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  • Cattus Thraex Level 4 (1,715 points)

    Do what I told you or, better (if you have time) a clean install via erase-and-install. With a new, clean system on a clean disk it will be easier to narrow your issues. ClamXav is the best AV for Mac OS X, you do not need more, if your concern is to not distribute Win viruses via mail attachments or the like. For current use, you do not need any AV in Mac OS X, in Italy or elsewhere, there is no frontier for viruses.

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    Good catch on the printer software settings.


    Another technique, if you absolutely feel compelled to use antivirus software, is, once you have "cleaned" your drive(s), limit active virus checking to specific folders where malware might get in, such as Downloads and Mail, and possibly browser caches or others. This can markedly reduce antivirus use of resources.


    And see here.

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    Ok I keep narrowing this down little by little it seems.   The item that is now presenting the most spinning beach balls and slow to open and work is MAIL.  I have had problems with it for two years regarding shutting down and having to force quit it but never slow to open and do the lag thing unitil now.  I changed the AV to Clamxav and have it only working on demand so it is not running in the backgroud to slow the mail process or anything else.  There is still a lag and slow boot up of the system but otherwise now the biggest slow down is the mail.  An Apple tech on the phone had me rebuild the mail a couple of years ago and that helped with the shut down for a while but it all returned with ML.   This has become a challenge for me to say the least but at least there is progress now. 

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    Bit by bit, huh? It's good news that you're making progress.

    Have you rebuilt mailboxes lately? I find I have to do that periodically, and usually do it after an OS upgrade.


    Don't know whether this applies to you, but I move all mail more than 60 days old to archive mailboxes "On my Mac" named Sent Archive and Received Archive, which reduces number of old emails left on server.

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    Would you be kind enough to walk me through the mail rebuild process?   It has been 2 years since I did it and I have slept since then, LOL!  I would love to see if that helps out. 

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    Sure. Just select Inbox (or any individual sub-mailbox within it, but Inbox works) and from Mailbox menu choose Rebuild (at the bottom of the menu).


    If you are going to do any cleanup (such as moving messages to On my Mac), do that first, then Rebuild.


    Repeat for "Sent" mailbox, or whatever other mailboxes you have.


    Can't hurt.

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    Ok have rebuilt the Mail program pretty much from top to bottom.   It is working probably about 90% better.  Still does not close most times without a force quit but that has been going on for over 2 years now.  I have read many other posts about that problem as well.  I can continue to live with that if need be.  Most programs now are opening pretty well with few spinning beach balls.  Probably the slowest thing yet to be resolved is the boot up time.   I still get spinning BBalls on that part but once it finally finishes the boot process most is running pretty well.  I have taken everything out of auto login so only things that Apple has set with ML is doing any login at startup.  Not sure where to go with that part of things but certainly most is doing much better.

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    Progress is good. Regarding boot, how often do you quit all apps and restart from Finder only? Even though it's convenient to restart and have 5 or 6 apps and their windows automatically reappear, I make it a practice to restart from Finder alone at least once every other day. If a Finder-only restart is slow, that helps narrow the list of suspects.


    Mail: If you have cleaned up mailboxes and minimized need for network access, then it could be that individual account settings need to be redone. You might try, one account at a time, make note of all settings, in browser open the provider's mail support page to verify required settings, then in Mail Prefs delete the account and create a new account for that email account.

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    Regarding the start up I always quit all apps before shutting down.  I have never liked the feature of apps restarting that you were working on previously.  Just not my style I guess.  So every boot up is finder only for me.  I will double check the mail account settings.  The only thing that fixed it before the upgrade was a apple support tech had me save my mail then delete the program, reinstall it and restore the mail and folders.   It work after that but then after this o/s upgrade it reverted back to the old problem.  Puzzling at best.  Thanks again for all your help!

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    This was an annoying behavior in Lion until 10.7.2, I guess. Suffice to uncheck ‘Reopen windows when logging back in’, which was available beginning with 10.7.3, and with 10.8.0.

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    missionarymac wrote:


    I always quit all apps before shutting down.

    Good to know. Slow Finder-only boot might indicate the most significant problem. Assuming your firewall is enabled, what happens if you disable active antivirus checking? In Safe Mode?

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    Very interesting,  To be honest shuting down the AV and working in boot mode was actually worse.  Everything was slow and lots of spinning beach balls.  Every program opened super slow and very quirky. Once I rebooted back into normal mode things improved back to where there were before the safe boot.  From my old pc days when you logged into safe mode after it all got up things worked pretty swiftly but not in this situation?

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    Yes, very interesting!


    Did you try creating a new user account? If so, what happened there?

    You certainly have enough RAM and free hard drive space.


    I noticed the earlier screen shot of Activity Monitor wasn't as helpful as it could be. Try this:

    Restart (Finder only) into your normal user account, then launch Activity Monitor.and choose the options indicated by the red arrows below: All Processes, % CPU, and CPU. Then, if the little triangle next to % CPU is pointing up, click it so it points down to show the processes using CPU in descending order of use. (I have some apps running so my sample below will be different.) What processes are using the most of CPU? (You can post a Cmd-Shft-4 screen shot if you wish.)

    Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 7.02.22 AM.png

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    Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 5.23.19 PM.png
    not sure why it is so hard to read but maybe?

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    Thanks. Interesting that windoserver is taking up so much CPU.

    You're not by any chance using any Spotlight helper, are you? HoudahSpot has reported as problematic.

    I think you reported having rebuilt Spotlight index, right? And it fully completed indexing?

    I noticed that you have Google Update. Google Chrome has also been reported to cause increased windowserver activity. What does Google Update do?


    Do you have multiple windows and icons on desktop? Anything on the desktop adds to system use, especially folders full of docs (or even aliases).


    By the way, you can adjust column with in Activity Monitor. Place cusor next to one of the column headings and it becomes a vertical bar with left and right arrows.


    Also, what are your login items (in Users & Groups)?