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  • Bimbayoso Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem, but i Live in Argentina, and i dont have where to call Apple


    I hope they fix it soon




  • jelmorzsxm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem with Facetime and other apps.

    I already tried DNS and resetting every setting on iphone and router etc. Did not work.


    In iOS5 I had no problem.

    Now with iOS6 facetime is not working anymore on my iPad 3 and on my iPhone4s.

    Funny thing is at work it is working, and at home it isn't. But with iOS5 it was working at work and at home.

    Apple what did you do??? This is so frustrating.

    Its also strange that whatapp is working, and so is safari. But facebook updates, items downloading from newsstands and face time is not working anymore after the iOS6 update. Probably they use different protocol techniques or whatever.

    I probably have to buy a new router to fix this problem, or wait for Apples update.

    Never ever im gonna upgrade again, let someone else deal with this anoying errors.


    Apple do your job and fix this!

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    I posted earlier that I had the same problem with an iPad 2.  I would always do facetime with my daughter and after we upgraded to ios6 we would receive the same message and would lose our connection.  My daughter bought a new router and now we have no problems.  I did not change my router so the problem was on her end.  My daughter in law has an ipad3 and did not upgrade to ios6 and we do not have any problems with facetime.  It sure is frustrating.

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    Same problem with my iPad ever since I updated. I wish I could go back where we could actually use FaceTime. I rely on it to connect to out of state family and this is so frustrating!

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    Im having the same problem on both of my new iphone 5's but i also noticed the issue on my iPhone 4S as soon as i updated to iOS 6 before the update it worked like a charm. Apple can say anything they want but this is obviously an iOS 6 issue. Dont bother with anything else lets just call them and keep raising the issue so they'll fix it.

  • Jeffrey Huskey Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    I'm having the same issue: constant poor connections, video/audio freezing, reconnecting, and failed FaceTime calls. I only FaceTime with one person, but because we've grown so accustomed to this type of call, it's very annoying now that it constantly doesn't work.


    • My wi-fi network is entirely Apple (2 Airport Extremes).
    • The friend I FaceTime with has a NetGear wireless router at his home.
    • At his mom's house, I have set up an all Apple wireless network (again, 2 AEs).


    Before the official release, I had the iOS 6 beta and he had iOS 5, and the problem occurred then as well. At that time I thought the problem was only occurring because of changes in iOS6 and expected the problem to be resolved once we were both on iOS 6. It was annoying, but I didn't think much of it. Now, we are both on the official iOS6 release, and obviously, as everyone here has noticed, the issue is not resolved.


    I have reset my iPhone 4S's network settings and it has no effect. Two nights ago, he reset his network settings, and FaceTime worked for the following call over the NetGear router. Yesterday afternoon, he called from his mom's house on the Apple network and the call was fine. Yesterday evening, back at his house with the NetGear wireless router, the problem returned. He reset his network settings again, and it again worked for the following call. I can't find any real pattern for the problem except that it seems to originate from his end, when the NetGear router is involved. Then once it starts, based on experience from many past calls, it doesn't matter whether he is on his NetGear network or his mom's Apple network. So it seems to be related to some persistent hidden setting on the phone that occurs as a result of the connection to the NetGear router, which doesn't occur until the second connection to it after the network settings reset, but that seems ridiculous to me. What kinds of routers do most of you having this problem, and the person with whom you are FaceTiming, use?


    On another note, does anyone know what the network settings change to DNS is supposed to accomplish? This is a Google Public DNS server. Is it expected to resolve something correctly that my ISP's DNS servers won't?

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    Jeffrey honestly i doubt that is anything to do with the router apple must have change something on iOS6 and messed up. I never had this issue while on iphone 4s with ios5 as soon as i updated to ios 6 it started having this issue. Now keeps happening on both my girl's an my iphone. Now this is the routers being used during all these calls im placing. My router is an Apple Extreme, my brother in law has a Linksys WRT600N, my mother has a Linksys WRT610N, my family in the Dominican Republic has a thompson router provided by their service provider and i never had any issues with any of these ppl until updating to iOS6. If the router is causing the problem it could only be due to settings change on iOS 6 that we havent been told about. Honestly i think it has more to do with the added message showing poor connection as on iOS5 it would just drop the connection when there was connection problems. Now their system to warn us was prob not developed correctly or detecting the connection properly therefore causing us the prob showing us this warning even when is not true.

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    I've experienced the same problem since i updated my ipad 3 to IOS6.


    I found a soloution and its very simple. you don't have to do anything but to ask the other person to update their device.


    (if you experience poor connection problem while you are talking with anybody, simply ask them to update their devcie to the latest IOS, and make sure yours as well).


    YES!!! THAT'S IT!

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    I don't think that's it, as i've had the issue with my mother's and she has the iphone 5 iOS6 and i have the iphone 5 as well with iOS 6.

  • agent420 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    mine worked! Ii tried everything from modem to router, and ipad to itunes, nothing worked but this simple method. make sure both the devices are uptodate.

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    Buddy, please read what we are saying before you have 'solved' it with your amazing perception. That is NOT it. Myself and the other party I daily FaceTime with and have been since I got my iPhone almost a year and a half ago both have iOS 6. We upgraded within a day of each other. Please do not presume that you have the answer. This IS an iOS6 issue obviously. Thanks for trying, but no cigar. Also for the person before you thinking it was a router issue, no, not a chance. It's clearly something with iOS. Hoping for an awesome Tech geek to tell us what changed and how it can be fixed and then get apple to listen!

    Honestly haven't had too terrible of a time with since my last post except tonight had to hang up and call back 3-4 times which was annoying but other than that happening occasionally it's not as bad as in the very beginning after I upgraded. My friend think     s Apple wants us to upgrade to the 5 thinking it'll be a fix.. it's possible.

  • ASLE12 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It is NOT solved as myself and many others have already stated both parties have the new upgrade. Try again.

  • xayan123 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    It is due to connection problem , What is your wifi router based on ?

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    Sorry Agent420, you really need to read the posts before you "solve" the issue.


    Here are the facts:


         1. I get poor quality or bad connections on iOS 6 with:

              - My girlfriend who has a 4S on iOS6

              - My brother who has a 4S on iOS6

              - My parents who use an iPad 2 on iOS6

         2. I never experienced any issues with FaceTime until I upgraded to iOS6

         3. I've been using the same router and internet connection that I had been using with iOS5

         4. The only change is iOS6


    Just by using the scientific method, one can easily deduce that, when something stops working after only one variable has changed, that the reason it stopped working is because the one variable.


    Here is what I think the issue is. Apple has implemented a new warning message in Facetime that lets the user know when they have a bad connection or have lost connection completely in, what I assume, is an attempt to reduce confusion on whether or not the person on the other end hung up on you. Whether Apple believes we are too dumb to figure this out ourselves is still up for debate but I digress. I believe this new warning system they've implemented is not only too sensitive in regards to what is a "poor connection" but is also taking away from the processing power needed for Facetime as it appears to be constantly checking to see if your download and upload speeds are up to par.


    That said, I have noticed some improvement but it still not comparible to iOS5 FaceTime performance. It still needs to be fixed though.

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    Hi guys,


    I've been having the same issues - all wifi related as FT works unaffected across 3G. I have a 4S and an iPad 3 running side by side - I paired the settings of these up and at first thought it was possibly a duplication of FT on both but switching one off didn't do squat!


    I've just moved house and now with a new ISP - it worked fine at the old place so logically it must be router/wireless settings - there may not be a 'one fix for all' but it seems that I've addressed my problems thus:


    1. Changed Wireless Channel to Auto (it was set to Ch 11/2.462Ghz)

    2. Changed Wireless Security from 'WPA/WP2 Mixed' to 'WPA2 Only' & AES


    I clicked 'Forget this network' on my 4S and reloaded it - no change to the old reconnect issue but after following a suggestion to set the Proxy to 'Auto' (didn't work before) it seems to have worked this time.


    Out of interest it wasn't just FT that was affected but also Tango (kept freezing) - let's see if that issue is now fixed :-)



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