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    Thanks for clearing that up as people are getting confused with "conditioning" a Li-ion battery. 

  • Canucks Level 1 Level 1

    I stand corrected, and am man enough to admit when I am incorrect. Li-Ion batteries are different than the old style, Now I am wondering why my daughters Ipod which is about 16 months old only has a 1 hour useage.


    I am in the same boat as you, my phone is my office and I can not be without. Having said that I am certain that I have seen an improvement since Friday following my incorrect assumption, I will charge the phone overnight and measure what I get with what I have running. Again I regret posting information that pertained to old technology, I guess I need to brush up on my Google skills.


    Just out of curiousity, you have 64GB worth of stuff on your Phone? games and 6000 tunes?.

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    No just nearly. I use good reader, I have dictation to my secretary I have contacts legal documents lots of PDFs et cetera. I used to use billing software on the phone that had a large database, and I generally keep about 10 GB worth of music and quite a few photos to have handy.


    Currently I have about 20 GB free. So, roughly 40 being used which you can't do with 32 GB. Plus, I want to be able to record video or anything else that needs to be done. I might want to have video on my phone but I don't want to have to worry about streaming. So yes, I'm a power user. There will be times, depending on what I'm doing that I'll have less than 2 GB available.




    Just a quick update on what I'm experiencing. By the time I got back from the Apple store the phone was down to 11%. So I let it completely drain. And I recharged it. When I unplugged it stayed at 100 for more than an hour.That would be unusual, battery life should be slightly better than with my for S. That would mean staying at 100 for half an hour maybe but an hour? Nonsense! Sure enough when I rebooted it, it returned to dropping 1% every few minutes. That's what it's doing right now.


    One thing I can definitively say is that one of the problems the phone is exhibiting is that check usage "time since last full charge" it is not accurate. In fact, wildly inaccurate. It goes from being the same as standby time, to currently having a dash [--]. That is, indicating that it has never been fully charged and never been on standby. The problem is somewhere in here. When I checked cellular usage he thinks it's been in use for 57 days. Obviously, that's impossible. My money is on software problem.


    I'm just not going to be able to restore it. Especially since the only thing that seems to work, and only for some, is not restoring your back up. It's lame, and I'm extremely unhappy, but such is life.

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    "Now I am wondering why my daughters Ipod which is about 16 months old only has a 1 hour useage."


    My guess would be neglect. If she didn't use it very much or left it plugged in for extended periods that would do it.Lithium-ion batteries like to be used a lot. The more the better. Also if it's a man or something it's got a smaller battery and is more susceptible.It's like the story of people letting their Teslas drain all the way down to zero which bricks the battery and therefore the car. Not pretty when you're spending more than $100 grand on something. They use lithium ion batteries too.

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    same issues with my 16g black n slate.  battery drains unusually fast, 100% charge thru 2 full drain cycles, full reset and new phone set up yet still battery is draining fast with normal usage.  Followed possible fixes yet still the same.  Genius rep who check my unit has no solution but just advised me to observed a few days and return if it persists.  my iphone 4 with IOS6 can at least last 1.5 days of normal usage!

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    Battery loses about 1% every two minutes while doing nothing.  Who are these professional reviewers with their lies about long battery life?  I sold my iPhone 4S for this?  It came with only 50% battery out of the box.  It charges fast but depletes even faster.  Seems like an ios6 bug.  My iPhone 4S and new iPad under iOS 5.1.1 only lost 2-3% a day on standby. Needs to be fixed immediately.


    Also, another bug:  I don't have tethering on my phone but my cellular usage under settings said I had used 374638263TB.  Then I hit reset and it said 124TB.  Then I reset again and it said null.  Then I hit reset again and it said 1.0KB.  What the **** is going on?


    And another bug:  the processor speed goes from blazing fast to slower than the 4S whenever it feels like it.  Another bug:  often web pages won't load and says can't connect to server and I have to close Safari and reopen it ten times before it will load.  Full of bugs.


    Fix your mess, Apple, or you'll be having an onslaught of returns.  Piece of junk so far.  And why is the iPad screen more natural color wise?  The iPad has a warmer, more natural hue while the iPhone has always had a cooler, bluer tint.  The iPad now seems to be suffering a similar battery life problem since the iOS 6 upgrade, but not quite as severe.  I would not call this a successful launch for you guys at Apple, regardless of how many you initially sold to your crowd of followers.  The negative press will bite you in the rear.

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    P.S.  I definitely think it's an iOS 6 WiFi bug, as the battery doesn't drain as quick when WiFi is off.  This, of course, renders my iDevices virtually useless as I use WiFi 98% of the time.


    How could no one have caught this in the beta releases of iOS 6?  Looks like once again, Apple was in a hurry to release a defective product to consumers before working out all the kinks.

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    Same here - overnight charge, phone has been on standby most of the day, made sure to turn off most apps except Mail, Messages, Whatsapp, and by 3pm it's down to 26%. It seems to be dropping 1% every few minutes.

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    to solve this problem go to settings>privacy>location services>system services and turn off compass,genius,location-based adds,settings time zone, and traffic ....the gps is on all the time i had the same problem it fixed mine

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    Same here:

    all APPs closed, no one running

    iPhone 5 battery draining

    getting warm (WLAN on)

    normal temperatur with WLAN off

    iPhone 5 battery not draining as much as before

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    "The only thing I did, and it worked perfectly for me, was to turn off iCloud for Passbook. That's it. So, before getting into really drastic measures, you may want to try this simple one. Good luck!"


    This is the solution, guys. Thanks, Pulp47!

  • larsobond Level 1 Level 1

    doesn't helped here. passbook-icloud is already off

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    Exactly what I needed ...thanks so much!

  • MACchairman Level 1 Level 1

    Trot ROCKS!


    Trot Nixon

    Re: iPhone 5 short battery life?

    Sep 23, 2012 5:59 PM (in response to Kelly Siech)

    Hey guys,

    I took my phone to the Genius Bar today and we came to the conclusion that my backup that I loaded from the cloud was not meshing with my new phone and/or iOS 6. A tell tale way to know if you have a software issue is to look at your usage and standby time. If they are really close to the same, but you haven't been using your phone much, then there is a faulty background process going on.


    The solution is to NOT load your new iPhone from back up. Here are the steps that 100% fixed my problem.


    Connect to your computer and iTunes.

    Do a reset by holding the home and power button.

    Right when your phone turns off, let go of the POWER only.

    iTunes will then recognize and iPhone launching in recovery mode.

    Restore the factory settings as prompted.

    Load every thing individually from the cloud, iTunes, but don't restore from back up.


    It takes a little extra work but my phone is a juggernaut now.


    Hope this helps.

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    No, it isn't.

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