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    If you touch the black bar above the volume buttons, you will short out the Wifi antenna.  Apple placed this antenna break as high as possible to make it less likely that people would hold it there.


    This is a physics problem and almost all phones exhibit this issue if held a certain way.


    I know some people like to keep their iPhones caseless, but any case will completely solve this problem.

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    OneMoreAnimal...... I think I understand..... but wait... Lets put a CASE ON IT.... Care to watch my next video of the SAME problem with a Case on it.


    New video.... Iphone 5 loses WIFI signal with case on it. Rubber Edges and Clear Plastic on back. And when I cover the back it loses even more signal.  With case it does help... i only lose 1 bar... cover the back and I lose the 2nd bar... only left with one.  Thats not good idea either... but yes... I could not get it to lose WIFI completely.


    Youtube HD Movie Link:


    Anxious to hear your response again.


    Best Regards,


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    My apologies. I guess a case doesn't always work, although that did fix the problem for two of my phones.


    Granted, you may have a defective unit, but on the whole, this appears to fit in with the nature of wireless signal technology, as Steve Jobs demonstrated with three other smartphones manufacturers here:


    (the cell signal is demoed, but the same concept applies to Wifi antennas)

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    Bro please help me.. My problem is only with the Wi-Fi signal strength.. It seems my iphone 5 black 64GB received weaker wifi signal compare to my another iphone 5 white 32GB and iphone 4 32GB.. What's wrong with it? Was it color problem only or hardware problem that affect my wifi receive signal weaker?

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    Ignatius Devandy wrote:


    Bro please help me.. My problem is only with the Wi-Fi signal strength.. It seems my iphone 5 black 64GB received weaker wifi signal compare to my another iphone 5 white 32GB and iphone 4 32GB.. What's wrong with it? Was it color problem only or hardware problem that affect my wifi receive signal weaker?

    You might want to check the other, more general iPhone wifi issues discussion. There are quite a few reports of folks saying they have to be within 5-10 ft of the base station. This one was created for a very specific issue - your phone connecting to a password protected network, maybe loading a couple pages, then losing all internet access while still appearing to be connected. No issues with signal strength. Most of us eventually got working replacements which fixed it (hardware issue) and have moved on back to real life :-) In fact, my next move is to turn off email alerts from this discussion. Good luck with your issues folks. Once you solve your hardware, firmware, software, whatever issues, it's the best iPhone ever. Blazing fast, impossibly light. Generally speaking, if it's not the best iPhone you've ever had (with anything other than Maps) keep working at it.

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    The problem where an iPhone 5 connects to a WPA or WPA2 network encrypted with AES, momentarily connects to the internet, and then stops after a few seconds, is 100% a hardware problem. My phone would not maintain an internet connection on either my home or work networks, both AES encrypted. I switched my home network to TKIP encryption as a temporary workaround, which worked fine. I had my phone replaced at the apple store and now it connects to AES encrypted networks normally.


    If you have this specific problem, get your phone replaced, rather than waiting around for a software fix, which may never happen. Even if it is eventually "fixed" with software, it would most likely be some sort of workaround for a hardware bug, and you'd probably end up with wifi that doesn't perform optimally.


    Also, disregard all the posters telling you that you can fix it by changing your network settings. That would only be a temporary workaround and you still wouldn't be able to connect to other wifi networks out in the world that you don't administer. WPA2/AES is the industry standard for protected wifi networks.

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    I am having the same issue on WiFi connectivity on a WPA2  secure netowork with my iPhone 5.  I did a full restore yesterday and have the new version of iOS 6 software.  The problem still exists.  I have been working with a senior tech at Apple and my case is still open.  Last night I went to McDonalds and was able to connect with no problem on their unsecured netork.  Earlier yesterday I went to a friends house and could not get on his secure network with my phone.  Unfortunenately I don't know any other person with an iPhone 5 that I can have try to get on my home internet.  I hope Apple gets a fix before I have to get a replacement phone.  Can't help but think this is a software issue.

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    I really don't know how to explain how people are getting replacement phones that work.  If this is a hardware problem, why did my iPhone 4 start doing the exact same thing the day I "upgraded" to iOS6? 


    Perfect connectivity prior to the move to iOS6.  Now, I have full bars but you can tell constant renegotiations afterward (data moves for a while, then nothing for awhile, then more data, then nothing, etc).


    Router is a Netgear WNR1000v3 using WPA2/AES and I've gone from non-broadcasting to broadcasting with no success.  I haven't switched to TKIP yet as I don't want to risk affecting other employees connectivity with their laptops and iOS5 phones.  It's a bandaid anyway.


    This problem is keeping me from upgrading anyone to an iPhone 5 until there is an answer from Apple.  I'm also advising everyone to NOT upgrade to iOS6 either.

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    Reset All Settings -- the experience and the result


    I've also been experiencing severe wifi problems, and have posted here previously.  I was getting quite close to returning my iphone 5 for an exchange.  The apple store is quite a drive so I've been looking for suggestions and fixes on this and similar discussions.  As a last possible measure, I tried "Reset All Settings" (Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings).  Before doing so, I searched around for what exactly this would do to my phone.  The information I found was unclear, hence my post here so others know what to expect.  The reset kept music, pictures, data, apps and folder structure.  That's good.  On the other hand, the collection of settings affected is deep and affects widespread function.  Sounds, bluetooth devices, notifications, do not disturb, all wifi connections, notification center apps, badges, email signature and configuration, lock/background screens, weather locations, clock locations, message configurations, security lock password, itunes match connection, key sounds, and more.  For me, the biggest pain was reconfiguring the notifications -- specifically what's in the notification center and which apps report in the lock screen.  (As an aside, apple needs a better way to set this up from scratch since configuring with 100+ apps is a total pain.  I'd prefer a default that all app notifications default in the off state and then one selectively turns on those that are wanted.)  It took me about an hour to get things close to where I wanted them, although I am sure some settings are in a different state than what I had previously. 


    Now for the guarded good news -- wifi is working much better.  Before, I could not reliably stream radio shows or use Airplay to my stereo.  Moreover, web pages would load half way and just hang.  (My network is WPA2 and I have not turned off security to test whether other protocols work better.)  Most of this now seems resolved.  Pages load well and I streamed PBS for an hour with no problem.  Speedtest apps still hang about half way through but I'm not sure if this is a server or phone issue.


    In the spirit of a productive forum, I hope this helps, both in terms of what a settings reset will do and the hopeful outcome of a better working wifi.

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    THanks all,

    I'Ve got a iPad3 with iOS5.1.1 and works perfectly with WPA2 and AES on a usrRobotics adsl router. Then after iOS6 upgrade the connection works for a few time then stop. The refresh connection works for a little bit then stack again. Now I read your post and get it...set up no security or/and TKIP on router and works. The MAC address check show me that iPad is Apple made, but with this test I can tell you that it is not hardware faillure. Moreover I had a macbookpro with same issue, then upgraded with mountain Lion and I solve the connection issue! It is SW!

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    So, there's no word on the 802.11 2012 incompatibilty other than one router manufacturer upgraded firmware to be up to date.


    1. What's interesting on the "broken" WPA-2 AES phones is there is only a limited broken set (millions do work ok) what makes these alpha owners unique? Random? Are there more or less now?
    2. Of that set (which are broken) its possible to get "another" phone which is also broken or fix the problem
    3. Some people may not even be aware that their WIFI is broken, or why because of the switch bug
    4. Apple is not really being technically open about the issue but is presumably working behind the scenes
    5. Not being open is an Apple business feature, but they are open in technical specifications on what it should do
    6. Apple may have done the right thing is using the latest specifications (they passed certification)
    7. Someone may own a router that works perfectly with pre-iPhone 5 devices but  don't support the  2012 spec for 802.11r (multiple access point switching)
    8. Almost no one references doing a device firmware update that takes the phone down to the basic signed security crypto chain that might clear out potential network originated malware (as yet unknown or unproven) that re-appears, factory based  firmware malware has already shown to orginate in other WIFI devices with unknown triggering mechanisms therefore is there some specific trigger? (Manchurian Candidate)
    9. Lots of things offered to "fix" that have no effect but claim to work
    10. When it comes to WPA-2 AES working or not, there's a way to test this but the symptoms are pretty clear
    11. Trying to pin it down to a specific date, color, or plant of origin, or mac address doesn't do anything, (it's not the unique id of the device anyway)
    12. It might be software, firmware, hardware, or outside Apple via the network, (the activation page at Apple was down for a while orginally)
    13. What ever is breaking it (other than the data network to wifi carrier patch) is being kept hush hush with a massive amount of disinformation
    14. If one could talk to the Broadcom chip, it would have a story to tell, and is somewhat in the logs
    15. It could just be your router
    16. It might not be your router at all
    17. Somebody who has some real 802.11 experience needs to comment
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    I have been having these issues. I am finding certain apps are always slow downloading whereas others download quickly all the time. It is most notable with podcasts where some podcasts take forever to download (always the same ones) whereas others always download quickly. I have my iPhone 4S right next to my iPhone 5 on the same network and, for example, an 80mb Vergecast podcast will take 90 minutes to download on the iPhone 5 but only 2 minutes on the 4S. Both are running iOS6. The Engadget podcast of similar size will download on both in 2 minutes. I have this same thing happening with many podcasts. Ironically when go on the network in the Apple Store the problem doesn't exist. I do have a WPA2 network at home but even when I turn off the WPA2 the problem persists. I have had the iPhone 5 replaced already twice and it hasn't resolved the issue. Not sure if it is hardware or software - as it's possible the replacements were part of the same bad batch. I don't notice the problem during basic web browsing or emailing which is probably why many users aren't noticing the problem. My wife, for example, is not a power user and hadn't noticed the issue but when I tested her iPhone 5 it has the same issues.

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    Reset All Settings -- quick follow up.


    Okay, two days after doing a Reset All Settings, I'm getting much better wifi performance.  Had it been at this level from the beginning, I would not have suspected any problems.  I was able to stream music through Airplay for ~ 2 hours with only a single interruption and WPA personal networks now download websites without hanging (about 9/10 times...).  Speed tests are at the level expected. I doubt that this is a solution for all, but if you don't mind experimenting with redoing all of your settings (see previous post -- it is a pain), it might be worth a try. 


    One shouldn't have to screw around with all of this stuff -- resets are a pain.  As apple likes to advertize -- "it just works."  Well, apparently not for the many who have posted here.  Fingers crossed that a OS update puts this to rest.

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    Confirmed that my iPhone 5 is having the Wi-Fi problem.


    MAC Adress: 54:26:96:0E:A9:25 (Apple)

    Router: Dlink DSL-2730B

    Firmware: AU_1.00


    Wi-Fi works for 1 page load on WPA/WPA2 when AES is used. If the router is switched to AES+TKIP everything works fine so its definately a problem with AES Security. Again as posted in a previous reply thats all well and good for your home setup but 9/10 every other wi-fi network runs WPA2/AES meaning you can't use it unless u have access to change the secuirty option

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    I got the same problem. Accodint to a genius in an Apple store, it's a problem with the firmware (related to DNS), so the unique solution is to go to an Apple store and to ask for a new one.

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