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I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference in how the new iPhone turns off.  With my iPhone 4, I'd drop it in the trouser pocket and it would shut off within the 5 minutes, as set with auto lock.  But for some reason the new phone stays on.  I've forgotten to manually shut off the screen and found the phone on and the battery almost empty.  Annoying, to say the least.  The settings are exactly as they were with my previous phone, so I'm wondering if the touch screen technology for the new phone is different.


Anyone else found this?  And, more importantly, has anyone else found a solution to fix it?

iPhone 5
Reply by DSkids on Jan 4, 2013 3:35 AM Helpful
I have the same thing on my iPhone 5 and it is NOT assistive touch in my case as I have never turned it on.   I appreciate that for some people the issue is assistive touch but in some cases such as mine this is not the reason. Unfortunately even when people say they do not have assistive touch on people still reply saying the problem is assistive touch and it worries me that Apple will not look into the non assistive touch issues.   I personally think it is app related and something is remaining in the iphones memory even after all apps are closed.  Because if I close all apps I still get the problem (The screen dims as if it is going to go into standby but then goes back to full brightness as if it has been re-activated) But if I power the phone off and back on it works fine until I have started opening apps again. Unfortunately I don't have the time to open each app I use individually to determine which one it is. I hope this gets sorted

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