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    can i use this method on iphone 5?

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    Thank you so much! this worked for me 100%, however i didn't need the tmobile sim card..i just changed the apn settings and i was good to go! thank you!

  • RedGeminiPA Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    How did you get access into the APN settings without a T-Mobile SIM card?


    I've been doing this on unlocked iPhones for several months. I've NEVER been able to access APN settings without doing the SIM swap. Only exception is if it's jailbroken.


    They only way to gain access to APN settings is by using a SIM card that is NOT related to AT&T's network - that means T-Mobile. Straight Talk and most all these other little providers run on AT&T's network, which is what the iPhone thinks it is - no access to APN settings. 


    Without the SIM swap, you can't gain access to the APN settings to get MMS working. Data is easy, MMS is not.

  • RedGeminiPA Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    Yes. iOS 6.1 is a little tricky. It took me two times to get it working. You'll have to do the multitasking suggested before the Cellular Data Network shows up.

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    I have a SIM card called gpp and unlocked it to straight talk. I was able to access the Internet but wasn't able to send and receive picture mail. I noticed that the apn number above and the one in my phone didn't match. Therefore I changed my apn settings to the ones above and followed the instructions minus the SIM card switch. The gpp sim comes with its own set of directions. With making the apn number correction, I am now able to send and receive picture mail 

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    there is NO "www" in the url. It should be:



    This was the difference between "working" and "not working" for me.


    Make sure it's correct.

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    This worked for me. I have new 6.1.1 today and didn't work. Tried above but still not working. Did the video to a "T" and it worked! Listen and follow carefully.


  • RedGeminiPA Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    iOS 6.1.0, not 6.1.1 (that was just released to developers)


    The Notes (any Apple non-data app, really) swap is definitely key for iOS 6.1, even to get Cellular Data to show up, unlike previous iOS 6.0 and 6.0.1 (which his video is showing 6.0).


    He also notes his 4S is unlocked.


    I didn't have to use that initially for my unlocked iPhone 5, but now it seems like a crucial step.


    I really wish T-Mobile would get on the ball and update my area. I really want to switch to Solavei for $4 more per month. They "soft-cap" data around 4GB per month with no restrictions on how you use it, unlike Straight Talk. Straight Talk can and will cut you off for streaming Pandora, YouTube, Netflix etc., or for downloading apps over cellular.


    Solavei also claims Visual Voicemail works, and you can even work on getting your phone service for FREE with the potential to earn some extra money as well. How often do you hear of that from a cellular phone service provider?


    Since Solavei runs on T-Mobile's network, it's easy to access and change the APN settings. That alone is worth $4 more per month to me. Sadly, T-Mobile's network is the major holdup for me at this point.

  • RedGeminiPA Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    That is an "unlocking" SIM card that goes under the normal SIM card. You do realize Apple can and will (at some point) block that from working, right?


    Those aren't a real unlock solution. For what you paid for that, you could've had it officially IMEI unlocked from various vendors online, bought a T-Mobile SIM card, and you'd still have extra money in your pocket. And, the IMEI unlock is permanent. iOS updates won't effect it at all.


    And, if you upgrade to an iPhone 5 (nano-SIM card), you'll have to buy another one to fit. The problem is, the SIM slot in the iPhone 5 is even slimmer than the 4 & 4S. I had to sand down a T-Mobile SIM (cut to nano-SIM size) to get it to go into the SIM slot. There's no way 2 SIM cards stacked will fit in there.

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    I did this and it worked for IOS 6 Has anyone updated to 6.1 that is out. I have not updated thinking it might mess up my phone again. I am using Straight talk on Iphone 4S

    thanks for an answer if anyone knows.

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    I updated my unlocked iPhone 5 to 6.1. You just have to do this all over again.

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    I have an ATT unlocked 3gs on the iOS 6.1.2. I just got my tmobile sim card and I followed the instructions to the letter - several times. After turning my phone off and on, I never got MMS working. So, following your instructions, I tried about 3 other APN settings with slight differences - still nothing. I have no idea how to get MMS working.

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    hey im curious about the gpp sim to get straight talk. Im not sure what carrier you have or how it works with straight talk cause you need to choose which carrier you have to get their sim. I have a iphone 4s for Verizon and wanted to unlock it and get straight talk using gpp. Please let me know how it works. if you can help please email me at thanks

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    This did not work on my locked iPhone 5 that was running 6.0.2 and 6.1 -- I was kicked out of all apps and prompted to (unsuccessfully) "activate" immediately on inserting the TMO sim card. However the steps outined above did finally work once I had my phone unlocked by AT&T.


    Currently the AT&T version of the Straight Talk SIM card identifies as MCC/MNC "310410" ... same as an AT&T/Cingular SIM card.


    When a SIM card is inserted with the MCC/MNC 310410 .. i.e. Straight Talk/ATT/Cingular, it loads the "310410" profile. Unfortunately we're forced to find other means of making our data and MMS work, i.e. mobileconfig profiles and tricks like this.


    "/System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/310410" is a symbolic link to "/System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/ATT_US.bundle" -- so when you insert your Straight Talk SIM card (310410) you are loading an AT&T profile that is prohibited (Thanks, AT&T!) from editing your carrier data settings.


    TMobile's MCC/MNC is unknown to the iPhone, and the GPP masks the true MCC/MNC of your SIM card ... also registering as an MCC/MNC unknown to the phone ... so the iPhone does not see it as "310410" and load the AT&T profile associated with 310410.


    Either one of these SIMs (Tmobile or a GPP) will load "Unknown.bundle"  which is NOT prohibited from editing carrier data settings.


    I've forced the Straight Talk SIM to use "Unknown.bundle" by doing the following on the phone -- unfortunately this is not a task for the faint of heart:


    1) mv /System/Library/Carrier\ Bundles/iPhone/310410 /System/Library/Carrier\ Bundles/iPhone/310410.old


    2) ln -s /System/Library/Carrier\ Bundles/iPhone/Unknown.bundle /System/Library/Carrier\ Bundles/iPhone/310410


    3) rm -rf /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/


    4) Setttings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings


    I lost LTE support -- which Straight Talk doesn't support at the moment -- and my phone no longer falsely advertises itself as having a "4G" connection, but I am now permanently able to edit cellular data settings on my Straight Talk SIM without any third party software or hardware.


    My money is on ST issuing a SIM with their own MCC/MNC, correct settings, and no restrictions on APN editing in the future -- but that probably wont work in an otherwise locked AT&T phone.

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    Now do I have to activate a tmobile or simple SIM card because they won't issue me one unless I buy a plan or can I just buy one from eBay and try it with that