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    Yep Eric....couldn't agree more....." iPhone 5.... The crappiest iPhone we have made" Quote ( tim Cook)... Please please Steve....please resurrect..... And sort out this mess.


    Im really ****** off that I'm gonna spend hours with apple care... To and fro to their idiot pimple kid bar... And prove this phone is junk.....1000 dollars of pure aluminum junk. god whats happening to apple....dont they test thes things calmly....slow down apple and get your quality back.



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    I don't have an Apple store near me either. I won't say it was hassle free but Apple is mailing my replacement.  Problem is I don't know if it will be a good replacement or another bad one. I've seen posts that have had it go both ways. Frustrating that Apple rep would not admit to hearing about this issue but in the same breath almost admitted they knew of the issue and are collecting phones and files to trouble shoot the issue.

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    My problem is I don't live in the country where the phone was bought. They will not replace the phone outside the country of purchase. I can have it replaced at an Apple Store. The closest is 6 hours drive away. One opens 30 mins away in 3 weeks though so unless there is a fix before then I'll sit tight until they open.

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    Gotcha.  That *****. Hang in there. I'm not smart enough to form an opinion on software vs hardware issue. I hope it's software to make everyone's problems go away with a simple update. I like Apple and not willing to give up on them yet but definitely frustrating how they refuse to admit there is an issue and treat some of their customers.

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    I think that there are several WiFi issues going on.  I'm using WPA2/AES without problems.  However, no matter what I do (e,g, switching to WEP), the iP5 just does not seem to have the same WiFi range as other devices in my home.  Signal strength appears lower - at least on the iP5's display.  It seems that I need to be closer to my router to stop the iP5 from dropping the WiFi connection and switching to cellular data.  Even my daughter's iPod Touch has better range.  Hearing people say they are experiencing the same problem after upgrading iP4/4S to iOS6 seems to suggest that there is a software component to the problem.  However, having others say that they resolved their problem after replacing their iP5 suggests there may also be a hardware problem with at least some iP5's.  This is a real mess.  I'm sitting tight until I hear more.

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    I receive my replacements last night. 2 of them. Will test on the weekend and keep you guys posted. I'm also confused about the hardware/software issue. I had no problem with my iPhone 4 update to iOS6 (didn't noticed anything yet) but I have people who had problems with the update on theirs 4S and iPads. I haven't tested my iPad at home yet either.


    The main issue is that Apple is not the same. They are no treating us correctly. Yesterday after many attempts to get back to the senior engineer I spoke initially (she didn't return any of my calls). I decided to start again and talked to another senior engineer. Unlike the one I spoke initially, this new guy refused to admit there were internal documents about the WPA2 issue. He said he is not aware of anything!!! I told him to come and read the discussions here!!


    Anyway, frustation and I wish I have not bought this phone. This is the first time I buy on the day of the release. Big mistake. I'll go back to my old "modus opperandi" and purchase only 3 months or so after the release. By that time, most issues are known and solved.

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    BIG NEWS...Im on my second iphone5 and having the same wifi issues.  This morning, for the first time in many calls to Apple, I was told that, if a restore as new from itunes did not fix the issue, IT WAS A HARDWARE PROBLEM.  The support rep (Level 1) said that this was new information when I told her I had not heard this before.  Just not sure if I should request a replacement now or wait until the bad inventory flushes through the system.  She acknowledged it would still be luck of the draw if the new phone I received was bad, since they apparently have not isolated the problem.  (fyi both phones ive had have an Apple-build WifiChip if that is indeed the issue.

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    Standard reply. Any problem that is not fixed by an iTunes restore and set up as new phone is by default a hardware problem. If it's not a software problem.

    I am beginning to suspect that this is a software problem that affects the hardware in certain phones. Whether you get a good or bad combo is a lottery. Once they isolate the problem they'll be able to fix it by software. I'm sure of it.

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    Exactly. Any bugs that are actually in IOS wont ever be fixed by a full restore. All you are doing is putting back on a fresh copy of flawed software in that case. I think the 4S wifi problems where the people who were able to get 5.1.1 back on while the window was open are a good example of this, yet there are people on that thread still insisting it's hardware, yet I didn't see one person who was able to do the restore continue to have a problem.

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    As an Apple fan, shareholder, and poweruser, I sincerely hope that Shaddow and philmarriott are right that it is software not hardware.  Thanks for your replies.

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    replacement arrived.

    speedtest reports


    PNG 15 ms

    download 24.52 mbps

    upload 12.79 mbps


    60 seconds later:


    PNG 15 ms

    download 14.03 mbps

    upload 13.17 mbps

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    OK so sometimes the Wifi on my 5 doesn't work AT ALL when I'm connected.


    iPhones 4S x 3, iPad 1 & 2, Macbooks x 3 all work fine, iPhone 5 doesn't work sometimes.


    I have checked my Wifi and got this :


    PrefixAddress spaceCompany
    68:96:7B68:96:7B:00:00:00 - 68:96:7B:FF:FF:FFApple Inc


    Should I replace?



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    Yes.  Good ol' Speedtest.  I've had that app on the phone since Day 2 after reading forums trying to figure what the heck was going on with it.  I'd always get consistant speed test results usually averaging 25Mbps D, about 1Mbps at home, at work, pretty much wherever.  The problem was downloading large files for me.  I could be installing say Pages on the phone (i think its 350meg or something huge).  That one would take almost 2 hours or more to download.  Probably more because I just let it do its thing while I slept.  I work for the fire dept here and created PDF maps for my area and most of them are 70 meg in size.  Using Dropbox to get them to my GoodReader app to view on the phone it'd take an hour to download whereas seriously about a minute or two on my 4S, ipad, ipod touches (all on IOS 6 btw).  And for whatever its worth, i'd speedtest while DL the pdf's or app installs, it'd still read a fairly good test. I hope that makes sense of the problem I was having which is completely GONE now with the new replacement(my 2nd replacement).   Seems even faster than the previous phone browsing the internet, downloading PDF's is FAST thru dropbox, installs of apps are noticeably faster and don't hang like they did. 




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    On my i5 now it shows 68:96:7B:0D:17:48.  This phone works fine and well.  I shouldve taken a screenshot or written down at least the last phone i gave back to Apple.  But it the first 4 numbers were exactly the same with 68:96. 


    If you are having issues T.Ed, take that badboy in.  I got tired of waiting for a software fix.  Just make sure you try all the things people have been working for them.  (we shouldn't 'have' to but hey) Because like you and the most of us, we want our shiz working how its supposed to right out the friggin' box.   It IS a pain in the butt to have to reload our phones or even set the thing up as new. 

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    Hi guys i had a wifi issue too.

    This helped me solve the problem:


    I have changed the security from TKIP to AES and now my wifi works fine /sofar/.



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