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    @superfox247 -- can you tell us how you measure percent packet loss?  Is there an app?

    many thanks

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    Lol "Asante" = as many (stupid autocorrect)

  • C4RLOCO Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Yes there is. I used "Ping Analyzer"

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    Thanks!  Then you enter the IP address from the iphone in Settings>Wi-Fi>"network name">IP address ??

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    You likely want to enter the "Router" or whatever that would appear as in English. Don't enter your own (the device you're holding) IP address.

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    My replacement phone (from MA) is also 98:FE and has been working well in WPA mode! Also want to thank the collective group for helping fix this

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    Very good, accurate write up! Right on target for my US, AT&T iPhone5. Replacement phone seems OK

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    Btw my iPhone 5 (black 64 gb) with slow WIFI speeds has Wi-Fi address starting with 68:96. Though I should also note that I've been fiddling around with settings on my router and I've seen some really great speeds on the iPhone 5... but it's not really consistent as with the other iDevices and Macs I have. For now, my device is not "totally unusable" which in a way could be a trouble because I'd likely have to live with it. :-(

    On the other hand, I've tried a few benchmarking apps and what not and I believe it's so hard to really find the problem. Lots of weird tips about turning on/off bluetooth, benchmark, home sharing and what not. I don't believe those have any relation at all to the problem...

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    I too had the same wifi issues with WPA2 and AES

    Today I returned my iPhone and the replacement works 100%

    If it helps anyone, my new MAC address now starts with 98:B8:E3:73

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    The app I used is in my original post below. I used a paid app called Scany. There might be free apps but don't know if they will let you do a continuous ping. Using speed tests accross the internet does not prove the issue you need to do something like I did to prove the issue. The issue is Wi-Fi encryption issue not an issue with the Internet so why involve it.


    This issue to me is looking like an iPhone 5 only hardware issue. Previous iPhones and iPads running iOS 6 are not suffering the issue experinced below.


    Like to share with you my findings and resolution with the iPhone 5 Wi-Fi slow and unusable connection when using WPA, WPA2. I work as Network engineer and also hold a Cisco CCNP and other security qualifications. Hopefully this might resolve and help some people out.


    After experiencing unusable Wi-Fi on various networks with lots of network timeouts on my new IPhone 5 16GB Black I downloaded an app that allows you to ping from iPhone/iPad I used a paid app called Scany but there are lots of free apps that allow you to ping.


    What I discovered testing with my own wireless N access point 802.11n:


    From my iPhone 5 I ran a continuous ping of around 500 packets to my wireless N access point IP address.. Remember we are testing the Wi-Fi connection so don’t add complications of pinging across the internet which could introduce issues and latency out of your control.


    No Security – No Issues

    WEP Security – No Issues

    WPA with TKIP encryption - No Issues

    WPA2 with TKIP encryption - No Issues

    WPA with AES encryption – Approx. 70+% packet loss

    WPA2 with AES encryption - Approx. 70+% packet loss


    I used 2.4Ghz range and 5Ghz range. Same on both frequencies.


    So the issue I suffered and I suspect most people are suffering is down to WPA2 or WPA with AES encryption. If you can change to TKIP. I would not recommend selecting Automatic encryption as it is most likely to select AES as it is preferred encryption standard.


    Note WPA2 or WPA with TKIP encryption is very secure and should not really cause any real security concerns. AES is more secure though. The main difference you will notice though if you are using a wireless N Wi-Fi network is that TKIP will only allow data to pass at a theoretical speed of 54Mbits the same as a Wireless G network 802.11g


    I suspect most people connect to various secured Wi-Fi networks during our daily lives you would have no way of knowing or altering the security used or encryption in use. Most Wi-Fi networks I would imagine are WPA2 or WPA with AES encryption as this is the most secure standard you are likely suffer this problem.


    Don’t turn wireless off and I certainly cannot recommend using WEP as it is easily compromised.


    As there is no major stories in the media although growing along with the issue on this forum. I suspect the issue is limited to a small but substantial batch of iPhone 5’s. They reckon they’ve sold 5 million+ so it might not be that many when you sell that many phones.




    Tried two system restores one from a backup and the next one setting the iPhone as a virgin/new phone. Issue still present. Resetting just your network connections will have no effect either.


    Phoned Apple Care first agent did not know about the issue, passed to supervisor who had only heard of one report of this but by the sound of it that seemed like another issue not connected to what I was reporting. They were not aware of it only being AES encryption as the issue. They only recommended dropping from WPA2 to WPA. Anyway I made an appointment with a Genius at my local Apple Store. (Milton Keynes, UK). They say they had not heard of the issue. I presented them with screenshots of the packet loss when using WPA/WPA2 with AES encryption and they were happy to exchange for a brand new phone as it was only 6 days old.


    New phone has no issues with any encryption.


    I have no idea if this issue is hardware or software. I have access to a IPhone 4 and IPhone 4s both running iOS6 neither of these suffer this problem. I would suggest getting your phone exchanged with apple sooner than later in case it does turn into a hardware issue.


    Hope this helps some people…….

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    I agree.  I tried everything.  Finally, I went and exchanged the phone at the Genius Bar.  The new one works perfectly.  It is definitely a hardware problem!

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    I am sceptic. I think that this is a software problem that occurs with a limited number of phones. I guess we'll know for sure once 6.0.1 is out.

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    Of course, there MAY be a way to fix this hardward problem with software.  However, it is definitely a hardware problem.  The sure thing is to have your phone replaced.

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    HI superfox

    firstly may i commend you that your input has made the most sense of all this forum and i have undertaken the tests involing pinging the router with the app inet.


    what i have found is indeed the RTT RESPONSE TIMES are indeed slower than my ipad3 and a iphone 4 . Whats concerning is that the wifi pickup range of this new iphone 5 is significantly less than those plus affected by simply holding  the phone in my left hand where the thumb falls naturally on the antennae line near the volume buttons. It shows on the ping test that it stutters, response times hugely rise and i get packet data loss. . So enlighten me please. Is is normal the further you go from router the millisecond response times increase? The wifi symbol only has to lose one bar then it stutters with increased times. When one bar is on i get no response messages.


    for your curiousity the ipad responds consitentley in around 2 ms but the new 5 takes 45 ms average in the same spot. Ipad and iphone 4  has hugely better reception in the far away tests. There is no obstruction to router.


    DO you think there is a antenae hardware design issue or chip issue...?


    SHould i start taking it to the pimple kid genious bar for replacement.

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    In regards to putting your finger above the volume UP button on the bezel, within 2 seconds of me doing so my wifi signal drops a bar and upon removal within 2 seconds gains a bar. I am pretty sure antennagate is strong in this one.

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