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My PowerMac G4 I think it has an electrical issue when when I boot up everything starts fine and I get to the desktop everything seems to be working OK but after a few minutes I hear the hard drive click off and then the hard drive restarts itself but the computer completely freezes up so the first thing I checked was the hard drive and did a diagnostic check and the hard drive is functioning properly so then I checked the wiring and everything looked to be OK so then I tried leaving the side door open and turning the computer back on and the computer works perfectly dozen freeze up and the hard drive doesn't click off so I think it might be overheating so I removed the heat sink and put more thermal paste on the heat sink and it still seems to have the same problem with the side door closed all the fans are running normally I've taken the computer completely apart and checked every piece and I don't know what else to check because inside it looks all normal the only other thing I can think of is that when I close the door there some kind of wiring that might be faulty and shorting out and the computer inside somewhere but if I leave the door open it runs perfectly and it doesn't freeze up if anybody else has any suggestions please let me know I've run out of ideas

Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver 2002), Mac OS X (10.4)