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I am just wondering if MacPorts is safe to use, will it open me up to vulnerabilities.

I know that using windows emulators (and the like) can allow viruses and malware get onto your system but I'm not sure if the same can apply to MacPorts, I understand that it is used to install freeware and open source programs but I'm not sure if it can hurt (for lack of a better word) my computer.

Software - MacPorts, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    MacPorts is perfectly safe. It won't hurt anything. The only downside is that it installs software that would normally be more difficult to install and use than most people are used to. If you have problems, you may not be able to resolve them yourself because you don't know how it all works.

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    i figured it was but i just wanted to make sure.


    Also would you possible know if Sophos is safe to use, as in is it a scam software hiding as an anti-virus.

    I understand some people think it is bad because it slows down the system, but I am just wondering if it is legitiment anit-virus or if it is a scam???

    If you dont have an idea I understand, but thanks anyway for answering my first question and thanks for atleast reading.


    P.S. sorry for clicking the wrong button i ment to click this solved for your answer

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    Sophos is a legitimate anti-virus program. There are many antivirus program that are scams. Still, you don't need any antivirus software on a Mac. The antivirus companies really only understand Windows software. If you install Sophos, it will spend virtually 100% of its time searching for Windows viruses. Sophos' main competitor, Symantec (which actually has a much larger market share), still isn't compatible with Mountain Lion. How are we supposed to trust these programs to find the latest, zero-day exploits when they don't even notice that Apple uses 64-bit chips and has released a new operating system?


    Consider what happened during the recent Flashback issue. Those who trusted Apple to take care of the problem were sitting pretty. Those who immediately jumped to Oracle just caused more problems for themselves.

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    I don't use MacPorts for a while now that I've found Homebrew. Works best if you're using Mountain Lion.


    Just google for it. And make sure to install dependencies and XQuartz if you're using ML.

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    yeah i have heard about homebrew but i wanted to try MacPorts because thats what had been recommended by the inkscape install guide i was following. But thanks anyway

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    I have a problem that I think macports created - I downloaded and installed X11 and macports to run Inkscape. I followed the 'idiot' instructions on http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/CompilingMacOsX, section three, including running sudo commands. Inkscape still doesn't work, and I'm happy to throw it out!!


    But even worse, I think macports messed up the port that my USB modem stick uses (a Huawei E160 HSDPA unit, run with  3Connect drivers - there's lots available on the web now telling how to set all this up).


    But I have no idea how to resolve this problem ... any ideas?


    thanks, dobura