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I have a Time Capsule connected to my iMac. The OS is 10.6.8. I've had the Time Capsule for about a year. Time Machine seems to work fine but I've noticed lately that it seems to be backing up a lot more frequently than once an hour and that it's taking longer. Part of the problem is that if a backup takes a long time, the next backup will be scheduled for shortly after the old one has finished. So, for example, if a backup starts at, say, 10 am and takes 30 minutes, another will start at 11 am, only 30 minutes after the first. That's a lot of backup activity during the course of an 8-hour day. Sometimes, Time Machine is backing up no more than 10 MB of data, sometimes a lot more, but it does spend what seems like a lot of time prepping, finishing, and cleaning up.


The Time Capsule has a 500GB drive and less than 100 GB of that have been used. I can't find anything unusual in the system log. Otherwise, operation appears to be normal.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hey arbee!


    How's it going?

    Your problem with Time Machine is pretty much a carbon copy of the problem I am experiencing right now.

    So far, I haven't found any solutions but i sense I am looking in the wrong place.  Did you manage to find a way around this annoyance?

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    Well, the workaround that I found simply involved shutting off Time Machine and using the "Back Up Now" item once a day to back up to the Time Capsule. I couldn't find any other solution here. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that the reason for the slowdown is not the transfer speed (gigabit Ethernet) but the possibility the Time Machine is doing a lot of work comparing snapshots and deciding which files to backup. However, that's just a guess. Be that as it may, as I noted in my original question, left to its own devices, it can take 30-45 minutes to back up a relatively small amount of data between preparation, backup, and closing. Then it sits idle for 15 minutes and starts the process again. Maybe there is no solution. Maybe that's the way it's designed to work. Also, I don't have much on my internal hard drive, maybe 25 GB all told of a 500 GB drive. So, it's not like I'm backing up massive amounts of data at any given time. From hour to hour, maybe 500 MB get backed up, and that is most likely because a lot of system files have been touched in that time period.

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    Many thanks for the quick reply...wherever you may be.

    It certainly seems we both have the same dilemma.

    I will hunt a little more for a solution, perhaps even call those good folk at AppleCare...if I make any ground then I will get back to you,

    Otherwise, like yourself, it will be manual backups and be done with it.


    Good night and cheers.