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I have my macbook air connected to my LG TV via thunderbolt to HDMI cable adapter.  Picutre and audio (TV speakers) work great...but i can't get sound through my Panasonic entertainment center.  I have an audio out cable running from my TV to entertainment center and audio works on the cable box/xbox/Blu Ray...but when i hook up the Macbook and set to the proper HDMI setting, I can not receive audio through my entertainment center.  Any ideas??  Sound is much better through the entertainment center than the TV speakers and i'm trying to play music.  Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5), LG 4700 TV, Panasonic Entertainment
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    Anybody? Ha - I still can't figure this out.  I wonder if it is the audio format coming from the Macbook?  I would think an audio out cable would play anything!

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    I ran into a smiliar problem, banged my head against the wall and finally discovered a solution, so I figured I'd share.


    Like many of you, my Thunderbolt audio output worked fine for a while then mysteriously stopped working one day. Upgrading to Mountain Lion wasn't the cause but also didn't help. Incidentally, the problem also manifested on my Bootcamp install.






    No audio output via Thunderbolt / mini Display Port when connecting Macbook Pro to an HDMI-based AV system. No additional output target is available under System Preferences > Sound > Output.



    Configure the AV system to disable HDMI control, HDMI pass-thru and HDMI audio return channel (ARC). Details below.



    Macbook Pro (Mid-2012) with up-to-date Mountain Lion

    moshi MiniDisplay Port to HDMI Adapter with Audio

    AmazonBasics High Speed HDMI cable (3 feet)

    Sony HT-SS380 AV system

    Panasonic PT-AE900U projector


    Root problem

    The projector does not support HDMI audio (it's a projector) and the AV system passed this fact through to the Macbook pro. Thus the Mac reflected the fact that no additional  audio output target was available


    Problem diagnosis

    On a hunch, I disconnected the projector from the AV system then reconnected the Macbook to the AV system. The additional audio output target was then available (SONY AVAMP) although the video obviously no longer worked.


    Specific solution

    On the HT-SS380 set "CTRL HDMI" to "OFF". This in turn turns off HDMI pass-through and HDMI audio return channel.


    General solution

    I suspect that this may represent a more general solution that can be applied in similar situations. If you're using an audio output device (projector, TV) that doesn't support HDMI audio, that fact may be forwarded to your Macbook, through your AV system. That in turn will disable the ability to output audio over Thunderbolt / mini Display Port.


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    hello pec2402,

    i connected my macbook air (mid 2011) to my LG tv via moshi thunderbolt hdmi adapter & cable, but no sound.
    yours seem to work fine, but do you have a fix for this?


    thank you