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    An update that confirms my earlier post. After the phone had run down to 20% I charged it for an hour or so and then went to bed after I turned off cellular and 3g. Woke up this morning and hey presto...battery still at 100%. I went out for an hour and did some basic internet surfing (Facebook/news etc) on down to 79%.

  • ovunc Level 1 (10 points)

    There is solution for battery draining.



  • cocktail5555 Level 1 (50 points)

    Ovunc -


    That is not a solution. It's a "work around".


    Nobody wants to, nor should they have to, turn features off. We never had to turn any of these features off on any of the previous iPhones. We shouldn't have to on this phone either.

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    Push mail might actually be more power efficient in your case ( since you have 9 mail accounts) - instead of a fetch every 15 mins. 



    I had some issues when i first started with the iphone5 ( wifi & battery)  - after numerous trial and error settings - I seem to have settled into  good rythm where after a full day of use ( starting from 7 AM)  I still have about 20% left at 9 PM




    My current Settings


    Did a downgrade from iOS6.0.2 to 6.0.1 and set up phone as a new phone.


    - Push set to on ( 1 Exchange email account ) for Email & Calendar

    - 2 Gmail accounts using Gmail app, notification set to off

    - iCloud turned off , Google+ turned ON for instand uploads of photos ( I have generally felt iCloud was pretty bad in feature set if all you need them for was photos, calendar & files )


    - Contact sync set to Google, using CardDAV account, mode set to Fetch , Manual


    - Location services for System Services set to off ( timezone, compass etc.)

    - Other location services enabled ( Google maps etc. )

    - iAds & location services set to off

    - Date, Time set to manual



    Usage pattern


    - Bluetooth on for about 2 hours a day while driving ( connected to car),

    - moderate phone calls in a day ( 40-60 mins of talk time)

    - heavy email , calendar and browsing usage

    - 80% of time on WiFi & 20% on 3G


    I get about  6 hours of usage time reported and 12 - 15 hours of reported standby time by the time i hit 20% charge limit. Also noticed something interesting - on weekends I get much better life ( almost 9-10 hours of usage), probably because I am on WiFi all the time and the signal is stable - i.e. antenna doesnt have to keep searching and latching on to different signal sources ( this happens when I drive to work, and the office cellular coverage is highly unreliable )



    will slowly turn on icloud , facebook app in background etc to check what causes accelerate drain on battery - OS upgrade will be the last on my todo list.




  • ovunc Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes coctail5555, you are definetly right, we shouldn't turn off any of the features.


    This is actually solution and work around.


    First we should admit that iOS 6 has definetly something wrong in its software coding that i predict apple will fix it with 6.1. But the solution part is if you are having some battery issues, your iOS maybe some corrupt files in it. Something may causing leakage. So in my opinion restoring your iPhone as a new phone definetly solution. This solution includes disabling safari from icloud and disabling diagnostics.


    Other parts are definetly work around as you said. Other parts are for extending the battery life more.


    Look at that way. by the time i was writing that post my battery data was like this "standby 13 hours 28 min, Usage 3 hours 32 minutes and battery is %75 and 3G and Wifi is always on."


    I didn't charge my battery since i wrote the post because i'm trying the measure how good is my battery. my battery data is likte this


    standby: 1 day, 6 hours usage: 8 hours, 18 minutes. Wifi is always on 3G is always on. It's %29.


    So i guess its definetly a solution and definetly a software problem, not a hardware problem. I'm sure Apple will fix it with 6.1

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    We've been following the battery issues right before Apple issued te 6.0.2 update. I think it's mostly a combination of software issues and personal usage stats. With the new iOS comes new features under the hood... for instance, Apple said it fixed the Wifi issue but it was at the cost of Wi-fi doing more checks between a given time than before. So that causes battery drain.


    Apple hasn't officially given a reason nor has it accepted that since iOS 5, all upgrades to the firmware have been causing batter issues. May be it's how they intended? Like users are now more than used to charging their iPhones at the office, in the car, at home.. so the one-time charging per day trend is being scrutinized.


    Nevertheless, take a look at 'workarounds' to get more juice... there are plenty of websites with plenty of ideas.

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    @terreycooper, it's true that nowadays many people charge the phone throughout the day. My issue is that the phone ceases to perform its main function - to be a mobile phone - exactly when I need it the most - when I am out and about.


    I am currently visiting a US city, out in the morning from the hotel, back in the afternoon. It is disconcerting to see the battery drop almost as I look at the phone. Part of my day is spent planning how to get to a restaurant/coffee shop for lunch in order to charge the phone. That's like having a laptop with horrible battery life.


    I just hope that with 6.1 Apple figures out what is hogging the battery and fixes it (battery doctor shows that a number of system app drain the battery quite a bit even when not in use).

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    Hi, I recently bought my first iPhone, an iPhone 5 and noted it was running 6.0.1. I'd had it all set up with all of the features turned on. About half an hour later I had noticed that there had been a significant drop in battery. In retrospect, I believe this was likely to be due to all location services being turned on.

    So I followed the advice on this Apple support page:



    This resolved my battery life issue. When I upgraded to 6.0.2 via iTunes I still had the same good performance from the iPhone 5 with respect to battery life. With moderate use it will run for around 2 days before needing a recharge.


    Hope this experience is of benefit to someone too.


    Best regards.

  • cvea Level 1 (0 points)

    Let me continue to share my misery on battery drainage, but first a clarification because I have seen in some posts that people confuse "Usage", "Standby" and let's call it "total time". 


    As per apple ( (thanks ag0000):


    • Usage: Amount of time iPhone has been awake and in use since the last full charge. The phone is awake when you’re on a call, using email, listening to music, browsing the web, or sending and receiving text messages, or during certain background tasks such as auto-checking email.
    • Standby: Amount of time iPhone has been powered on since its last full charge, including the time the phone has been asleep. (emphasis added by me).


    So, if you have 2h of "Usage" and 3h of "Standby", it DOES NOT mean that your phone has been powered on for 2+3=5h; it means that you unplugged the phone after a full charge 3h ago, and of those 3h, 2h have been of "Usage" and 1h has been the phone doing nothing.


    You may want to double-check your figures because your total usage time, with the correct math, may actually go down.


    On a typical day (wasted taking screenshots of the phone):

    Usage 21 m -- Battery 94%

    Usage 26 m -- Battery 92%

    Usage 27 m -- Battery 91%

    Usage 28 m -- Battery 90%

    Usage 30 m -- Battery 89%

    Usage 57 m -- Battery 75%

    Usage 1h 2 m -- Battery 70%

    Usage 1h 12 m -- Battery 64%

    Usage 1h 33 m -- Battery 56%

    Usage 2h 10 m -- Battery 40%


    30% discharge in 60 m = 90% discharge in 180 m (3h).  Put in in perspective - you leave the house at 7:00 am and by 10:00 am the phone is down to 10% of battery life.  Hardly something I'd expect from a phone that is meant to be used while out and about, without access to a plug.


    Usage is reading NYT app, some text messages, some emails, some google maps, a couple of brief calls; NO viber, no facebook etc.


    I am at 6.0.2 and have done all the steps suggested (reboot, recharge, fully discharge and recharge, re-install from iCloud, don't let fully discharge, etc. etc.).  I am convinced it is a combination of hardware and iOS issues.

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    I have updated my Iphone 5 to IOS 6.02 and my battery just lost 17% in 1 hour. I can not survive with these Iphone 5 battery problems for any longer. Im not even using the phone. Im just sitting here watching it lose battery life. My Iphone 5 lasts me 4 hours now if I make 2 phone calls. I believe it has something to do with emails. If I dont open emails my battery lasts slightly longer.

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    Just bought myself a new iPhone 5 yesterday. Barely got through a whole workday today. 2-3 calls, few text messages and some Facebook, Twitter and Safari browsing. Was down to about 10% after 8 hours. Not cool. Have now turned off all background sync. Hope it works :|

  • Craig tummy789 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here three day old phone replace twice this is becoming starting to become a mess.

    iOS software team need to fired.

  • Drewaz Level 1 (0 points)

    I have found that double clicking the home button and applying pressure to the open apps then CLOSING them has made a big difference.  I always thought that rebooting the phone would close open apps but it doesn't.


    When I figured this out I had over 15 aps open ....  after closing them the battery charge lasted a lot longer but still not as good as my old 4G.


    Hope this helps

  • Traveler123 Level 1 (0 points)

    Closing apps by holding them down absolutely Does NOT help the battery life problems of the Iphone 5. If you read through this thread you will see there is an underlying problem here that has nothing to do with open Apps. I think that is the first thing everyone tries doing to improve battery life of the Iphone 5.

    My iphone 5 battery life problems only started with the latest software update to IOS 6.0.2. Before that software update a month ago I could get around 9 hours out of my iphone 5 battery. Now I get about 4 hours from my Iphone 5 battery. It is horrific for someone like me who depends on their phone for work and emergencies with a wife about to give birth at any time. I walk around everywhere with a charger in my pocket as I know I need to charge my Iphone 5 at least 3 times a day. I get scared when I cant find a plug when I go into a meeting incase my Iphone 5 battery dies and my wife goes into labour.

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    Same here battery life only last around three hours still no fix

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