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    The rattling noise is come from the vibrator itself, there is a little matel flap on a motor, and it is not secure when not in use, so it moves freely, so if you have a light tap, you are making that flap a noise. Because of the "flap" on iphone5 is thinner, that's why it makes louder noise.


      I opened both phones and confirmed this situation.


    Check out the photo as attached, the sliver one is from iphone5, blue one is from iphone4.


    Image courtesy


  • Delwil01 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Bunlo, I actually stopped worrying about this. But one strange thing is how come some people claiming there iphone5 doesnt make any rattling noise?

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    I've done some research and it seems the noise comes from the vibrating motor, it makes that sound because its designed to be a free floating. Hope this helps.

  • applxperience Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    It makes sense and I have peace of mind now. It's a shame there's no official word from Apple.


    I'm one of the ones who's iPhone4 doesn't make the rattling noise, so probably it was mine the defective one, hehe.


    The common sense says that if they attached the bibrating motor to the case it would transmit the bibration better, but it seems they used the same technique certain individuals with ultra-powered car stereos (and big wheels) use to make more noise, by losing some parts (like the registration plate) on purpose so they resonate, rather than using pure decibels like others SOB who break your eardrums from two cars away.

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    To be honest, If you have a chance to open up iphone4,4s and 5, the vibrators are all different, the best (quietest) so far is the 4s' it is rounded shape like a button battery, however,in terms of the thickness, I am sure it is too thick to fit in iphone5.  Also, to account for, is that those are motors, contain magnets, it will interfere with anntennas. Lastly, since the vibrator is smaller in size, I assumed that it uses less power. From technical point of view, it is hard to justify, otherwise it will be another "anntenngate" due to the vibrator this time.

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    I just got my iphone 5 last wednesday. Just today I heard the rattle noise for the first time. On top of that my battery drains... so I was really excited for this phone but I keep having all these problems and I haven't had this phone for a whole week yet.

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    Not all that you said was true, though some parts are.

    I have owned an iPhone now for many years starting with original iPhone

    I just recieved my iPhone 5 black 32gb , it's making the same annoying sound

    that you described also my father recieved an iPhone 5 16gb yesterday and it too

    Has that rattle sound and both phones are in perfect condition (no scratches).


    The part of your statement about the iPhone 4 rattle isn't necessary true,

    I still have my iPhone 4 16gb and it doesn't make that noise i purchased the 4

    When it was first released but my girlfriend purchased a iPhone 4S 32 gb and it

    Makes the same rattle, so not all iPhone 4 phones make that noise because my regular

    iPhone 4 doesn't make any noise at all, I tryed tapping on the top,bottom,side and no noise

    I also tried shaking it vary hard and still no noise. It ***** that I have been waiting so long

    On a reservation list to be stuck with this annoying sound every time I put down the phone.

    My girlfriends phone is now over a year old and it haven't given her any problems at all so I'm

    Not Worried about my phone breaking after the warranty is over but the sound it makes is

    Annoying, I may just reactivate my iPhone 4 and sell my new iPhone 5 and wait for the 5s.

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    LOL wow your right I auto focused the camera on my iPhone 5 while tapping

    It and the rattle stops, I don't know if a software update could fix the problem

    though I hope something can.

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    I have the same problem,  i just received my new 16gb iphone5 and it has this annoying noise.


    did anyone get a replacement or a fix ina genius bar?

    i dont know what to do, and i leave the country en 2 weeks.

    please helpme


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    I got a replacement via Apple Care, but it still makes the same noise. I'm afraid the rattling noise is "normal" as it appears at every iPhone 5 i had in my hands so far :-(

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    well, i got a replacement in a rettail store, and it seems to be very good.

    Nice after sale service!!

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    The rattling noise is apparently "normal" but I believe I know the solution. Unfortunately, as far as I know, this will require an iOS update from Apple. Understanding that the issue was from the camera elements, I toyed with the iOS camera app and found that if I tried to focus on an object very close it would stop the rattle. This, I believe, because the focusing elements compact together, "pancaking", so to speak, the assembly. So all this would mean is that if Apple were to release an update that would place the elements in this compact form when not in use then the rattle would no longer be there when outside of the camera app. The only issue then is getting Apple to realize this. Noone would have to bring in their iPhones to the Genius Bar. An update to iOS is all that's needed.

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    I've been in the Apple store today as well as contacted Apple Support. No one is helpful in the matter. When i went to the store, without even looking at the phone they told me it was normal and sent me on my way. (So that p***ed me off). Then i got home and contacted Apple support. The first gentlemen i talked to, Joe, said that it wasn't normal and he then got me on the phone with Carl, who then asked me to do a series of task to see if the problem was hardware or not.


    I got the phone 7 days ago, and roughly 3 days ago i noticed it makes a rattling noise around the camera. This is very discerning. (Note: It would be different if i had to shake the phone violently to hear it, but just gently laying a finger on the phone makes the awful rattling noise). The iPhone 4 was built with great quality and i loved it. The iPhone 5 appears to be very cheap which is disappointing considering the cost value.


    Im extremely disappointed with Apple. Not only am i tossed around from employee to employee, but the staff at Apple aren't even on the same page! Some say its not normal, while others say it isn't.


    I DONT care either way. When i purchase a phone of this price, they should let you know ahead of time. They honestly should recall the products or be more helpful in the situation.


    Im very upset with apple and that's why im returning my iPhone 5, and then moving on to a different company. Apparently Apple's quality died when Steve Jobs passed.


    -A Very P.O. Customer.

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    As long as this rattle is the camera rattle then don't worry. Every model I've ever tried does the same thing. The autofocus needs to be tweaked in an update. Otherwise it's fine.

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    I'm not worried, but rather frustrated. Its annoying that i cant take my phone from my pocket to my head, or out from my body to text without hearing something lose inside.


    If you buy a Lamborghini, then you would expect it to drive down the road without hearing a clunk from the engine right..? How is my phone any different. $800+ phone, i expected almost perfection. In Apple's advertisement, they even talked about the "level of quality" put into the phone. Shall i post a link?


    I'm not trying to be smart with you, GadGetGeek7, however i'm more or less upset with the way Apple handed the situation. 


    P.S. just grabbed my old iPhone 4 and shook it as hard as possible, tapped all over, and it didnt make a sound. Steve knows how to build phones.....