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  • Psychor Level 1 Level 1

    I'm glad to see that sites are picking up on this issue. However, I highly recommend contacting Apple and having them create a ticket for this issue. The more people that do this the more flags that will go up.

  • OllieO96 Level 2 Level 2

    Apple have recognized the 802.11n WPA2 encryption issue! I have just received phone calls from various members of applecare and their iPhone issue department and apple now know there is an issue. I have been asked to return and swap my phone tomorrow, my old iPhone5 will then be isolated and taking away for testing to see if they can find the issue.

    Hopefully they do and its something that can be easily fixed via a software update, even if it cant at least they have admitted there is a problem.

  • Lon Seidman Level 1 Level 1

    I just got off the phone with Apple support.  The rep was a little rushed with me but said that this is a known issue, and that Apple is working on a software fix for it.


    I told her this was contradictory to what I'm seeing here with everyone getting replacement phones but she insisted this is software related and that a fix will be forthcoming and that I will not need to get my phone replaced.


    I have an appointment for a Macbook issue on Thursday at my Apple store so I'll see what the local geniouses have to say then.

  • hudder Level 1 Level 1

    Someone made an interesting point on mac forums, why colour phone are you problems with, mine was white.

  • hudder Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry should of asked what colour.

  • C4RLOCO Level 1 Level 1


    Is very important to report this problem to Apple Support. The more people complaint about it the faster this problem will be solved.


    CNET and MacRumors  are putting us in the spotlight so we can have a chance to be heard. I would like to hear from Apple if this is a software or hardware issue. I don't mind waiting for an iOS6 update but I do mind waiting and hear is a hardware issue and then find out that my replacement will be a refurbished one by the time the acknowledge the issue.

  • OneMoreAnimal Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone AppleCare in US:


  • hudder Level 1 Level 1

    Got replacement and happy days, hope you all get this sorted.

  • jts77 Level 1 Level 1

    Just an update, I got my replacement iphone 5 yesterday, have had NO wifi issues.

  • actuarius Level 1 Level 1

    Hope this is the case.  I just got mine 12 hours ago and I cannot connect to my wifi router when it is protected.  No problem if it was open and unsecured.


    So frustrating coz this means no wifi sync too ...

  • kanepresten Level 1 Level 1

    hey guys... so i started having this issue right away on friday when i tried to start up the phone for the first time. i didnt have a backup to restore from, so it was right away a fresh phone. thanks to you guys, i eventually narrowed it down to this particular issue, and went to the apple store to see the genius. they replaced the phone... but that phone had the same issues with AES encryption. all other encryption seems to work fine. so i returned to the apple store, and got a second replacement. that one also is having the same issue with AES encryption!


    the genius that gave me the second replacement told me that applecare was aware of the issue and the engineers were working on figuring out the issue, but could not see anything conclusive at the time. Theories ranged from certain models of serial numbers to specific wireless routers being the source of the problem. I was instructed to call Applecare and tell them my issue, so that they can compile more data to lead them to the source of the problem. So you should all do that too.


    The applecare person, after i explained all my previous steps in detail, eventually managed to find a thread from her supervisor regarding the work the engineers were doing, but did not have any definite conclusive evidence yet, nor any timeline on when a solution would be found. We decided to hold onto this faulty phone for now, but have them call me back in a week with whatever information the engineers may have discovered. Apparently the more people that have this problem reported to applecare, the quicker they will work to find a solution.


    In the meantime i have downgraded my home wireless network to TKIP encryption, which temporarily solves the problem, but applecare even mentions on its support faq that TKIP is not as reliable as AES and should be avoided, which the applecare specialist agreed with. Of course this does not fix any issues i may have with other wifi routers set to AES encryption that i cannot access to change the settings. They will continue to monitor the issue so that we can determine a proper course of action and go back to AES, hopefully by the time they call me back next week.

  • Markiie Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in the same boat. I've got 2 faulty phones and I'm stuck on what to do. I can try to go for the third strike tomorrow and get another. I have my wife's iphone 4S and under exact same conditions the 4S picks up signal better and is just overall quicker and more responsive.

  • C4RLOCO Level 1 Level 1

    All right folks, since Apple has not given a public annoucment/clarification for this issue, I decided not to wait any longer and I am having my phone replaced. The new phone should be shipped out to me soon so once I have it in my hands I will post an update.

  • northeaster Level 1 Level 1

    ordered iphone5 on launch day for wife. Received iphone5 on Sept 26th. wifi issues seen immediately in the evening. tried reset. did not work. reserached online. saw people getting replacements that work. went to apple store today evening. after a little bit of delay(they ensured we were not fake) apple geniuses checked and verified phone was dropping connection. got a replacement. 2nd phone also has the same issue.  I have wpa-2/aes wireless security (using verizon fios routers). My iphone4s/imac and other equipment in the house works flawlessly except this new iphone5.


    will call apple care now to find out if this is indeed a software or hardware issue. if they cannot explain/confirm will return phone. wife will go back to using 3gs. will wait a few months for this to get sorted out.


    btw did a test with att network by turning wifi off. iphone 5 is blazing fast. iphone 4s is stupid slow.


    lowering my rating of iphone5 (and apple) from 5 stars to 4 stars.



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