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I need one that can run on iOS 4.2.1

Remote, iOS 4.2
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    If the new one is iOS 5 and later only you're probably stuck.


    Annoyingly Apple do not keep last compatible versions of apps for each major OS version, either for iOS or OS X apps.


    I make a habit of keeping older versions of apps either in case I don't like new versions or in case I need to install them again on older hardware.


    Trouble is that as these are linked to an AppleID, and even though it's a free Apple app you'd need one registered to your AppleID.



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    I see the current one is for iOS 4.3 and later.


    Can you update to 4.3?

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    I have the same issue, and followed this kb to update our iPod Touch 1st Gen to iOs 3.1.3:



    It is not revoked or superceded, so it must be current.


    Now I can't install the Remote app at all.


    That's not cricket.

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    Did you have the remote app in iTunes before the update ?


    Don't update the remote app in iTunes.


    If yiu have check trash to see if the old version is there and make a copy, delete the new version in iTunes, then add teh old one back and copy to the Touch.



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    Hi AC


    Thank you so much for your reply.


    Unfortunately I don't have any apps in iTunes before the update.


    It is my children's iPod touch and they use only this app to play music and lessons.


    Now they can't use it at all

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    Did you make a backup before updating the OS?


    It might be worth trying to restore to that - not sure if it save the old app or just a reference and tries to get current version from the internet.


    Sorry to hear this happened - it's an annoyance with Apple's app store model on iOS and Mac - they only keep the current version of an app in the store - if you have an older model that is not supported by the current app there's no way to get an older compatible one from the store - that's their policy but in my view it's wrong.  I think they should recognise an attached device and allow you to access the last compatible version of a particular app.


    I've been caught out in the past and now tend to ensure I have copies of apps in itunes, and if I update them to current ones I make a backup of the old one first so I have an old version to reinstall if needed - this in itself is a right pain in the neck.


    Send some feedback:





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    Yes I made a backup before the update, but I deleted the Remote app first


    Suddenly, it stoped working - we could touch on it, and it started to launch, but then would crash.


    We tried restarting the iPod but it would not run.


    I will send feedback.


    Thanks for you thoughts/suggestions!