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I'm disappointed that notes and reminders can not be synced thru iTunes in Mountain Lion. Personally I am not an icloud fan. It is my opinion that Apple should support both options for future OS releases.

OS X Mountain Lion
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    I agree. Notes used to sync with Mail. This is a step backward.

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    I agree as well. I do not want to use iCloud to sync my notes and reminders because I do not believe that any company, including Apple, can guarantee the privacy/security of my data.


    Apple, this is an important issue. Please allow itunes syncing of Reminders & Notes!!!

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    Likewise. For any sensitive information in Notes, the best solution is to sync locally through iTunes.


    Unfortunately, at the moment "Syncing Notes using iTunes is no longer supported on OS X v10.8 and later" according to:



    Is there any simple 3rd party Notes-like application that would sync through iTunes plain text messages between iOS 6.x devices and Mac OS X 10.8.x systems?

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    Did some research. I have not found any 3rd party applications that would help with syncing notes and reminders from iOS to OSX. Like I said in my previous email I am not a fan of icloud however if users are being forced to migrate to icloud in each upgrade release then here are some suggestions for Apple.


    1. Setup groups and restrictions. Administrator account should have complete control of all information being synced with each device. Example: If a family member is on the same account with an ipad or iphone then the administrator should be able to restrict the information sent to that device thru his laptop, desktop or thru iCloud.com.
    2. Security and Privacy. This is a major issue for me. Every network computer can be hacked. Apple needs to have a filevault in the cloud and possibly add biometric security features. A simple password is not enough to satisfy today's security needs.
    3. Turning off iCloud. If anyone has ever used iCloud in the past and decided to deactivate it. You may notice that it wipes out the information in your apps (contacts, calenders, etc.). If a user decides to stop using the cloud then he/she should not have to worry that their app information disappearing.


    I'm not sure what Apple is planning. I love their products and software but they need to address these issues.

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    Yes please - Notes sync iTunes