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After yesterday's update, my husbands phone is linked to mine thru 1 account. Anything he does to his, happens to mine, deleting contacts etc. All texts come to both phones

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    I have same issue; my wife's phone is now receiving all my texts.  I turned iMessage off.

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    With the addition of iCloud in iOS 6, there are now 2 accounts you have to manage: your store account (for putrchases) and a iCloud account (for iMessage, documents, contacts, etc).  I assume you share 1 account, which is fine for purchases.  But you should have 2 accounts for iCloud.  See this thread for more info on doing this: https://discussions.apple.com/message/19720352?ac_cid=tw123456#19720352


    Hope this helps you both.  Reply back if you have any other questions. 

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    After 3 different calls to Apple support & 2 different senior advisers, we have the problem fixed. Both of our phones were on the same verizon account, but only one had the icloud activated. When the update took place, it linked both phones to the same icloud account. My iphone is a 4 & my husbands is a 4S.



    Both phones need a separate Apple ID now!!


    One phone can keep the original Apple ID but the other has to create a new Apple ID.


    For that U need a separate email address.


    U will go into the phone, into the itunes app under settings, there tap on itunes & apps store. When it opens tap on your Apple ID and another window will open. Sign out of itunes.

    Then got to icloud in settings & open, go to bottom of page & delete, when it ask choice click delete from my iphone.


    When you have an email address, open icloud & go to bottom of page & tap create a new Apple account. You will have to verify yourself from an email being sent to the email you give.  Itunes picks up the new info & you should only have to put in new password, If not, just put in the new Apple ID you just created.


    Ours was little more difficult being my huisbands iphone was a 4S. I did not update with a computer, which is recommended, I did it wireless, so his phone got totally confused so we had to restore everything through  itunes.


    BIG WARNING!!! If things have been deleted. they cannot be recovered unless you had them backed up on itunes or icloud on the computer!! We learned the hard way. Also when you go into itunes or icloud to back-up, make SURE you click on the phone you are backing up & make sure all the things you want saved are checked if not it will only save you apps!!!! :-(  Again we learned the hard way!!!


    But still love our phones!!!


    Have the email instructions  to restore if anyone needs them!!!

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    Thanks for the solution!

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    Will I lose my contacts when I turn off iCloud?  I tried this and the contacts disappeared.  I had to sign back in to see them again.  How do I keep my contacts?