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I used to have podcast playlists synced to my iPhone prior to iOS 6.  Now, when I sync the playlists, the names show up on the Musis ap, but are empty.  The podcasts are in the podcast ap, but I can't find any way to organize and listen to them in the order I want to.  I have iTunes 10.0.


Pleas advise if I'm missing something.  Or, is there a work around?


Thank you, Martin

iPhone 4S, Windows XP
  • BrightonChem Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    The work around I found is to modify the media kind in iTunes for all of the podcast files.

    1. Highlight all of the files in the playlist
    2. Right click ad select get info and agree to edit more than one item
    3. select options tab
    4. Change the media kind from play list to something else
    5. Select OK

    You will have to do this every time you update the play list but hopefully they will fix this.

  • martinfromlasvegas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This work around works, but has its own 'cost'.  It takes the podcasts out of the podcast lists in iTunes and puts it in the other media type (I chose Audiobooks, which allows playlists, ratings and skip forward/back options). Still, this is better than downloading another podcast reader and resubscribing to and organizing all the podcasts I listen to.


    Since first posting this question, I've learned that the podcast ap is almost universally hated, and this is one of the main reasons.  Is there any indication if Apple will update this ap and if so when? 


    Is there a way to sync from the iTunes list of podcasts to a third party podcast reader?  That would be sweet!


    Thanks again!!

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    I also used a "smart playlist" to sync up to and listen to podcasts on my iPhone. That this is no longer possible because podcasts are forced into the Podcast app is silly.


    In the meantime, I've found the best workaround is using an alternative media player. The free SoundHound app seems to preserve my playlist and allows me to play it the same way I used to in the music app. No other adjustments necessary.


    Hope this helps. I hope even more that we can get all of our media back in one native app again, but that doesn't seem too likely.

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    Wow! Thank you Garrulous! This is the best solution yet. Soundhound see's all of my playlists, including all of the smart playlists for my Podcasts. I had no idea that Soundhound did this.


    Again. Thank you!

  • Garrulous Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You're welcome. Glad I could help!

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    Glad I found this post. I was wondering if I was the only having this problem or if it was a glitch on my phone. I guess Soundhound will be my new best friend.

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    Thank you!  Soundhound saves the day.   I also found out that you can choose the playlist in Soundhound and still go back to the Apple Music player and it's playing there as well.  It goes right through the playlist in playlist order and you can use all the music player tools...except editing the playlist. 


    Strange that all Apple has done is hidden a great capability - apparently trying to officially separate music from podcasts and screwing us in the process.  Either very silly of them or they ran out of time and couldn't nicely integrate the playlist into the pod player and still release iOS 6 on time.

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    Audio book playlists are also a problem. I use playlist to sequence my listening. I also then drag the playlist to over my iPhone icon in iTunes and quickly thus transfer the relevant files. Of course the files are then all on my phone but unfortuanetly the playlists them selfs are available though the phone. All though the do show as being on the phone through iTunes. Thus the problem seems to be on the ios6 handling of the playlist data files.  Any feedback or ideas welcomed.

  • The Doctor Level 4 Level 4 (1,225 points)

    I didn't know that Soundhound did this.


    I had found that I could get my podcast playlist to play by usine Voice Commands on my iPhone 4 to play the playlist by name. I suppose Siri should be able to do this as well.


    It is a pain to not be able to see the entries in the playlist, but now we've got at least two ways to get the playlist playing.



  • Sue Marsh1 Level 2 Level 2 (260 points)



    Thank you Garrulous for suggesting the Soundhound app as a way of resolving the issue with playing podcasts in a Smart playlist.  It works for me which is great and I hope it solves the problem for others too. 

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    I found the ultimate solution to that problem, check this page: it/.


    Basically, if you delete the Podcast app and force quit and relaunch the Music app, you'll get the behavior of iOS 5 back.


    Did it yesterday and I am an happy camper again.

  • Garrulous Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It works!


    I think we can all agree that it is stupid that it works, but it does the trick. Why your podcast playlist is empty when you have the podcast app installed is something I cannot understand.


    Thanks, BelgiumRoland!

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    I downloaded Soundhound, and it did have my previous playlist. But I make a new playlist each week, and I don't see anyway to do that on Soundhound. How do you create a new playlist?

  • Sue Marsh1 Level 2 Level 2 (260 points)

    Create a new playlist in iTunes in the usual way and it will show up in Soundhound  

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