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I'm trying to create the functionality of a DVD menu but in a format supported in iTunes, and further, on the iPad.


I've got a project that I'd like to format that requires me to have a menu of tracks (different content) and I'd like to be able to use my iPad to access and view it. For  example: the opening menu would have different titles that if selected would take you to the connected assets (Content). Once the content is done playing it takes you back to the main menu. This would be much the same way DVDs include extra scenes and what not...


Anyone now what software I could use to create functionality. I've built all the menus in Apple Motion, and A. Photoshop. The DVD export/formatting makes everything look like crap as a result of the rendering and codec and just overall poop that happens between content creation, rendering, and final output.


I'm wondering if I can have the clean lines I see in Apple Motion and QuickTime, but with the menu functions with connected assets, but do it all through iTunes, iPad, or ATV.


Any thoughts? Pardon the double post if this has been asked before. I've looked and can't find anything.