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    Helped me. Thanks

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    Go to settings, click on > Privacy, > scroll to bottom of page, > System Services,

    Turn all of these services off, especially the, Mobile Network Search.

    Also turn all the other apps., location (GPS) services off.

    The only one that I leave on is, Find My iPhone, as I need this one on of I lose my iPhone.


    Note :- By turning off all of these you are stopping the iPhone sending your position to your network provider.

    Especially the Mobile Network Search. This does not have anything to do with finding your mobile network.

    What it actually does is send "your position" to your network constantly.

    This uses a lot of battery power.


    TRY IT.


    You will still find your mobile network.

    This should really be named "Mobile Tracking"

    Because that's what it's doing, constantly tracking your every move, while you are within range of your network.




    For all of the other apps, It is really very easy to turn them on, when you want to use them, As they always remind you That they are not turned on.


    Also make sure that you close all webpages and or applications as follows,

    While in your home screen, double press the home button, then everything that appears along the bottom of the iPhone home screen is open and remains open Until you actually close them.

    You must close them by pressing and holding your finger on one of them, until they begin to shake, then you can close them by tapping the X on each one.


    Also keep your screen brightness on auto, or manually, on a fairly low brightness that is suitable for you


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    Thanks. I'll give this a try this weekend. So far I've been able to get to charging about once a day. I hadn't seen any recommendations on the"services" page so they were all on.

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    I was experiencing battery drain in my iPhone 5 as well, after I updated to iOS 6.1.4 (the newest version of iOS). I read the post on here and decided that I would add my own input.


    This is what I recommend to FIX THE iPhone 5 battery drain problem:



    1)  Turn off all NOTIFICATIONS (settings>notifications>set manually>turn off all unnecessary, and leave only those on that you absoltuely need


    2)  Turn off all unnecessary LOCATION SERVICES  (settings>privacy>location services>leave on the essentials that you think you may need


    3)  Plug your iPhone 5 into your computer


    4)  Go to/open iTunes on your computer


    5)  Do a full RESTORE of your iPhone 5 and set it up from your BACKUP (I would not recommend setting it up as a new phone, it is way more time consuming, and you will lose all your data! )


    Once, the RESTORE is done, there will be a prompt that reads:


    "There is new software update from your cell phone carrier available"  Click UPDATE



    ***This should fix your iPhone 5 back to it's original glory!


    Hope this helps!





    Rhode Island

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    on ios 7 for the last four hours and battery does not move from 100% on wifi.


    I am in shock - especially after all the talk of it eating battery

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    same here i dont know what to do thinking of down grading to the iphone 4s dont know

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    I was told today by 2 different Apple store employees to NOT close background apps as they add to the deterioration of the battery.  Other than the apps that draw data like friend finder, maps etc, others should be left open and wont drain any extra battery.


    My iPhone 5 would go down to around 20% and every 4th or 5th time, would shut down around that point.  Once plugged in, it would still show 18-20% left.  They diagnosed it as a failed battery and replaced it stating the above.


    Don't know the logic behind it, just posting up what the geniuses' are saying..

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    Well for one, they most certainly are NOT geniuses.  I can say that I have been told by apple that you must close apps to save battery.  I have also seen Apple "Geniuses" straight up lie to customers (on multiple occasions) because they don’t know something, so I would never listen to them and do your own research. I brought my macbook there because the video card failed.  I tested it myself and went to the store to get it replaced.  The guy told me there was nothing wrong and i need to do a software update to fix it.  Absolutely ridiculous.  They don’t like to be told what the problem is.  I left and went right to the other apple store and the "Genius" there confirmed that the video card was fried, he could not believe the other store told me to fix with an update.


    It makes sense that leaving an app open will drain your battery.  Maybe now with new iOS, apps not being used don’t drain as much, but i don’t see how closing them will ruin your battery.  On a laptop you have to close apps to save battery.  Don’t listen to Apple because they will literally say anything.  Look it up and you will find answers.

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    Purchasing an Iphone5s was the biggest mistake i've ever made.  I used to have iphone 4 and its battery worked great! Now, instead of making this one better, they made it 10 times worse.  I am very disappointed and really doubt that i will purchase another iphone ever again. 

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    I am totally with you on this one, battery issue here, you can read about my story


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    I have no luck with apple But the folloeing might help.It is a shame you have to turn off almost everything on you phone to save the batter life. I am trying this and hope it works.


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    Within the last two days my iPhone 5's battery wouldn't even last a day. I couldn't figure out what happened differently. I followed peoples' suggestions but nothing seemed to work. Went I went to bed the battery was at 35% and by 7 hours later it was dead. I charged it up and that seemed to have worked. Apparently letting the battery go completely dead will help 're-set' the battery. Hope this helps someone else.

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    I am reading this thread trying to figure out how to reduce drain on the iPhone 6!  So, if you waited two years to upgrade in order to get better battery life, you're going to be very disappointed.  I may be switching back to Android come Monday.

  • darkfire.shadows Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm one day into my 6 plus. Major improvement on the 5. No complaints so far.

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