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    Sorry to hear that. Something else you might try:


    Launch Console (from Utilities) and click the triangles next to "User Diagnostic Reports" and "System Diagnostic Reports" and see if there are any reports in either category.


    Also, leave Console running and note the time when a beachball appears, then look in Console's "All Messages" for that time and see if something is reported which might give a clue.

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    Multiple entries,  HP utilities, Iphoto, storeagent, skype, hp device monitor, google software updater, automator launcher.    The system diag. is hp utilitiy and iphoto.  The user diagn.  is automator launcher, google software updater and skype and storeagent and finder. 

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    Sorry; I should have mentioned that lots of things are always happening "behind the scenes," so there are continuous entries in Console.


    In the User Diag. and Sys. Diag. reports, each report includes in its name a date and time (24-hour, 6-digit time). Are any of those at the same time you had the beachball? Do the report titles include the word "spin" or "hang" or something else indicating it might cause a beachball?


    Could you take a screenshot (Cmd-Shift 4, then circumscribe with cursor the desired screen area) of that part of your Console window (as below) and include it in a post?

    Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 4.03.05 PM.png

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    Missionary --


    1.  Does your wife use the HP printer, as well?

    2.  Did she upgrade the printer driver?

    3.  Open Activity Monitor and leave it open on the desktop (reduce the size of the pane so it's more workable.) Select "All Processes" and "% of CPU used."  Then when you get these hangs, check out which processes are using the most.  I'm curious to see if it's the HP. 

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    Yes my wife uses the same printer and has the latest driver software for it for SL.   She has no problems at all.  None of the activities show any high cpu usage.

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    file://localhost/UScreen Shot 2012-11-02 at 7.39.12 AM.pngsers/randymcgehee/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202012-11-02%20at%207.39.12%20AM.png

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    On the top bar of the Activity monitor, you need to select  %CPU, not PID (Over on the left)


    I see you have Sophos on there.  Try disabling it.  I'm sure that will have slowed your system down.

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    file://localhost/Users/randymcgehee/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202012-11-02%20at%204. 50.29%20PM.pngScreen Shot 2012-11-02 at 4.50.29 PM.png

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    What is this "HP Device Manager" software you have on there?  It's different from the Printer Driver.


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    It is not what the link refers to that you listed.  It is part of the software package that comes with the printer.  Actually this is part of the new udated package for this printer that is specifically listed for ML with HP.  It has been part of this since back with SL but HP has updated it each time a new o/s comes out.   It simply keeps track of the printer and allows for online and "air" print etc. 

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    Well, it's using up a lot of memory.  Seems unusual to me.

    Also, is your Sophos up to date?  I'm not sure why you have that, but it made my Mac way too slow.

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    First of all a very special thanks to everyone who has been following this and makeing suggestions on a possible problem or fix.  I am grateful for your help.   I have made a few changes to update on this situation.  I removed the Sohp. antivirus and installed Avast antivirus in it's place.  Also regarding the HP software, I had noticed that there was a huge slowdown in connection between the print command and reaching the printer.  You asked to print and had coffee and maybe when finished it would be but it was crazy slow.  Always printed but VERY SLOW to get it done which was a huge change.  So I went in and did some adjustments and found it seemed to be not liking the IP address which had always been ok before.  So I changed it back form a manuel set one to an automatic selected one and now it is back to printing almost instantly and the software that tracks it is working effortlessly again too.  So that could have been hogging a lot of resources trying to work with the IP address I had set to it.  As I said I am not sure why the change but this seemed to fix that problem.  Also updated with the new safari and iphoto update last evening that came out.  Now the results are that I can see a diffenant improvement in the system.  Still not what it was in the beginning but a noted speed up and improvement so we have made progress.  Here in Italy we say, Poco a poco,  (step by step) and we have made some good steps I think.  Now we will keep working to see if we can find the rest of the issues and resolve them.  I am encouraged that this might just happen again.  Now sure what the next steps are but welcome any further possibilities from anyone.

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    If you suspect a software issue (beach ball or any similar eerie behavior) there is a simple solution to narrow things: create a new user, log out and log into the new user. If behavior is OK, then the problem is with the numerous apps and utilities you install. As a thumb rule, if beach ball begins to be manifest, try to remember the last app/util installed. Most problems are due to apps interefering with the system, mainly those outdated and not yet prepared for a newer system than the one they had been tested with. Why do you install Sophos or Avast? If you really need an AV for mac, put ClamXav, all other put problems when the system is updated by Apple.

    If a hardware problem, a dying disk is the most frequent cause of beach balls.

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    As I had said very early on in this all software was updated and listed as ML compatitble even before I updated to ML.  If it was not listed as MS compatible I deleated it before the install so there was no reason to suspect any software.   There are no outdated apps on this system as all are up to date and ok'ed for ML.  I have added no new ones until the antivirus change yesterday.  In the beginning after the ML upgrade everything worked very well but after a few weeks the problems began to surface and that was with no software changes.  I use an antivirus because in Italy you do not dare not.   I changed to Macs because when here the pc's were a format and reload every 3 months no matter what protections you used.  With the Macs it has been much better but no fool proof.  Most weeks the Sophos caught a malware on my system.   It is that bad here in Italy so you need something to catch it.  I have used Avast on our pc's and my android phone without any problem and it was rated hightly with most reviews so that is why I picked it.  I did see and looked at the ClamXav too.   I was just more familiar with the Avast.   If I find the ClamXav is better I have no problem changing but will have to research it more.  My main concern is that whatever I use does the job as it is a BIG problem here in Italy.  The Apple Genuis techs here in Florence checked out the hardware for me and all checked fine shortly after all this begain.  Thanks for your suggestions.