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I've been using Plaxo to sync my calendar and contacts at work, on a Windows machine in Outlook, with my Mac at home. Now Plaxo won't support Mountain Lion. iCloud is not the solution. Even though I can install iCloud at work, I cannot program Outlook to automatically create events and contacts in the iCloud account. If someone emails me an event invitation, or their vcard, it automatically saves it in the local Calendar and Contacts list, not in the iCloud version. 


Now my iPhone can and does automatically connect to my work Outlook Exchange contacts and calendar, but I cannot figure out a way to get my mac to sync with that account. Is there a way to do that? Can I get the Outlook exchange account data for calendar and contacts onto my Mac somehow?


Is there another method I'm missing? Thanks

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Thanks, but I have read that. The solution Plaxo now offers for Contacts is a messy kludge and they offer no solution for calendars now. I'm looking to solve my problem without them.

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    I'm in the same situation Garbowskim.  I see your last posting is Sept 23 2012. Have you found a solution yet? If so, wanna share?



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    Would it not be easier to contact Plaxo?

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    Plaxo doesn't want to loose my premium account which still works on my address book only.  So they are not going to refer me to a competitor.  I already asked them and they say they don't know any.


    So I'm still asking: does anyone know of a replacement for Plaxo which works on Mac?

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    I wasn't suggesting you ask Plaxo for a replacement. I was suggesting you ask them when they will update their software to be compatible with the latest Mac OS. (duh).

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    echosierrapj I never found a substitute. I don't think there is one. A while after I posted here my firm added support to allow me to access my contacts and calendar from work on a Mac (as well as on IOS devices), which bypasses the whole syncing thing. Now I just want to find a utility that occasionally syncs that exchange calendar and address book with a local based calendar and address book on my Mac, just in case anthing were to happen to my job, so I wouldn't lose my entire calendar and contact list.


    sig thanks for trying to help, but go easy on the "duh" please.  I believe the reason echosierrapj assumed you didn't mean to suggest asking Plaxo when they will support Mountain Lion is that the very article you posted the link to above, on Sept 23, is Plaxo's announcement that they are not going to support Mountain Lion. So he reasonably assumed you must have meant something else. Cheers



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    Thanks for the update. And yes you're right. I was a bit over the edge with it.

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    Thanks garbowskim, You read correctly.



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    Hello all,


    I do have the same problem and ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion I am running two calenders in parallel. Very annoying (and insecure - already had a double booking with friends on a weekend).


    I tried to contact Plaxo because in addition to the above mentioned post there actually is a blog entry somewhere on their site that states they'd be looking into ML support again but of course without giving an ETA date.

    Unfortunately I never got any reply. Maybe I should try again...


    To make a long story short:

    if Plaxo do not update Plaxo for Mac to support ML I am looking for an alternative too (including iCloud calender support on the Mac too, as I sync my calenders via iCloud)


    Best regards