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    Yes. I have a 40:B3 MAC address iPhone5. Same problem -- cannot connect to networks over WiFi. Apple is shipping me out a new phone.

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    Louie67 wrote:


    I didn't think to ask if it was a refurbished phone or not until Nywharfrat brought it up. It looks new but I am not 100% sure that it is. I go oversee's a lot so it is more important to me to be able to access wifi than making sure it was brand new. It would be nice if they had a consistent policy on exchanging phones for customers.


    Whether you get a refurb or not depends on whether the store/warehouse has burned through their stock of new service replacement phones.


    Basically, Apple ships out phones to be used as service replacements.  When the devices are new, they are by necessity new phones, but as the phone has been on the market a while (and they've had time to repair broken phones), Apple gradually fills the pipeline with refurbished phones.

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    Nywharfrat wrote:


    Which is bulls$it. This is an ~$800 device that is less than 5 months old.  Why should I accept a phone with used components???


    Every tech manufacturer has the same verbiage in their warranty documents stating that warranty replacements may be new or remanufactured units; that's just the way it is.




    We use new and refurbished parts made by various manufacturers in performing warranty repairs and in building replacement parts and products. Refurbished parts and products are parts or products that have been returned to Dell, some of which were never used by a customer. All parts and products are inspected and tested for quality. Replacement parts and products are covered for the remaining period of the limited hardware warranty for the product you purchased. Dell owns all parts removed from repaired products and, in most instances, you will be required to return defective parts to Dell.




    Any replacement product may be either new or like-new, provided that it has functionality at least equal to that of the product being replaced.


    HP products may contain remanufactured parts, components, or materials equivalent to new in performance.




    Repair or replacement may involve the use of functionally equivalent reconditioned unit.




    Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not provide right to extension or renewal of the warranty period. Repair or direct replacement of the product under the terms of this warranty may be full filled with functionally equivalent service exchange units.
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    I have same issue of wifi i update my mobile set version to 6.1.2 but still i have wifi problem please solve it because it is very urgent.  Without wifi iPhone is nothing so please solve it if you need more information i will give but solve this problem   

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    Step 1) take screen shots if you trying to connect to other wifi's with security on

    Step 2) book an appointment  with apple

    Step 3) show the apple guy all the screenshots

    Step 4) demand a replacement iPhone 5

    Step 5) receive new phone

    Step 6) test wifi at home, if working post results here if still faulty consider changing phone again or wifi security settings to open and mac filtering on the router, or repeat steps 1-5

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    I am having the same issues as well,  Apple store game me a new phone yesterday. Came home and it was worse then the phone I took back.  I have tried everything. I have changed the router and everything.  I miss my old 4s. It worked great.  Any ideas why the iphone 5 is so crappy.  I might consider taking the phone back and ask them to give me a 4s.  At least it worked,

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    I had problem connecting iPad 3 and iPad mini wirelessly after making changes on Netgear router. Both were working wirelessly previously. Tried reconnecting both last night, no joy. Tried again this evening, success.

    Made sure that WPA AES was enabled on router (WNV350), and looked to connect again, both worked.

    I was sitting beside the iMac and router when I made the initial connection each time. Safari worked fine. Closed down Safari and moved to another room. Safari worked fine on both iPads.

    I may be talking rubbish, but I suspect that once the initial connection was set up, with minimal distance between the wireless router and each iPad, the connection is more robust on subsequent connections, even with increased distance/ walls between them.

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    So, I just looked at my phone and it's also 40:B3 and doesn't like to work with a lot of wi-fi including the one I'm using to type this on my wife's iPad 2 which works fine. What's the deal? Should I read 35 pages of previous posts?

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    Step 1) take screen shots if you trying to connect to other wifi's with security on

    Step 2) book an appointment  with apple

    Step 3) show the apple guy all the screenshots

    Step 4) demand a replacement iPhone 5

    Step 5) receive new phone

    Step 6) test wifi at home, if working post results here if still faulty consider changing phone again or wifi security settings to open and mac filtering on the router, or repeat steps 1-5

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    Wow, that is a long thread.


    I post this, as it might help somebody, or apple, to find a solution.  As others have described... WPA2 personal AES.


    7 Android devices (all different, mostly ICS)

    2 Windows PC (7 and XP Pro)

    3 Macbook Pro (all 10.8.2)

    1 IPhone (3?) version 6.1.2 (10B146)

    2 Ipad


    All on the same network, I had set them all only to send and receive UDP data to one of the Macbook Pro's.


    Everything working fine except the two Ipads.  The Iphone started to drop some packets after about 4 hours. I will try to post the details of the Ipads in a couple of weeks when I see them again.


    The two Ipads connected initially.  They then started to look for other networks. Whilst still receiving UDP packets reliably they stopped sending any - but they remained connected to the network.  The network did not have an internet connection, and I wonder whether this could be part of the problem.  Somewhere deep in the OS something desperately wanted to talk to home (Apple)?  Apple are not alone in this of course. Maybe they were tying to send their packets to a previously known network.  Maybe a remembered and unfortunately persistant gateway.  Neither of the Ipads had a sim installed, so operator conflicts can be ruled out.  The Iphone had been factory reset.


    So, to sum up, the Ipads dealt with the encryption fine, stayed connected, scanned continuously for other networks, received UDP packets correctly........... but ceased to send any packets to the network.  I.E they wished to "send" somewhere else.



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    I have same problem as all of you. Have iphone 5 iOS6.1.3  verizon service, comcast wireless , netgear router.  My ipad works perfectly,..My new iphone wont keep wifi connection. 

    Took it to Apple who said it was my router... Called Comcast, they said it was the meantime, if I don't remember to reconnect with wifi, my verizon data bill is over the top, (now that they have a new plan)


    Help anyone. 

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    1. already ordered new Iphone 5 Wifi Flex Cable... lets see if it will help


    2. any one heard something about Iphone 5 Wifi Signal level limiter?? maybe this is the problem?


    3. still dont understand how before iOS 6.1.x My Wifi was perfect and after upgrading to iOS 6.1.x - exteremly poor quality....

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    I would suggest trying different channels. If you have 2.4 and 5ghz options, try both. Try adjusting their channels to see if that helps. You should also list the router you have, it's specific settings, the FCCID, etc, make sure the firmware is up to date as well. Someone might be able to find some information about your specific router you're having issues with.

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    Hi Everyone!


    After 2-3 months of agony I have FINALLY FIXED WIFI on my following devices

    iPhone 4S

    iPhone 5

    iPad 2


    Background - as you'll probably see from my previous post, months ago, I had no wireless signal of these devices since iOS 6.1.x upgrade. All of them are on iOS 6.1.3. All connected to Apple Airport Extreme and one Express setup to extended wireless signal through thick brick walls. My Extreme (older gen) is set to work on 5GHz only, my Express is using both 2.4 and 5.0 simulaneously, which is good for my older devices that dont support 5GHz. I use WPA2 Personal security (AES)


    This is what finally worked for me

    1) Found old Airport utility, which has more granular settings

    2) Switched OFF 'use wide channel' - this made the biggest difference

    3) Changed Multicast rate from 12 to 6Mbps - this helped increase the range through brick walls

    4) Trasmit power was already at 100%

    5) Since I am not in US, I played around with country setting, Venezuela seemed to have slight improvement


    So far so good, its been working for a few weeks now.

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    Same issue here.

    bought iPhone 5 couple of weeks ago in Netherlands.

    Have a Cisco router EPC3925.

    iPhone either doesnt connect at all or once it finally got connected it drops the connection every 10 seconds.