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I really am dumbfounded by this decision. It WAS there, has BEEN there since the App Store came about. Gift an app. Easy. Done. Simple. Ive gifted so many apps from my ipad and iphone it's ridiculous. I am THAT guy in my circle of friends that knows the apps, has recommednations or can find the app people are looking for.When I find out what kinds of apps my friends are interested in, I am very likely to gift them apps.


In fact, just yesterday, i was chatting with a friend, and she mentioned an app i used to record and post audio online. I told hr about it, knowing she wasnt going to buy it herself. So while chatting through facebook, went to the app store, searched for it, found it, and tried to gift it. Not possible. So time being oft he essence, and not wanting to waste the moemnt, i went to itunes itself at my desktop and gifted it. Later i did some research and find that Apple removed this function.


Isn't this the "post PC era"? So why force us to gift form the desktop when before ios6 we coudl gift perfectly fine? what is the reason? it's removal of a fucntion for no possible reason at all that i can imagine! Im very likely to not gift as much anymore. Im simply not near m desktop these days. i do all my browing from the ipad now, and in a pinch, my iphone.


Really can think of no logical reason to remove this functionality.

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