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    After lots of struggle i have purchesed the iphone 5, i am using it from 2 to 3 month, Battery is too worst getting 50% after 2 to 3 hours with 3G enabled, Location Service Enabled and hardly 2 to 3 calls.

    I have told this problems to Apple store and they are making joke that if you are using 3G and location service battery will get discharged fast but i am asking to the apple if 3G and location service is given in the iphone 5 then why not we have to use it .... for repleace ment also they are not supporting... really want to ****  apple ... now feeling that instead of iphone 5 i could to take samasung galaxy s3 or s4.

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    I noticed something peculiar about my photos when I browsed my "Usage" within "Settings." My photos were consuming over 10 GB of data. I deleted everything except my albums and there was still some 7GB of ghost data hogging up space. I restarted the phone and it cleared it out. Since then I've replaced that gap of hogged data with my itunes music library and my battery life is spectacular !

    From 9am to 11am I'd normally be looking at 80% or worst. But now I've been browsing like crazy, bluetoothing to my stereo and I'm still at 90%!!! Weird but now I'm very happy with my battery life.

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    I have got pretty amazing battery life

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    How did you get this awesome battery life? Were you using 3G network or Wifi? What was the main usage of your iPhone? I just can't get this battery life with my whole battery charge.

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    I struggled with this for months. Apple did contact me and ran diagnostics on my phone twice. Finally, my speakers failed so I called them and they replaced the phone asap. New phone? Awesome battery life. As good as my last iphone. Recently listened to an audio book and fell asleep with it running. Woke up seven hours later and the thing was still going with battery to spare! FINALLY!


    I'm going to conclude that this is partly a problem with LTE and hardware given that the new phone is giving me great battery life. I do not use LTE even though it's not that bad in my area it's just the constant searching back and forth that was causing one of the issues. Though with my previous iphone 5 I quickly learned to keep that turned off. I fact I had nearly every possible battery draining function off or on low on that phone. On this one my screen is set to the brightest setting, I have push notifications set to "On' with most apps. This new phone replacement goes and goes! I recharge now about every day and a half if that. This one works! The first releases must have had a bunch of duds.

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    I know it's to early to say something but ios 6.1.4 looks like fix battery problem for me first time since I got iphone 5. I got it with ios 6.0 and went thru all updates with no changes for poor battery life. But today with ios 6.1.4 looks like something changed my battery behave a little better now I am now on 2 hours standby usage 35 min and I have 95% usually I have 90 at this time. I know it's to early to say something but I hope miracle happen and apple finally fix battery issue

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    How does 6 hours and 7 minutes with 21.5 hours of standby at 28% stack up with you guys? I use my phone quite a bit during the day so I'm not sure if this is considered "good battery life"

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    I dont use mine hugely since I got the iPad, but get arout the same 6 hours ish useage but over 3 days at 20% thats on 2G though as no 3G in my area let alone 4G (UK) This is mostly wi-fi location settings turned on minus i-ads and useage data, my phone is alos set not to send data to Apple.

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    Hi guys I was wrong believing in miracle that battery problem fixed. The only difference the counter work a little different. It goes to 90% in first hour of usage then speed of dropping down increase as further you go then faster it drop and at the end you have the same result 4.5 - 5 hours of usage.

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    I have 90% at first hour of usage then 80% at 1 hour 30 min of usage close to 3 hours at 50% and close to 5 hours at 1%

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    I am very disappointed with the battery life myself. I have disabled LTE, deleted bunch of apps, upgraded to the latest iOS 6.1.4 and it seemed to fix the problem just a little bit. As soon as I open up the facebook app or start checking my emails, it drains the battery by 4% within 10 min. Again, I spend maybe 30 minutes on the phone and send about 15 text messages a day, and I still have to charge this phone twice a day! Spending $600 for this phone a Week ago, I was expecting the battery to run for at least 2 days without charging it. Beyond disappointed and I am ready to return it and ask for my money back!

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    I am very disappointed with Iphone... I am having the same problem. I have to charge my phone on a daily basis and I do not use it very phone!!!

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    I thought I was the only unlucky one with defective battery, haha.
    Just got it at the end of March, and disappointed with my iphone 5, with battery life more or less the same with my old iphone 4S that I bought more than a year ago.

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    I've had my iPhone 5 for about a week now...I finally switched over from and android phone (since I've got Apple everything else...macbook, ipad, etc).


    So...I charged up my battery this morning to 100% and am at work barely using...I'm down to 90% right now, seems like every time I do look over, it drops about 1 or 2%. I have basically sent a few texts and looked at facebook a couple of times.

  usage since last full charge, 38 minutes with 2 hours and 57 minutes of that has dropped it 10%. Does this seem excessive? 10% of battery life for a half hour of use, basically?


    Being new to the phone...I have nothing to base it's much less discouraging than my android phone...which had the most god awful battery life...but wondering if this is something to be concerned about as far as should I take the phone back (seems like some people are having luck with swapping phones) or should I just try to turn off a lot of notifications, turn off wi-fi (unless using it), etc? Seems like a high dollar smart phone, you'd not have to worry about turning off wi-fi and jacking around with the settings just to get acceptable battery life...but...thought I'd ask.


    EDIT: I the time I've typed this, my battery dropped another percent to 89%...40 min of usage now, with 3 hours 1 minute on standby.