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Since yesterday my macbook wont accept or connect to my personal hotspot on my I phone 4s. Any suggestions fellow applemeisters?

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1.1
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    Problem resolved


    I was unable to use iPhone  4 ios 6.o.1 as a WIFI Verizon cellular hotspot to give my with my Macbook PRO OSX 10.6.8 internet access


    In the past I was able to do so but this function quit working several months ago.  I blamed it on either defective hardware or IOS 6 upgrades.


    My iphone showed an active hotspot and connection but I was not showing a connection on my Macbook.  I was getting an error on my Macbook saying bluetooth was not active on the device.


    As a result I was not able to tether my Macbook to my iPhone hotspot through bluetooth or via USB



    After MANY MANY hours researching  I found an idea for the solution in the website below by Girl.luvzer.Mac


    http://chimac.net/2010/10/21/your-connection-failed-because-the-communication-de vice-is-unavailable-make-sure-its-connected-to-your-computer-and-try-reconnectin g/


    My instructions are below:


    Go to Macbook System Preferences>Network . At the top of this window, it probably will say Location:Automatic. Click that drop-down box and choose “Edit Locations”. Click on the +, and create and select a new location.  You do not need to name the location you create. 


    This was the key for me to get my iPhone hotspot bluetooth and tethering working with my Macbook


    Some other notes:


    Your cellphone provider needs to enable hotspot capability on your cellphone service


    Your iPhone settings will need to have both bluetooth and cellular hotspot turned on


    You will have to pair your iPhone and Macbook

    Go to ...Settings/ Network/Bluetooth

       Click the ON and Discoverable boxes

       If your iphone is already shown in the box on the left press the - button to remove it

       Click sharing setup to pair your Macbook with your iPhone



    In your Macbook ...Settings / Network

      Turn off Airport

       Select Bluetooth Pan and use the connect button to connect to your iPhone

       It will take a moment for the connection to complete



    Once you have done that your iPhone should provide your Macbook a wired USB or a Bluetooth hotspot!!!


    Good luck, I hope this works for you as well


    This was submitted via my Macbook through my newly fixed iPhone hotspot ;-)

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    Another error message I got before taking the action above was ...

    “Your connection failed because the communication device is unavailable. Make sure it’s connected to your computer and try reconnecting.