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    thanks for the reply.


    mmmmmm. so why does it say 3 hours of standby when in reality it should say 1 hour (since out of three total hours 2 was usage)?


    also how can usage and stanby be the same exact time as in my case? 7 hours of use and 7 hours of standby....


    finally, doest the usage i posted sound normal to you or not?



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    I have the same issue. I believe it's an indicator that even when you think the phone is "sleeping" (I.e., not doing anything) it is in fact working. Which is why the battery drops 20% per hour

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    if your iphones are saying that your usage time and your standby time is the same all youneed to do is go to settings>general>reset>reset all settings.  My phone was doing the same thing a while back and i did that and now my usage time is different than my standby time...though i think the battery is still draining quicker than normal.

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    does any notesed any changes in battery drain after upgrading to 6.1.3??

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    My looks like become a little be better. But I did restore via iTunes dfu mode and restore and upgrade set up as new a little be difference. Before dfu doesn't help so I am not sure what helps but after that I was able to get 4 hours 40 min usage standby 8 h. 42 min and 16 % lef

  • projector Level 1 (0 points)

    But it still not 8 hours

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    Well I'm am now officially on my 3rd iphone 5 64GB GSM.  I had my 1st iphone 5 replaced earlier this month (see my previous post) and after a whopping 20 days or so, the overheating and the battery issues resurfaced.  It started 2 nights ago and I noticed that my phone was quite hot to the touch and the battery was draining about 1% every 2 minutes or so. So I plugged into the charger and let it charge overnight.  When I woke up, I checked the phone to see that it had 0% charge!!!  WTH?  So I unplugged and plugged it back in and it started charging but very slowly.  I even think I saw the percentage drop while it was charging. I was not able to charge the phone above 45%.  


    Now this iphone was on iOS 6.0.2 and I was very hesitant to upgrade to 6.1.2 since I had the same issues with my first phone.  However, since it was pretty much an expensive thigh warmer at this point, I decided to upgrade to 6.1.3  which came out 2 or 3 days ago. After a successful upgrade to 6.1.3, the phone was still hot to the touch and the battery drain was still there.  So I kept it plugged in at work and got it up to 45%.  Then came lunchtime so I took my phone along for my hour long lunch break.  Guess what happened next?  The phone is dead by the time I get back to work from lunch. Yes, 45% to dead in an hour.


    Now when I plug in my phone to revive it from death, it would no longer hold a charge and it got stuck in a boot loop where I see the apple logo like it's going to boot up then it dies and then the apple logo again....rinse and repeat.  So now my $500 iphone 5 transformed into a thigh warmer to a paper weight.  Oh joy.


    So I went to the apple store last night and got the phone replaced for a 2nd time.  This replacement aslo has version 6.0.2 on it and I think I'm still going to stick with that firmware until all the bugs are ironed out. I just hope this one lasts longer than 20 days. 

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    i fixed it! in my case short battery life was beacause of an endless download music from itunes match.

    the funny thing is that you cannot stop downloading by disabling itunes match, or syncing it with itunes on mac. But you can go to the itunes app on iphone press purchaces and disable all downloads
    After this i have 2-3% battery loss in 2 hours with push, 3G, wifi

    before i had 40-50% of loss in 8 hours

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    do you get 2-3% of battery loss in 2 hours with mnimal, normal, or extensive use?

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    in standby mode

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    Is that considered normal?

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    seems like its normal

    here is what i have for today

    12% of battery used in 1 h 2 min of using and 6 h 4 min in standby mode according to statistics

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    ok, just wondering, because thid is my 1st smartphone so i dont know what is considered normal for battery life

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    Hi, greetings to all of you from Poland, Europe, still covered in snow!


    Your post was very helpful, thank you! I read a lot of the posts here, and decided to restore from DFU. Let me share with all of you some further thoughts.


    Myself, I had an iPhone 5 restored from iCloud backup of my previous iPhone 4.


    I backed up my iPhone 5 on iClous, then tried restoring as a new phone from DFU, and yesterday I was for all day restoring all data in all apps (I have more than 500 apps, so it took all day).


    Unfortunately not everything could be restored (e.g. Photosynth panorama, TuneIn Radio recordings, etc) and actually I noticed that the restoring from DFU did not change anything re. battery. There was no improvement, so at the end of the busy day I actually decided to restore it back from my backup from iCloud.


    I guess the power of the 'restore' solution comes also actually from the fact that a lot of apps check periodically their updates, etc., even if the don't run in the background. Restoring the iPhone, be it from DFU or even from the iCloud copy, actually helps with cleaning up the iPhone from all the junk that is gathered by apps, browsing, use of apps, etc. On the other hand, it's like someone said here: the greatness of smartphones is actually in access to all the apps, so cutting them off is like half the use.


    What I do is quite rigorous run through all the settings - one by one, point by point. There one can find quite many things which are not necessary (many apps manufacturers install the 'check for updates' and other things) and they can be disabled and that's what actually happens when you restore an iPhone too - hence the noticed improvement of performance after restore.




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    Honestly I'm absolutely sick of obsessing over battery life. It's so dumb. I've owned every iPhone except the 4S and I have always experienced great battery life. This iPhone 5 is a joke. I am now on my third iphone and I have the same crappy battery life since I first got the phone. It's frustrating. I get literally half of apples claims of 8 hours of usage. And still charge my phone in less than a day even with light usage. Also so frustrating cuz I know plenty of people who experience amazing battery life on the iPhone 5. I officially give up.