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    If I were you guys, I would make an appointment with apple. In my experience they have been very helpful at the store... If they can't fix it maybe they will even compensate you with the iPhone 5 ;)

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    Haha Andrea*RN you are so nice! There is no Apple store in my city and I dont think they will compensate me with the 5! thats too good to be true

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    Lol... Wishful thinking:))

    Good luck!

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    Apple... we have a problem!  Like so many iPhone owners, I too have experienced the dreaded wifi disconnect.  I've tried every fix I've read on a post without success and to be's getting annoying.  When Skyping my daughter at college or facetiming her, I am frequently disconnected.  This seems to have gotten worse since upgrading to OS6.  Interestingly, my wife does not experience these problems with her iPhone or iPad as she has not yet upgraded to the new software. (Wish I could emliminate 6 and return to 5 so not only would I have wifi that stays connected, but better maps with street view (boy, how I miss the google maps and street view).


    Please apple, I'm starting to notice the Galaxy!  Fix this please.

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    Hi Amy Gi

    After upgrading my iphone to the ios6 people who had access to my wireless network, found that their phones kept diconecting them from the said network. After trying almost all permitations I think the one that worked for me was as follows.


    1.Make sure all devices using your network have the latest ios system

    2.Reset your router and set up as normal, ie setting up password network name etc

    3.Attach each device to the network using the correct password


    After I completed the above steps everyone who connected to the network has been connected ever since.

    I think my netgear router was getting confused after everyone upgraded their ios system.


    When I reset my router I gave it a new network name and also changed the password, as I said since doing ths the equipment ie 7 iphones 2 ipads apple tv and macbook pro have not dropped a connection since.

    Good Luck

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