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  • Ilast Level 1 Level 1

    This is funny because as soon as I posted that I swapped out my phone two times and told people about it, they were quick to jump on my case and say that I should stop swapping them out. But like GoodTroll stated, this issue didn't only occur while I was in the Itunes password, it would happen at any given time. The fact that no one wants to accept that it's a real issue is because they don't want to do anything about it, they just want apple to come to their house and fix it for them, not do something about it themselves. Lazy people want to convince themselves that it will be alright so they can sleep better at night.


    I paid a bunch of money for this stupid phone and it needs to work just as well as my old iphones, not worse, and if I feel like going to apple to switch it out a billion times to get it right, well I can do that, it's my phone.


    On another note, when I was at apple the first day the guy told me that when he scanned my serial number, it got flagged by apple as a problem phone from a problem batch. This didn't make sense at first, but then when he was grabbing a replacement phone from the large drawer of replacement iphone5s, he scanned one and pulled it out of the box and was about to set it up but then he looked at his scanner thing and put the replacement back in the box and took it to the back. He then grabbed a new one out the drawer, this lead me to believe that one was defective too and it showed up before he even gave it to me. Now I believe that my first replacement might not have shown up as a problem one but it too had the same problems, if not worse. I bet that the problem has to do with the new thinner screens, maybe they're too thin?.. In any case, the people at the apple store aknowledged this as a problem. Even while I was waiting for my phone, a lady came in with the same problem and they were quick to replace it as well.


    Now to sum it all up, It's been four days since I got my second replacement and I have yet to experience the glitches, I even purposefully went to the app store and sat at the login keyboard to search for glitching and multiple other keyboards as well. So to quote GoodTroll yet again, if this was a software issue why isn't my new one doing it and why did my other iphone5s do it and not only in the app store.

  • avarner Level 1 Level 1

    I personally think it's a software glitch. It's happening when I enter my password in the App Store. The reason why it's think it's software is because I can make it go away by taking a screenshot. This redraws the view and it goes away. If it was hardware I think it would show up again after the screenshot.


    Anyone else able to make it stop glitching after a screenshot?

  • Ilast Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, the fix is called a new phone, and I have it.

  • QuantumJump Level 1 Level 1

      Time will tell, but those dismissing this as a software issue should explain why the exact same software on the same hardware would behave differently without there being a hardware issue.


    I have to agree with GoodTroll, it most certainly appears to be hardware related (as I mentioned earlier in this thread).


    If you have an issue, I would suggest you get the phone replaced. Even if it is a software issue (highly unlikely), with the malfunctioning phones in hand, Apple can investigate the issue.

  • sarahanita Level 1 Level 1

    have you tried shutting down multi tasking (double tap home button>hold down first app>hit all of the red circles and then hard reset phone>hold down home and power button for 15secs or till you see the app symbol then let go)

  • solbergdw Level 1 Level 1

    This is very unlikely to be a hardware problem. If it were hardware, the symptoms you'd notice would be static that would appear on your screen regardless of what else you were doing. Right now, the static issue appears along with the keyboard, and the keyboard is just a software view. That's likely some issue in Apple's keyboard-related code.


    It's understandable to think it's hardware related because it occurs on some phones but not others, but that isn't necessarily the case. The reason could either be some difference in settings or some random bug related to timing.


    If you had random noise on the screen appearing regardless of what you were doing or what program you were running, then that's much less likely to be fixable.

  • Daivian825 Level 1 Level 1

    Goodtroll, I too went to the apple store and switched out my 16gb white iPhone 5 AT&T ( see earlier comments) after it glitches the very first day that I purchased it which was the release day. My new phone glitches within the first week of me returning the first.  This left me with two options suck it up or return it once again and pray it doesn't happen with exchange #2, phone #3.  I choose to wait it out for more than a few reasons.


    Number 1: It seems with all the comments and mind you this discussion is only one of many that the general consensus is that this is a software problem which would be fixed with an upgrade of the operating system.

    Question 1: if this is the case why hasn't a fix come out yet?


    Number 2: Its a hardware problem and the first batch of iPhone5's are defective and need to be traded in for replacements.

    Question 2: why hasn't apple sent us an email in regards to this and how to go about switching it?


    Number 3: I have replaced my phone and I am still having the same problem with my phone.

    Question: how is it possible that every phone I replace has the same problem and apple hasn't corrected the problem yet?


    Here is the answer ladies and gentlemen Steve Job's is gone and along with him went Apple standards and Quality.  They were so quick to push out a product that they rushed the production and came out with an inferior product.  I say this as I'm typing it on my iPad which I love, I love apple products in general.  However, when is the last time you heard of a product having this many products and not being pulled from the shelves and revamped.  This is not going to occur for a few reasons namely people love their Apple products( but we don't usually have to worry about this many bugs),  if apple were to pull the phones their stock would drop, and if they admit that there is a problem it would be on every news station as breaking news.  This problem will not be resolved until they get enough complaints or the media finds out.  This will only occur if we do our part people and start writing/ emailing our local news stations and apple customer service representatives.  It's a shame that this company would go downhill due to greed.  Nevertheless that's what we have here.

  • Daivian825 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree it may take switching out the phone numerous times, and I too want my apple product to work just as well as the last ones.  However until Apple the company, not the associates at the store, acknowledge there is a problem this will continue to be an issue.

  • 123jmail Level 1 Level 1

    I've got the same issue.

  • Alanxiaoyi Level 1 Level 1

    For the record, the glitch also happened twice when I open a folder even its on the top half of the screen.


    I think its a memory corruption problem(due to low level drivers bugs) or a chip defect.


    Like a PC, if you do not mount a new memory card well, glitch sometimes happen on screen because the gpu share the memory for rendering. Some memory corruption may cause the problem.


    Second, if you experienced bluescreen with windows, you will know that drivers may cause memory problem thus influence the stable of one system.


    Still, its possible a chip defect of the GPU or memory, but I don't think its a screen problem.

  • GoodTroll Level 1 Level 1

    I agree that it is much more likely a memory or gpu chip problem than a screen defect.  I see absolutely no reason to not exchange your phone at the Apple store if they'll do it.  You paid for a perfect phone.  You didn't get one.  Apple has a warranty for this exact reason.  If they acknowledge the issue and state that a fix is coming, then go ahead and wait.  Apple's silence means I will exchange my phone as long as their own policy allows until I get one that performs as it should.  So far, so good with my second one.  But I won't hesitate to exchange it again if necessary.  It is not unreasonable to expect a brand new item to perform correctly.  Period.  Wait if you want, but I would be shocked to hear something from Apple about this issue (if the total number of people with this issue is small enough, it doesn't benefit them to admit an issue and creat doubt about the product or brand, it's much cheaper to swap out the phone and not admit anything) and would be extrememly shocked to get a software fix at some time in the future since I'm more and more convinced it's a hardware issue like a problem with the memory chip or GPU.

  • adame7 Level 1 Level 1

    I have this problem as well. Is it hardware or software related?

  • madrunner424 Level 1 Level 1

    mine is as well, thought it was just my phone......Hope there is an update soon to fix the issue.  This phone is expensive to be having a screen glitch.....

  • MarkAllan Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same issue, but it's not showing up in the same place every time.  I've had it a few times over the keyboard (in roughly the same position as all the videos show), but I've also had it when using the camera - usually shortly after rotating the phone from portrait to landscape and back again.


    I initially thought it was a hardware issue as well (like a loose connection or something), but tapping the screen lightly or pressing the home button makes it go away, so I'm not convinced it is a hardware problem.  Next time it happens, I'll try and take a video of it.

  • KR15P Level 1 Level 1

    I've never seen so many people freak out over such a small issue. It's a software glitch, and it seems to affect most iPhone 5s, so replacing the phone won't do much. Just wait for a software update that I assume will be announced in the keynote on the 23rd. You guys wanna see a bad software glitch, look on YouTube for the 4th generation iPod touch on iOS 4.3, that was actually brutal, this is relatively minor in comparison and a fix came in 4.3.1. Patience is key here.

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