lot my phone in the last hour, only checking my mails, facebook and 1call.... that's crazy!


    I'm thinking about disabling the LTE but this is not a real solution for me...even disabling all the location service things.... c'mon!


    My old iPhone 4S last a lot more than the 5....

  • cvea Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Purely out of frustration, today's experience (starting from fully charged battery)


    Usage 7; Standby 15; Battery 99%

    Usage 35; Standby 2h 3m; Battery 94%

    Usage 46; Standby 2h 27m; Battery 90%

    Usage 1h 15m; Standby 3h 30m; Battery 81%

    Usage 2h 15m; Standby 4h 56m; Battery 64%

    Usage 3h 32m; Standby 7h 46m; Battery 43%

    Usage 3h 51m; Standby 8h 23m; Battery 37%

    Usage 4h 12m; Standby 8h 52m; Battery 30%


    Basically, ~240m of usage consume 70% of the battery; in other words, 2.9% every 10 minutes.  This can't be right.


    I concur with above -- my "usage" is checking emails, some texts and taking pictures of the phone to show Apple when I go to complaint.  There must be something that keeps the phone "running" that drains the battery.  Tried all reset / reboot / restart / reformat listed above. 


    Apple - hope you are reading this

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    Here is an update :


    Picked up my phone this morning at 8:45 AM fully charged....

    It is now 02:55 PM, i have only 15% left on my phone....


    Light use, no gps... no calls... few text msg....


    Usage : 3h48 min

    Stand-by : 5h42min .....


    Total of 9h30min since the last charge....


    For example, with my old 4S, i was able to finish my work with exactly the same use of my phone at 35-45 %... then charge my phone at home around 9PM


    It's 3PM now... and i can't last til the end of my work....

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    Yours figures are to close to mine to be a coincidence. My battery was performing okay (not great but reasonable), and this update totally screwed it up.







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    Man this is so fustrating, I charged my iphone 5 to 100% unpluged it and went to bed and guess what? yep it was flat, dead and just in idle, all apps closed, c'mon apple get this sorted quick or I am off to buy a better phone!!!!

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    Yeah having problems with my battery too. Unplugging it @ about 7:30AM and i can barely get it to 5PM after work, when battery dies. Don't know if its 6.0.2 as I purchased my phone right when it was updated so i had 6.0.1 for a half an hour or so. Reseting settings, disabling location services, WiFi or LTE didn't help too much with battery endurance, just a little bit. It still needs to hold for a 24 hours with all those goodies turned on, as 4S was very nice on that stuff, leaving you with 15-20% of juice at the end of the day with all things turned on.

  • seethin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have just done a re install of the update via itunes on the lappy and now 45 mins after it's still holding the full 100% charge, so maybe it has solved the problem, let me know if it works for the rest of you who try. Good luck.

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    ++ do not forget to close apps when you're done with them.

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