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    Same thing here, i've tried everything and nothing. i was very positive about 6.1 but same story...My iPhone 5 gets warm most of the time and really hot when using photo apps...*** is going on?

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    No ******* change in the battery life with iOS 6.1. Same old 4-5 hours of usage.

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    I have owned an iphone 5 for the past 2months. All was well until yesterday, then problems started before I downloaded the new OS.



    The phone has needed multiple full recharges in just 24hrs!! I always swicth off any apps after using - I do not game/livestream, etc. - just the boring stuff like phone calls & occassional emails - that's it! So not a heavy user of the battery.


    Yesterday my phone was fully charged when I got up to go to work. (I left it charging overnight).

    At 11am yesterday I was stunned to see the phone battery bar was in the red & the phone felt unusually hot - no apps were running! Then it died. I put it on charge. When fully charged I made 1 call, and noticed about 40mins later the battery was in the red again!! Got home for lunch & left it on charge. When I returned home after work the phone was fully charged but feeling hot. A few hours later it was low again, THEN I saw update for the new OS & I thought excellent this could solve my problem. Happily installed it. Restarted the phone, battery power was now critical so I connected it up again - it was fully charged before I went to bed so I disconnected it.

    Woke up late this morning - & why late? No alarm, because the phone battery was dead!


    Any ideas anyone before I take the phone back to the store?



    What a load of rubbish! Apple needs to sort this sort of problem out by bench testing properly before rushing to pump out more of thier extortionate 'cheap' junk in case a rival gets their latest product out before them. I think my next phone will be a samsung - I work as a doctor I need my phone for emergency calls I can't afford to have such tempremental electronics!!

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    noting has been changed with iOS  6.1 ,, battery still weak and getting warm ,, more new issues comes with coverage and connection even you make LTE off sometimes you get NO SIGNAL,, it is really pooring Mr. Apple  

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    As I have predicted. 


    No change in Batteries usage.  I knew these was going to happen....frankly, I mentioned before. Companies (any) will not bother to improve the batteries.  They DO NOT is the last thing they care


    The funny thing the 6.1 upgrade is more applicable to USA users....accept for some improvement in LTE but others are crap.  Especially those that are not using MUSIC MATCH and other things that users in America use.


    Can you blame is an AMERICAN company.  They will only take care of their own kind.


    My next predication.....The Fall of Apple.  Once again, APPLE will go down the road they  were 10-17 years ago.  Mark my words. May not be tomorrow, but in 3 - 5 years.


    By the way,  any one an IPhone 5, I am selling my.  50% discount.

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    I'm having the same problem! Battery life 5 hours in Stand-by (ridiculous) and a useless Wi-fi! I was expecting for the new 6.1 but is the same thing... Jesus... and I have 4 friends with the iPhone 5 running 6.0.2 and 6.1 and the phone is working well for them!! I'm done really... I need a solution as soon as possible!

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    I am on my 2nd iPhone 5. Just got off the phone with Apple Support and have case number to go get myself a new phone (which will be my 3rd).


    My current phone (2nd phone, replacing phone #1 that had horrible battery life) after a promising start (see earlier post) started showing the same issues other have posted, to wit:


    - Usage 4h, 28m -- Battery 8%.  Again, 90% drain in 4 1/2h


    iOS 6.1 came out just as I was ready to throw in the towel.  Upgraded phone #2 to iOS 6.1 holding great expectations and the first thing I noticed is that Battery Doctor said that the memory usage was a 55% (rather than the 95% constantly showing before the upgrade).  Great!, I thought; Apple found a solution to the problem and fixed whatever bug was sucking the life out of the phone and the battery.


    But it was not to be the case.


    On 28 January the battery drained as follows (I have all the screenshots) (note - usage = sitting on my desk, sending some text messages, reading emails as they come in - shocking!):


    - Usage: 1h 00m -- Battery 85%

    - Usage: 2h 30m -- Battery 55%

    - Usage: 3h 00m -- Battery 39%

    - Usage: 3h 11m -- Battery 35%

    - Usage: 3h 19m -- Battery 31%

    - Usage: 3h 31m -- Battery 27%

    - Usage: 3h 35m -- Battery 25%


    I am fed up!; I go onto, support, choose "battery" as the issue, accept the incoming text message, upload the diagnostics using the link, get my case # and wait for the call from the representative.


    In the meanwhile...

    - Usage: 3h 45m -- Battery 20%


    The representative calls; she's very nice.  She seems to know exactly what's going on.  I tell her the drainage issues described above and, without wasting a second, she tells me to go to an Apple store and get a new phone.


    While I am on the phone with the Apple representative, I read to her the drop in percentage LIVE!

    - Usage: 3h 50m -- Battery 19% (Call duration 0:51)

    - Usage: 3h 52m -- Battery 18% (Call duration 2:41)

    - Usage: 3h 53m -- Battery 17% (Call duration 3:26)

    - Usage: 3h 56m -- Battery 15% (Call duration 7:06)


    She apologized and insisted to go get a new phone.


    So, I am on my way to get iPhone 5 #3.  We'll see


    NOTE - I hope everyone reading this realizes that if we were getting this level of performance from a computer, a TV, a hotel, a restaurant, it would be all over the news.  There would be articles everywhere.  No one, and I mean no one, would go through all this pain and testing and screenshots and forums for a Microsoft product.  It's just too much of a waste of time for a phone that is supposed to be a phone - just work and have the performance as advertised, not die after 4h of usage.


    Will keep you posted.


    P.S. I would suggest, to avoid wasting time at the Genius Bar, to do the online status uploading tool + call; faster and easier and in the comfort of your own living room.  Tell them you've tried all the tricks posted everywhere (if, like me, you've done so).  And take screenshots - it's not what you know, it's what you can prove.

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    Maybe I should buy an old Motorola Startac.  I have no paritcular features on.  Location services are on only for google maps, and in the usage above I had Mai, Message and Safari.  No FB, no WhatSapp, no Pandora etc.

  • cvea Level 1 (0 points)

    Also, that article addressed iOS 6.0.  iOS 6.1 was supposed to fix a number of bugs (battery life, LTE, Wifi and the disconcerting volume issue)

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    First World Problems dude really FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS, if you want a phone that is just a phone get a jitterbug otherwise realize you are using a highly sophisticated computer in the palm of your hand and its 1 or 2 or in your case 3 phones in several million made  a few bad phones may slip through the cracks. Just bad luck and prolly a little bit of operator induced error more than likely you were unaware you were doing. Just keep that in mind before you blow up and cry like a 5 year old. And if your still upset walk across street and get an android phone.


    P.S. watch for traffic

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    I dont know what you mean by First world problems? Do you mean Third world problems?


    Anyway you say a few bad Iphone 5 models have slipped through the cracks...Why in that case have I returned my phone twice and still got the same issues? Your missing the point also. When I first bought and used my Iphone 5 running on the original IOS 6.0.1 everything was ok. I could almost get through a full day. IOS Update 6.0.2 and now 6.2 came along and zapped my iphone 5 battery to death. There is clearly a problem with the IOS rather than the Iphone 5 in my opinion.

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    Doeas anyone have mail to the apple bosses? Or maybe just mail the websites like macrumors or 9to5mac. They do have contacts so maybe they can at least ask Apple for official statement. It will be qite ok if they admit that actually there is a problem with battery.

    I would love to hear if this is an iPhone 5 problem or just iOS.

    I was thinking wheter to buy an Samsung or Iphone this time (after being the owner of old iPhone 3G) and I decided to try Apple once again. I am really dissapointed. Even if the phone itsef is really good the battery is just terrible. I was hoping that after switching from 3G to 5 I will see a HUGE improvement in battery life [I needed to charge 3G during the day] and what? Nothing!


    Really, Apple, get your **** together. You are losing stocks and soon you are gonna lose your clients.

  • Only XM Level 2 (340 points)

    ** UPDATE **


    Bit of background -- I had the iPhone 4 and suddenly had a battery issue.  I downloaded the System Status app and noticed that the CPU was running high with no apps open, 50% to 100%.  I tried everything and noticed when I turned off cell services and back on, it fixed it for a time.  I posted on this forum a long list of the troubleshooting steps I took, and even got a call from an Apple engineer (he called several times).  After a few weeks of this, there were a slew of updates for various apps, and the problem went away.  I concluded that one or more apps was trying to do something that ramped up the CPU and ate the battery.


    Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago, when my battery drain problem on my iPhone 5 started.  Same as all of you, fast drain, warm to hot phone, etc.  This time, however, the System Status app showed NORMAL CPU usage -- I was expecting to find it running high, but it was not.  I reset the phone and restored it, turned off things, etc...still happened.  6.1 was no help.  Then, I got two app updates, Big Lens and the Apple Remote app.  I updated them and since yesterday, all is well.  From 6.50PM last night until I 10.30PM, there was NO drop from the 100% charge, and it was cool as a cucumber.  I checked a few emails, played a few rounds of Temple Run 2 (awesome game) and it dropped to 97%, still cool.  This morning, I took the phone off the charger in the car at 5.45AM EST, exercised in the gym and it's now around 7.30AM EST, 100% charge...I've taken a photo, emailed it and posted it on Facebook.  Still 100% and running cool.  Was it the lastest app updates?  I have no idea, but it's working fine.  And for the record, I have everything on...iTunes Match, LTE, Location Services, BlueTooth, and WiFi.


    I wonder if anyone has deleted apps one at a time to see if they can identify a culprit (you can always restore from a backup).  It would be time-consuming



    Anyways, I hope a few app updates does the trick for you. 

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    UPDATE to the above post....the iPhone has been sitting on my desk for over an hour, still at 100%, everything on (BT, WiFi, LTE, Location Services, etc.).  Perhaps the app update did it.  Who knows??

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