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    No spotlight helper programs at all.  Yes it did finish reindexing completely and the google updater is not on the above listing that I can see as i removed it last week?   Also have removed Chrome as I did not use it anyway.  Maybe 8 icons at the most on my desktop as I keep it very clean and deleat anything that is not used on a regular basis.  Maybe three single docs I am currently working on the icon for the hardrive, and a couple of small folders with maybe combined 8-10 small docs in them.  I was curious about the windows server too.  This really has me puzzled!

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    Hmm. Curious.


    I am a bit out of my comfort zone, here, but I did notice that double-clicking on a process in Activity Monitor brings up a detail window which also lists, if applicable, a "parent process," so deciphering the actual cause of a process being active is too technical for me.


    My strategy for Desktop is drive icons only, plus one, or maybe two Finder windows in column view -- no documents at all (except the occasional screen shot, quickly deleted). I keep aliases of frequently-accessed folders in "Favorites." That might be worth a try. With all the potential for multiple copies of a document, in caches, etc., it might be that even a few docs in folders on the desktop requires more windowserver attention than might be suspected.


    If you did this, I missed it: Did you try creating a new user account and log into it? Any improvement there?

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    Ok I did create a new user account today and tried it.  In all honesty I found little difference.  Maybe slightly but nothing to get excited about. 

    There is no question with all the tweeking and things we have done there is a marked difference in the system overall.  The mail thing as I said has been a long existing problem that even Apple has not come up with an answer to.  At least we are working better now once all is booted and stable where before it was a continual spinning beach ball situation on about everything I clicked on.  Yes the boot up is still slow by old compariasons but I guess I can live with that if all works once it is up and running.  Nothing is every perfect but it just seems strange that it started out good on first upgrade to ML and then got worse and worse later on with no new software changes etc.  But again we are much better than when we started all this discussion and both you and the other peron have been very kind and helpful, THANK YOU!  Probably it is just something buried in the system that raises up and is hard to find.  After all what would we do with our time if we did not have computer issues to solve, ha!

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    Kudos for perseverence! It sure seems like you've tried all the obvious things, but the sluggish performance is certainly abnormal. So it might well be a combination of things. And you certainly have enough RAM and free drive space.


    About all I can suggest at this point is to continue monitoring to identify individual apps which are slow. You might even consider running one app at a time. If a particular app is slow, reviewing and updating its settings and prefs, and clearing its cache(s) might help.


    Another option is to leave Activity Monitor running (or keep its icon in the dock for quick launch) and check it whenever you encounter a beachball.


    There are some other tips here and here (some of which you've already done).


    If you find something, be sure to let us know.

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    Well unfortunately I am back.  After all the fixes and tweeks we did on this system for about 3-4 weeks it seemed to run so  much better but then suddenly it started doing some of the same old problems again.  Spinning color wheels, and slow preformance.  A new twist was that now often when I tap an icon to open a program the small light below it lights up in the dock but the program does not open.  It just sits there!  After a few repeat taps then the program will open and function slowing unitl a few minutes later then it seems to operate normally.  With all the debate on virus programs slowing things down and uneeded as an experiment I removed any virus programs and left them off but frankly it made no difference in the system preformance.  I have added no new programs from before or made any real changes since we did all the tweeks other than removal of the virus program.  There is 500 gig of hard drive space free on my drive.  8 gig of ram and I have a 2.2 I7 processor which Apple has checked and says all hardware is fine.  Had no problems on SL or Lion but this Mountain Lion has been a frustrating experience.  I like the features of ML but not the system operation since it's install.  Any other or new ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

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    I have a brand new Macbook Pro Retina 13", 3Ghz i7, 8 GB, 256GB SSD.  Clean install of everything.  On 10.8.2.  When I type a name in Mail to send to, usually get the beach ball for up to 45 seconds.  Never had this problem before.  Also happens on Messages app.  I'm not having this happen on my iMac running 10.8.2 (except when Time Machine external drive kicks in to gear).

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    Certainly can relate to both of your situations.  I have tried about everything that anyone has suggested even the clean install and nothing really changes things.  My wife has a new 13" MBP which she got about 2 weeks ago and it is on ML 10.8.2 and she is having the same issues.  She ran SL before with never any problems so she is not a very happy new ML user.  I like many of the new features on ML but this slow down with beach balls all the time is very frustrating and makes the new features seem not very worth it. 

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    My mail was extremely slow when creating a new email and typing the address in.


    I fixed it myself after two lenghthy unsuccessful trips to the Apple Store. Open preferences, icloud and uncheck contacts. Backup your contacts first. I use icloud for backup.


    When you uncheck contacts you will be prompted to "delete from Mac". Delete then restart your computer, go back to icloud in the preferences window and check contacts. After I did that it synced with icloud and my mail program was back to a normal speed.


    Hope this helps.

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    Best advice I have used for Mail issues is open up keychain access and then in the drop down under keychain, select keychain first aid. Verify first and you may have a keychain issue, then repair them. I had the beachball eveytime I opened mail until doing this, the repair fixed my beachball issues.


    It may not be the fix for everyones issues, but it fixed mine.

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    I'm on a MacBook Air (10.8.3) having all the same symptoms, especially slow Apple Mail. Have tried all of the suggestions to no avail. Apple Genius couldn't figure it out. Hope Apple reads these comments and fixes the OS.

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    I feel your pain.  I have had mine out to the genuis bar several times and they cannot figure it out.  The last time they wanted to keep my unit for a week and do hardware testing on it but I don't feel that is the problem as to many are having the same issues.  Format, clean reinstalls, rebuild mail, contacts, repair disk permissions and prebindings.  I have Drive Genuis 3 and have done disk defrags too.  Checked network settings and internet connections.  You name it I think I have tried it all!  Did not have the problem on Snow Leopard or even Lion after they got the kinks for the most part worked out of it but with Mountain Lion there has been no relief.  My wife purchased a new MBP 13" and it came with ML on it and she has the same problems so it is not an upgrade thing.  As to 10.8.3 I am not holding my breath as to it fixing it.  Another whole new O/S is looming out there soon and I am sure the focus is on that and not ML.  Love my Mac but this issue seems so crazy and without an end in sight.  At least the color wheels are pretty colors!

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    Thanks for this. Good to know others suffer with me. Not sure how Apple monitors these strings, but I hope they get a sense of the frustration. I am just tired of waiting and watching the beach ball. Appreciate your comments.

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    May have found a solution. An Apple tech helped me conduct a disk repair by holding down Command R during a sartup. Then performed a disk repair (not through the Disk Utility applications, but in this alternate start-up mode. It found several problems and fixed them. All good for now... cross fingers.

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    I have tried that myself before and just in case tried it again after reading your post.  Glad it made a difference for you but for me nothing.  No problems found with the disk and the same end result.  Still playing beach ball!  Hope yours conitnues to be good!

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    These temporary highs are followed by extreme lows. After one hour... it reverted back to spinning beach balls.

    Will keep working on it... but no fix yet.