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My iphone 4s has all black screen that doesn't respond to touch, not even home button, power, etc...  tried charging with no success.  I hooked it up to computer and it appears all software/photos, etc.. are still there just black screen.  How do I restore the screen?  I didn't drop it or damage it.  My kids were playing it and it went black.

iPhone 4S
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    Have you attempted to perform a hard reset yet?

    > THis is done by holding BOTH the home and sleep/wake buttons down until you see the white apple symbol onscreen.. then release both buttons... this typically resolves this issue you're describing...


    If not... it sounds like you should perform a full restore via iTunes... hopefully you have a recent back up saved that you can restore from...


    if that also doens't work, then 99% you have a hardware issue and will need to go to a Genius Bar.

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    You are an amazing human being!!!!!!  thank you so much. I am such a happy person right now.  Thank you!!!!

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    No problem at all... happy it solved your issue!