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    What a let down. From using Nokia all my life, I decided to make a change, and I always wanted the infamous Apple iPhone... and now I have one got it yesterday! A white one... and I cannot connect to the office WiFi... What the ****. Really! Now my Nokia does not look that bad anymore! Is ther  a fix please... even if I have to set the "thing" to manual!

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    OneMoreAnimal wrote:


    I fixed the issue by setting up my iPhone 5 with a static IP address in my router using the phone's Wifi MAC address. Now I get fast speeds and a consistent connection using WPA2 (AES).

    Can you please explain how to do that please... I'm about to smash this brand new phone. Why!?

  • Steven Martin5 Level 1 (5 points)

    Update previous status: the fourth (replacement) white iPhone arrived, and still doesn't connect to my Airport Extreme wifi. Apple has accidentally re-sent my whole original order, including a black iPhone I tried that as well: no luck.


    I am giving up. I will ask my daughter to keep one of these dysfunctional white iPhones (her birthday gift) and hope that one day there will be a soft- or hardware update to solve it. Crazy, because I paid over 900 Euro for a device that won't even work on WiFi, which is what she will want to do most of the time. Her twin brother is using his iPhone5 on the same network without a single problem. Go figure.


    As an avid Apple fan & user since the 1980's I am ..... extremely disillusioned and disappointed. I cannot count the number of people I converted to Apple, and now I'm stuck myself. I'm hoping Apple is monitoring this forum and will reply, but...


    Ps: the people of Apple Support Benelux have been more than helpful and supportive, so many thanks to them. Not their fault something is wrong with the product.

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    This is such a shame that dedicated apple customers have to deal with this.  We were able to solve the wifi issues with my iphone 5.  Hope this offers a bit of help.  My original phone would connect to my router, but speed was really questionable.  Sometimes okay, other times really slow.  Running a typical speedtest app would give download speeds of 20 mb/s for just a bit, but then would slow to a crawl.  I replaced the phone and it got a bit better.  My router was a previous model airport express, purchased probably back in 2008.  For reasons I won't go into, I needed to replace the router and ended up getting a new express, 2012 model (the one that looks like a white apple TV).  This completely solved the problem.  I can now stream to my iphone at a consistent rate at the maximum speed of my cable modem.  If you haven't replaced your router in a while, it might be worth a try.  I have no idea why some phones work with suspect routers, and others don't.  But I do suspect that apple is not fully concerned with maintaining compatibility with older equipment, even their own.  Good luck!

  • Steven Martin5 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks a lot, I really appreceate your comments and support. Unfortunately (as in : I would love to find a solution) the issue is unlikely to be old equipment as I upgraded to the latest Airport Extreme box only last year, and the firmware is completely up to date.


    I really cannot explain my issue, and would indeed continue to look for network or other problems on my side if it wasn't for the other iPhone5 which is working perfectly well.


    Anyway, it's Friday night here in Europe so time for a stiff drink after a disappointing Apple week

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    As far as the input boxes are concerned, passphrase is equal to password.


    In my case, the iPhone 5 believes that any password that I enter is the wrong one.  Including the correct one.

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    Richard, are you sure you don't have a mac address filter in place in your router?

    is your router configured as b/g/n or just n with b/g protection on?


    had the same issue a couple of days ago with a friends 3G that wouldn't connect to my router, it saw the SSID and when I entered the passphrase it said that it was incorrect. It was because b/g protection was kickin in since the 3G is not n capable and my router refused the connection however the iphone said that the password was incorrect.

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    Here's someone with the 4S and the IOS 6.0.1. I have the same wireless connection problem on every network that has AES encrytion. I have tested it myself on my wifi network and it works perfect with TKIP. Someone stated before that it could have something to do with the wifi module produced by Apple. I also have an Apple wifi module in my 4S.

    Does anybody have a fix for this?

  • Steven Martin5 Level 1 (5 points)

    The plot thickens on my side. I have restored my iPad1 and upgraded the software on my MacBookPro, and both now have the same WiFi connection issues! They see my network, they know if the password is correct or not, but then they just loop trying in vain to establish an internet conection.


    Just to be sure I reset my AirPort Extreme box. Since then my MacPro's and my iPhone 4 as well as my iPad3 all work perfectly well again on the restored secure Apple WiFi network, the others don't.


    So maybe my previous issues (see above) were not (just) with some of the new iPhone5's. Maybe there is another incompatibility at work here? But what is it?!


    I am a 25+ year Apple veteran & fan, mainly because of the inuitive user-friendliness. All of my gear is Apple. So this stuff is driving me nuts. Am I going crazy here?


    Any tips on where to look next are still very welcome!

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    Glad to see I'm not the only one with wifi issues on the iphone 5. I was just about to smash thing thing against a wall. I have a 4, 4S, macbook pro, nintendo ds, Hp laptop, canon printer all on my wifi. Never had any issue with any of them. People come over to my house and they get my wifi instantly. Never a problem. The new iphone 5 has been nothing but problems with wifi. How extremely frustrating. The smug know it all "geniuses" and useless tech support don't have a clue about how to fix it. Restore, reset, tried it all. Exchanged it for another. Same thing. Hate to say it, but Steve would not be pleased. What a ****ing headache.

  • Steven Martin5 Level 1 (5 points)

    Next update. I asked my ISP to reset their modem, I reset the AirPort Extreme box to factory settings... twice, and then I set up a completly new (secured) WiFi network.


    And lo and behold, those devices that didnt connect before (the iPad 1 and MacBookPro) are all back online. Which of the changes finally did the trick I'm not sure, just glad it was fixed (of course I did need to get all my other stuff logged in on the new network with new password: 2 Apple TV's, a Denon airplay device, the iPads, iPhones, MacPro's etc etc.).


    And then... I did a software up date on the MBP, as it was finally back online... and it went to a blank screen and failed to recover. So I trawled through all of the support discussions, helpfiles etc and did everything possible: safe recovery, PRAM reset, verbose startup, some of that stuff I have no clue what I was doing. After two full days of troubbleshooting I finally have my desktop back. But everything works veeeeery slowly or freezes. I did a verify disk etc, nothing sofar makes it anymore responsive. I realise I need to switch discussions now, as this is not a WiFi issue anymore.


    Let me close by thanking everyone that participates in these discussions and helps with solutions. And by saying that my 30-year love affair with Apple has gotten a very severe dent in the last few weeks. I hope my WiFi stays operational and the MBP problem is sorted without repairs inolved..

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    C4RLOCO for president. I hope Apple does not assasinate him for "Shares Drop".

    Thanks buddy!

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    Model introduced: 2012

    Serial number: DNPJR2VED***

    Production year: 2012

    Production week: 48 (December)

    Name: iPhone 5

    ModelCode: iphone_5

    Model Number: MD297

    Group1: iPhone


    Generation: 7

    Machine Model: iPhone5,1

    CPU speed: 1.3GHz

    Family name: Become a pro user to see this information. (sorry)

    Screen size: 4 inch

    Screen resolution: 1136x640 pixels

    Colour: Black

    Capacity: 16GB

    Factory: DN (China, Chengdu - Foxconn)



    PrefixAddress spaceCompany
    30:F7:C530:F7:C5:00:00:00 - 30:F7:C5:FF:FF:FFApple


    TalkTalk HG533 firmware v1.13 (latest) - WPA/2 - AES/TKSP(Auto switching) - No/Slow connection (tried 2 different routers)

    Netgear DG834G v4 v1.28 WPA AES/TSKP - No/Slow connection

    Eduroam (unsecured) - works fine

    Apple Demo - works fine

    McDonalds Free Wifi - unable to connect

    Costa hotspots - unable to connect

    BT Openzone/BTFON hotspots (homehubs and BT routers) - unable to connect on most

    Orange Brightbox - WPA2 AES - Unable to connect/no network internet access

    O2 wireless in store - itimitant connection

  • ivantus Level 1 (0 points)

    I've updated to iOS6.1 but the problem remains on my 4S - still not able to connect to AES ecrypted wifi networks.

  • SunnyE Level 1 (0 points)

    Likewise, upgraded to iOS 6.1. No relief. Wifi with WPA2 not working.


    Common Apple, this is basic stuff !!

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