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Is there a way to roll back to IOS5? My phone started updating to IOS6 today and I couldn't figure out a way to stop it. I have a 3GS on T Mobile without data. After IOS6 installed itself I got "no service" all day. i took the sim out and ut it in my old phone and service was fine. When I put it back in my phone I got a SIM Failure message. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    You can't roll back. It is not supported

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    So they forced an update to me and it junked my phone?

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    I concur.  My wife and I both have iPhone 4's and while iOS 6 has a lot of neat features, the buggy nature of it has reduced our phones to steaming piles of crap.  Most of the apps, including Apple's crash repeatedly or simply don't respond to input at all.  The App Store will only occasionally let us see our previous purchase list.  The Remote App only pretends to do what you tell it, but in reality does nothing (i.e. pause/play is useless).  And my personal favorite... the ringing phone that you cannot swipe to answer!


    We have both done factory resets, including a full reset that wiped the phone back to it's default settings with no 3rd party apps and STILL the OS crashes repeatedly.  I used to reboot my phone maybe once every few months, now it's at LEAST once daily.  We are both due for upgrades, but if this is how Apple treats their customers our next phone won't be an iPhone...

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    Restore it as new - don't use the junked-up backup.  If you jailbroke before, SOL  - it will never work right again, and there's no going back.

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    Yep, did that.  Originally tried restoring from backup, but the last two complete restores were without backup restore and I waited for about a week before I restored any 3rd party apps (not like that mattered though, because the phone started acting up within 2 hours of the restore). 


    Phone has never been jail-broken.  I know better than to hop on that band-wagon.

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    the phone started acting up within 2 hours of the restore).

    Not sure exactly what you mean by "acting up", but if there are problems or instability on a newly restored iPhone without using a backup, there are certainly hardware problems in the phone, which may not have been as evident with the older iOS.