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    ngray101, you just made my day!  I have tried everything and a dozen other forums with no success, until I just came across your comment above about 15 minutes ago.  I followed your advice and I am finally back in business!  I was about to order the disc to updated my Mac to 10.6.8. Thank you so much!!!

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    Okay I have a question, I have the same problem, but with my iMac. Our Apple Care expired, so I can't even call. Do I need to buy a 1-incident telephone call? And is there a price for Apple to send me OS X 10.6? The prices on Amazon are outrageous, so I don't want to go there.

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    See my last post - just ring Apple - they'll send you a disc - and it's much cheaper than buying on Amazon.

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    I needed to upgrade from 10.5.8 to 10.6.8 and ordered the DVD from the Apple online store today. It was only $19.99 with free shipping, estimated to be here tomorrow.

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    BRILLIANT!!! Thanks!!!

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    I finally set up my new iPhone 5 without going through iTunes, by syncing with my iPhone 4's data via the cloud. I managed to get all my data into the new phone, but I'm still missing my music. Can anyone advise if there's a way to get my music onto my new phone without going through iTunes?



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    1. Go to

    2. At the top click on STORE

    3. At the top in the search browser, enter "snow leopard" and hit enter.

    4. Add to cart and check out.

    5. Enter shipping and billing info and you should have a disk at your door in about 5 days.



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    ^^^But in ordert to follow the steps you just outlined, you'll need to do the previous upgrades first, do you not?


    In other words, I'll have to download 10.6 first?


    Or can I just jump from my 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard from the Apple Store as you outlined?

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    Yes you need to update to 10.6 before jumping to anything higher (10.7 or 10.8)


    Although jumping to 10.7 or 10.8 may not be the best for older Mac book pro models. Can slow it down.

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    im so sorry to pester everyone but all this info is making me so confused! I like others need to get from 10.5.8 to10.6.8 just so i can put music on my new nano! I can get no further free updates according to my computer, (MacBook White) so how many do i have to buy/download? Some comments say i can just download 10.6.8 straight away and others are saying i need to go up the stages to get there! if i buy 10.6.8 (snow leopard i think!) can i put music on my nano?!!! Thats all i want to do!! why oh why do apple have so many confusing numbers!!! Would be so thankful for a reply!

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    I had exactly the same problem and after reading through these comments and other conversations I have fixed it and in about 15mins.


    So I updated my Iphone4 to 6.0.1 and when I connected it to my computer it could not connect to itunes (10.6.1) and I could not update itunes due to my computer being old (10.5.8). But this worked.


    Update your itunes to 10.6.3 via

    (this is compatible with 10.5.8 computers)

    When I installed this the first time it came up with a failure message, something about a preupgrade and promptly closed. But I just tried it again and it worked. So I connected my phone and that worked and synced too.


    Hope this works for you too

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    What did you do to upgrade?

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    I have just bought Ipad mini, which I have to upgrade from Mac OS x 10.5.8 to Mac OS X 10.6.8. It ***** that you spend money on Apple product, and then you have to purchase something else to use it. Apple should have all upgrade softward for free, that's the moral thing to do!

    I just do not like it at all!

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    I think I can simplify this topic even further, for those who are still in need of only requires ONE purchase from the Apple Store online.


    If you just bought the new iPhone 5 and have discovered that you can not sync your iphone to your MacBook which has Mac OS x 10.5.8 software, because it is not compatible with iTunes 10.7 or higher.


    1) Go to the Apple Store online (or contact your local Apple retail store to see if they have stock)


    2) Purchse Mac OSX Snow Leopard v.10.6.3 (Cost $19.99...ships out 24 hours/arrives in approx 2-3 days)


    3) Back up your MacBook to an external drive (do not skip this step)


    4) Insert the Mac OSX v.10.6.3 disc (takes about 1.5 hours to download/install)


    5) Upgrade your iTunes software from the iTunes Store (currently the latest version is v.11.02)


    6) Back up your old iPhone, then connect & sync your new iPhone 5


    7) Finished...just did this today and I have not incurred any drain on my system speed at all!


    Good Luck everyone!

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    do any of you know ?

    i have the 'stuck in 5.8 problem' and can't update iTunes to snyc iPhone 5. if i get a iPad, can i sync that with my 5.8 laptop, then tie my new iPhone 5 to the iPad ?