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Has anyone else noticed a disparity between the cellular data usage reported by iOS 6 and the data usage reported by their cell provider.


According to iOS I've used 89MB down stream so far. Verizon is only showing 50 MB down. I know Verizon takes a bit of time to show up, but the 50 MB was showing after midnight, so I think that the Verizon number has caught up to my actual usage. I ran a few speed tests today on cellular otherwise I was on WiFi all day. A number of threads about data usage inconsistancies have poped up over on Mac Rumors.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    No it does not

  • killall-9 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Any explanation for the discrepancy then?

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    Yes, this is happening.  Verizon shows me at 39mb yesterday, while my iphone usage is over 200mb.  I also watched it continue to crank while I was watching youtube videos on wifi. 


    On top of this, "tethered usage" showed up out of the blue and started cranking usage while my cellular data sat idle.  I don't have tethering on my phone, my LTE, wifi and bluetooth were all off.  Verizon again confirmed no data usage and no tethering.  While I was on the phone with Apple, the tethering usage reset itself to zero.  A bit later, the "tethering usage" section vanished completely.


    A poster in another forum showed a screenshot of his usage counter showing 8TB, yes I said terabyte, of data in a few hours.  Clearly this is impossible to roll that much.


    I believe it's a bug in iOS6.

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    iOS 6 bugginess seems to be the general concensus on the MR forum. A lot of posters are reporting that iOS6 is showing far more data usage for a day then they ever saw in iOS5. Granted we have only had iOS6 for a few days but in a lot of cases the data usage has gone up dramatically eventhough people are saying their usage has been about the same.

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    Yes, the biggest givaway is to check your carrier.  Verizon website actually breaks it down by day, with a few time slots throughout the day.  Makes for an easy check against the phone counter.

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    Please call Apple and let them know, the more calls they get, the faster it gets fixed....and thanks for the help tag!!!

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    I spoke with Apple this afternoon. The rep originally suggested that the discrepancy might be due to the way Verizon estimates data usage. I admitted it was a possibility but that I thought it unlikely as there was still a sizable discrepancy even when comparing today's total data usage according to Verizon against yesterday's total according to iOS. He  became more interested once I told him that iOS had just begun reporting tethered data usage even though I've never used this iPhone, or any other cell phone, as a hotspot. He then placed me on hold while he spoke to a higher level tech. When he got back on the line he informed me that there had been a few other reports of data discrepancies and that Apple engineers were already checking to see if there was a problem on their end. He added that the issue seems to be affecting mostly Verizon phones.

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    Yes, after upgrading to iOS6 my data usage crossed my limit, that is just from Sept 23 to 29. This happens even most of the settings like sync or downloading options are checked only with WiFi. Regarding this I had talk with my career (AT&T) the support person do not have clue for this mis-reporting of data usage, mostly they are trying to say I have to watch my device by geting apps like "dataman" and recommending to turn off "cellular data" while using WiFi. If mis-reporting of data usage was not happend for the last 20months in use, while the OS was iOS5 or earlier, why this is happening now? If I need to trun off my "cellular data"  while using WiFi and turn-on back while going to 3G, I don't feel like I am using 'smart iPhone'. Hope there might be a 'Smarter' way to deal with it. expecting this to be fixed as early as possible.


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    My data usage, according to iOS, has leveled off around 40-50MB a day, since I played around in settings to limit cellular usage. A bit higher than I averaged with the iPhone 4, but not bad considering its a new toy so is getting a bit more attention. My usage according to MyVerizon has dropped to about 5MB a day which seems low to me, then again over the last few days I've restricted my cellular data usage to pulling down e–mail and surfing fairly static websites.So where when I first started this thread I was fairly convinced iOS was over estimating data usage I'm starting to think that, at least in my case, Verizon is under estimating and the truth may be somewhere in the middle. All of this is based solely on the data usage I'm seeing. Others are reporting far higher data usage than I am and I couldn't even begin to guess what their actual data usage might be. I'm still a bit concerened as to why iOS is reporting tethered data usage, currently up to..., hold on just checked usage again and the tethered data has disapeared. Strange.

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    black562 wrote:


    Please call Apple and let them know, the more calls they get, the faster it gets fixed....and thanks for the help tag!!!

    I just got off a facetime call with Tim Cook he said hes working on it for you.

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    24 hrs after iO6 update on my 4s, the data charges began hemorrhaging! This also happened with the phone turned off, mostly in the middle of the night & other strange times.  On or off, it didn't matter!  Went to AT&T store in Ft. Collins, one rep said she had heard about this a couple of weeks ago & we spoke with the manager. At this time, data usage on my phone was double it's plan limit & the texts from AT&T kept advising me to get a bigger plan before extreme charges. Manager told us to go to the nearest Apple store & said they (AT&T) would probably have to "eat" these charges until the "god of Apple comes up with a fix". We came home frustrated, got online w/ the Apple Support & were told by an Apple rep that she had NEVER heard of this problem before. She then talked to her supervisor who had heard of this-a time or two.  They analyzed the phone online, did a restart + the update & restore on iTunes &  the data leak continued.  Today, we traveled to Boulder's Apple store for help.  Do use a current phrase, "I felt bullied!"  After being told by the first associate at the Genius Bar that it was impossible for my phone to send data while it was turned off, trust me! I was riled up!  I asked her to look at the billing info on my wife's phone, she first refused to look at it & then came back with a very large man who told me, "Sir, you are claiming your phone is sending data when physically turned off." I said, "Yes, that is the problem." The bouncer dude told me that was impossible when the phone is turned off. I told him that I have been dealing with this for over a week (started 9/27/2012). I told him from my conversation from the previous evening w/ Apple support that they would replace my phone & they did.  We will see what happens.  I hate it when they lie; this is not new.  They should have "manned up"!

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    My phone is showing tether data usage but I've never, ever tethered anything with my phone.

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    Whew. It actually IS impossible for the phone to send or receive anything when it's off. Just so we're clear, "off" refers to you holding the power button down until the slide to power off pops up and you slide to power off, right?

    Okay, so if that is the case, then stick with it. You are going to have to turn the phone off for a good bit of time and somehow document its usage.

    The mobile data problem has been solved for some people by resetting network settings on the phone. Then maybe restart the phone just to be sure.

    I would suggest restoring the phone in iTunes and make sure you restore it as a new phone and start all over with your settings and apps.

    Literally THOUSANDS of people complain about phone problems that pop up when they update their phone to a new OS version and they choose to just update instead of starting with a clean install. It's NEVER perfect, even with full blown desktop computers.

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    New iPad mini 16gb Verizion. Less than three weeks old.


    Under GENERAL, USAGE, CELLULAR DATA USAGE shows 10.9gb down. 770 mb sent.


    Verizion states " within the last five mins. I had 3200 mb left. Just over 3'gb. So I used 6+gb. Not 10.9gb.


    Yesterday I call Verizion to ask what happens if I go over my plan? The CSR said prepay would just stop working when u reach your limit. I said why do I have 10.9 gb used showing.

    Verizion's CSR said " it includes WiFi usage also, if you had gotten the post pay plan it would be more accurate.."  Well we know that's not right. Verizion states ( from her supervisor ) " within the last five mins. I had 3200 mb left. Just over 3'gb. So I used 6+gb. Not 10.9gb.

    So I did what the CSR Sugested to do ..stop my credit card on the account to do more researching with apple.

    She didn't tell me she was stopping my cellular.


    Apple's comment was Verizion is wrong.


    So after hours of CSR's and Supervisors,and a three way call,the end result was ..

    Nothing no one knows why it shows the 10.9gb used. When I have used 6+ gb.


    APPLE case number 381874523. Enjoy!


    Let's rock the boat some.


    I'm a consumer. I walk into apple to buy a iPhone5, I take the phone to Verizion to get a plan/set up the phone and APPLE gave me the unlocked AT&T phone. Not knowing there are two types of iPhones . CDMA and none CDMA. (To sum it up).


    I got the iPad mini, return it to get the bigger memory version, the sales tax was different in the return store vs the store I bought it (  so I have to repurchase it.

    The APPLE Store didn't record the repurchase. So yesterday, dealing with the Verizion issue, I went to enquire about a return label ( why the heck should I drive to the store and waste my gas at this point)... The order for my iPad mini showed to be already returned..




    From walking into Microcenter in Tustin,Ca. buying my first APPLE product( MacBook Air) ...I was told I can purchase the one on one classes from an apple store...the Apple Store at the Irvine spectrum  did not allow me to purchase the one in one . The Apple store stated it was supposed to be purchased at the time of the sale. Microcenter, was furious stating they were one of the first Apple resellers before the apple stores. So I had to drive to Brea to purchase the one in one. When I was at Apple in Brea, I purchased the Air with the one on one and returned the Microcenter one.. Just for the sake of policies..the apple store in Brea stated I could have bought the one on one at any apple store. Basically it's up to each store manager to sell one on one separately from the pro / air purchase.


    Why the variation? The consumer suffers and is now disappointed on the Apple name right off the start.


    Purchasing the iPad mini at Microcenter in Tustin Ca.. Went I went into apple to hook it up, Apple stated it was already sold two months prior, warranty had ten months left. Returned that.


    Dealing with the Verizion issues and apple.


    Now do you think this a good experience?


    This experienced has upset my relationship with my family ..the dollars that has been spent in fuel, the time away from normal life. The credit card statements of buying and returning due to various store employees not knowing what's going on.


    Add the cost to resolve the issues... I could have bought a $5000 Alienware M18x blown out with upgrades and warranties including techs that come to MY location to do any repairs.  I would have been further in life,career,and love.


    So basically, the consumer has to suffer in life just to experience Apple. That's not being nice .


    You think I'm over exaggerating?

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