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Hello All!!


I currently have a PC that is using a 27" Acer monitor. (It's not the best monitor in the world but it suits me just fine. ) Here are the specs:


27" Widescreen LCD display

1920 x 1080 HD resolution

12,000,000:1 contrast ratio

white LED backlight

1080p support with HDCP

2ms response time

2 x HDMI®




The monitor has two HDMI inputs but I am only using one. I want to buy the $799 (actually it's on sale for $739) Mac Mini from Best Buy and connect it to the second HDMI input on my monitor.


Here is the Mac Mini I want to get:


Apple® - Mac mini / Intel® Core™ i5 Processor / 4GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Apple%26%23174%3B---Mac-mini-/-Intel%26%23174%3B-Cor e%26%23153%3B-i5-Processor-/-4GB-Memory-/-500GB-Hard-Drive/2658129.p?skuId=26581 29&productCategoryId=pcmcat268200050003&id=1218343208945


I noticed that the Mini has an HDMI output. Can I plug my monitor straight into the Mac Mini's HDMI output and use it? Will it look crappy with such a low quality display (I am not that picky so "crappy" to you is probably good to me. ). If so, what monitor do you recommend (I can't afford the Apple monitor)?





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    That is low quality for a 27" display, but the Mini supports that with the included HDMI adapter.

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    Do you think I could get a monitor that would be well suited for the Mini for about $300-$500? The last thing I want to happen is to spend $799 on a Mini and not get the outstanding video quality that Apple is known for. (I am blown away every time I look at my MacBook Pro. )


    Maybe I am pickier than I originally thought.

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    I just noticed the 27" Apple monitor is on sale at Best Buy for $832. This changes things. Maybe I should just buy that monitor and connect it to my MacBook Pro. (I just got a 15.4" MacBook Pro ~5 months ago.)



    Ugg I am so helpless when it comes to Apple products... There are actually two monitors. One for $832 and one for $999.

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    Looks like any good monitor is going to run about the same as the Apple ones.

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    ChainOfFlowers wrote:


    Ugg I am so helpless when it comes to Apple products... There are actually two monitors. One for $832 and one for $999.

    There is only one monitor currently produced by Apple

    and is called "Thunderbolt Display".  This has been

    out for more than a year now.


    What you saw at Best Buy for $832 was likely one of their

    "open box" specials, i.e. a returned product for whatever

    reason other than being faulty.

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    A Mac Minis is a great value if you can pair it with the right monitor.  I have been a huge fan of the Dell UltraSharp Monitors.  They are very crisp and clear - pictures look absolutely stunning. This was a big upgrade over my 19", and it's really amazing. You really don't know what you're missing on these big monitors until you get one!