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    No worries, the reason for my post initially is my frustration with the lack of quality control and my hopes that this solution is employed as easy as the solution is. Like I said, a software update. I love this phone and so far this is my only quibble. I just want Apple to deliver an iOS update. I want them to see the need so long as there are enough dissatisfied customers.

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    you still in 30 days return/exchange period, so go to apple store ask for exchange.

    Just pick the iPhone with less Rattling noise. Because every iphone  5 i tested has some kind of rattling noise when u tap in back..:)

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    That’s not a bad idea. At the moment, i was going to exchange it at Wal-Mart (where my mom bought it). The people in the apple store near me are EXTREMELY rude and i try to avoid them as much as possible.


    For instance, today - they diagnosis my phone without looking at it.....And secondly, with my last iPhone (iPhone 4) they made me wait over an hour before i was even spoken to, and then after i was told they could replace my phone, they say they cant. (thats a different story)


    GadGetGeek7 - It’s extremely frustrating! For an $800 you want high quality - but i received horsesh*t. I don’t want an update; i want a recall and an apology.


    I’m seriously fed up with Apple. I want to continue to push this issue because this is ridiculous.

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    Bump. This is going to stay up as long as im here.

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    u can most likly take ur phone apart an acctually see whats happening in there

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    But that was the point of the initial post. There is no necessity for a recall. An iOS upadate fixes everything. The fact that the lens elements shake in an uncompressed position is not idicative of bad quality, that's just how these things work, especially at such a small part size. I'm sure if Swiss watch makers made the parts, they could have made it not rattle in any position, but that's not realistic for a phone. Believe me, I am frustrated to no end, and want enough people to complain about the issue and make it obvious to Apple that this iOS update is wanted by a lot of people. And yes I want the issue pushed as well, but in the effort of getting said update, not to just complain. I'm not sure how to get Apple's attention in a way that will result in action on their part.

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    GadGetGeek7, If you're talking about a software update i dont understand how that would help!

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    It's like I said in my initial post. As long as we're talking about the camera rattle here, it's due to the lens elements being in the elongated position. If you've ever toyed with camera lenses before you may notice that when in a zoomed out position the lens is a bit wobbly and sometimes perhaps prone to rattling. This stands to reason and applies similarly to the iPhone. For whatever reason the apps default position for the elements is in this "zoomed out" position. I played with the app myself and zoomed on something close which seems to put the elements in the compressed position like with the DSLR lenses and noticed the rattle begin to diminish. So all it takes is for an update which relocates the elements in that position. No recalls. That would be pointless and a hassle and nothing would get fixed.

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    Today, I went to Wal-Mart and exchanged the phone. I got a new iPhone 5 that doesn’t rattle as bad! Unfortunately I looked at the camera and the lens aren’t centered and it appears that a lens inside is cracked or there is a hair stuck inside. It hasn’t affected the pictures…..yet.


    I’m sure I’m starting to sound like someone who nit-picks everything, but honestly I’m not trying to. As weird as it sounds, I enjoy just looking at the phone, and now this bothers me.

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    Can anyone help?my problem is when I call some one the slot where you put your ear up too won't work. I can't hear anything out of it. I switched it back and forth between speaker and its deffently an internal issue. I just got my iPhone 5 on Chrismas and have not dropped it.

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    I too have the dreaded noise.. I have had my new iP5 for almost 2 weeks and only noticed it today. Just like all of you I ran to my computer to see what this is all about. Mine is defintely not from the vibration motor. It's the camera.. I was able to test it by pointing it at the ceiling and focusing.. Then begin tapping on the apple on the back to make the noise constantly and while tapping point it very close to something in front of you and you will notice as soon as it focuses up close, the rattle is gone... Unbelievable the phone has been out this long and this is still an issue... My only conclusion is that possibly the only way for the lens to stay compressed, so to speak is by applying power to it as it does when focusing close up. Hopefully this is not the case because that would mean any iOS update to resolve this might mean the lens will always have power to it and that in turn, although probably a small amount, means it will use up your battery... This is just my conclusion from what I know of electronics. Amazing this particular camera hardware would be used in such an expensive phone, shameful quality control.. Shame on you apple. Steve would be ashamed and I'm sure someone would be fired for allowing the release of an apple device that "sounds" cheap and almost even broken!?! . I have 2 Mac's, 2 Ipads, and every Iphone since the start. and Yes I am an apple fan so it is to say I'm a bit dissapointed in this release of the iphone. We shall see what comes of this... or... we will be told to upgrade to the 5S or whatever they want to call it the next one that doesnt make such a racket.



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    I'm on my 3 iPhone 5 and am incredibly disappointed.  My first one had the infamous rattle.  I tried all the suggestions but it still rattled.  Finally, an engineer from Apple contacted me because of a post and replaced the iPhone.  He said the moving part in the camera is the size of a grain of salt, so it would not make the rattling sound that was so pronounced on my iPhone.  Well, the new iPhone worked great with no rattle; that is, until it stopped charging and needed to be replaced.  They swapped out for what I'm guessing is a refurbished iPhone 5.  I took it home and heard the rattle right away.  I contacted Apple and they said there should not be a rattle in the iPhone.  I have an appointment today to swap out this one.  This is so frustrating.  I know my 4S did not have the rattling noise.  I really wish I never sold it for this one.

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    Hey guys, just checked out the forum and some posts helped me. My IPhone 5 also has this annoying noise. But the problem was another noise, that was inside it. Sounded like something loose inside, maybe the battery or this vibrating device. To solve it, I just pressed the screen with the palm of my hand, not much pressure, just a little bit was enough. I recommend to do it against a soft thing, like a pillow or a mattress. It really worked to me.

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    I also am experiencing a rattling noise inside my iPhone 5.  I took it to a nearby Apple Store and the "Genius" told me that it was normal, and so he didn't do anything for me.  I contacted Apple's online chat support and they set up a Genius Bar appointment at a different Apple Store.  I know that I have a few friends with iPhones 5.  They let me give their phones a little shake and there was no rattling noise.  It really does sound like there is something just rolling around in there.  Since this discussion thread is not 1,000,000 posts long, I am guessing this is not an extremely common problem, and that it can be fixed or replaced with one that doesn't shake, rattle, or roll.

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