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    That DID NOT Work for me on Either of my iPhones -_-

  • AndreaDearolf2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. Alas dunno if its just me but tried to rollback to an earlier iOS but on the 1st try didnt work then on 2nd try worked but the sound issue remains I'm thinking something in iOS 6.1.2 remains that cant be changed no matter what save a fix or replacement phone which if I get I think I'll not be upgrading again till say iOS 7 or higher given the continued bug issues since iOS 5

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    iProducts are generally better but over the past year or so it has gone downhill and the bulk of the issues are caused by these botched & often rushed software updates. I'm still an avid lover iPhone 4 4S & 5 but these issues are really putting me off and certain decisions after iPhone 5 was announced  along with poor software updates are making me seriously question


    1: The inteligence of their R&D as well as decision makers

    2: Why has the quality of products slipped so much?


    3: The big one ... Should I really wait to see what iPhone 5S, 6 or ( insert name here ) will be and grace Apple with contract upgrade upon becoming eligible? At this point I'm seriously debating rather I will or not ( P.S. Apple please revert back to the Micro SIM for the next iPhone model )

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    Totally STILL Having issues imediately after putting the last update onto my iDevices whats worse is can't seem to rollback & even if I do sound issues remain. Seriously apple what good is my phone if I can hear Nothing ever or the iPad on "Perma mute" ? Is Apple trying to use this decade to see how many bugs & other issues the can get or perhaps grab the Guiness record on most times running thru the gambit of product issues in a decade by any company?


    I swear sound issues in the fall then call issues ( not my carriers fault ) then battery issues & power cycle issues now sound issues again -_- Wth? Whats next No Clock & No screen bug?

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    This issue remains for many. It is also associated with the inability to turn the 4s off unless plugged in. I find that if you completely turn off while still plugged into the dock it can be removed in speaker mode but as with the on-off issue when removed from the dock it self starts. I've cleaned, reset and restored and even set up as a new phone per the "Geniuses" and all I have to show for it is a lot of wasted time. Even if it is a hardware problem (Which I do not believe) is says a lot about current Apple QA! Can you say Samsung Galaxy!

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    I posted a warning today about the IOS6.1.2 upgrade & funny enough its been deleted. Apple will not admit there is a problem yet and google you do about no sound and there are multiply comments. Steve jobs is being missed more then the care to admit. Disgusting how they delete comments to. Mind you this was after spending 1.55 hrs on phone to apple trying to be talk thru a fix that had no idea about Pfffttttttt


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    This didn;t work for me but now i have the black square with the white circle how do i get rid of it???

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    I have the same problem. I upgraded to ios 6.1.2 when it came out. Battery drains within 6 hours and the phone runs hot. Now, I am losing sound. I have not dropped or misused my phone. I tried restoring to factory defaults and restoring a backup to no avail. I have shut off all apps, locations, wifi, etc. This is ridiculous! Apple better come up with a fix that puts my phone back to working order, or this chick is switching to Android!


    The least they could do is allow you to restore to a previous firmware. I had no problems with 6.1.

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    I trawled through this site and loads of others I finally found a fix for my sound problem. After doing a restore to no avail I noticed that all my sound systems worked when it was on the dock.  So I cut a small piece of plastic slotted it into the bottom of my phone and hey presto it all works, for how long I've no idea but at the moment I can use my phone for its intended purpose.  My one son has a 4s and my other has a Samsung after seeing the vast difference unless apple sort out the major **** up I for one well DEFO go for T Samsung problem free android. Come on Apple your dropping behind in the race.

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    Margoster and other does this solution also fix the associated problem of the phone not turning off and staying off. This is still a mess and now 6.1.3 is out and these problems are still ignored?

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    i am also facing the sound problem my phone is only a 7 months old and since last one weak i am regreting for purchasing apple phone... i have waste my lot of time in fixing this problem...aple please fix the problem early as possible....

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    So after looking at forums upon forums I have a solution that was found by a previous user. The user suggested to go into your SETTINGS icon than click on the GENERAL icon followed by scrolling down until you find the ACCESSIBILITY icon, click that than scroll down once again to find the ASSISTIVE TOUCH click there. Than click the ASSISTIVE TOUCH to ON. Having that done a white dot will appear on the top left side of the screen. This is the assistive touch, click on it and a 4 menu selection will open. Next click on DEVICE, another 4 menu selection will open up. If your problem is the same as mine you will notice that the icon to the right says to UNMUTE which is why there has been no sound for incoming phone calls or texts. So click on the UNMUTE icon than go back and turn off the ASSISTIVE TOUCH so you won't have the dot bothering you. TEST to make sure it worked by going into your keypad and listening to see if the keys are now making the sound it once did.



    I truly hope this helps as I have gone about a month like this without a solution til now. All credit goes to the user Bongo_Kong64

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    IN RESPONSE TO Bongo_Kong64: Thank you this totally worked for me. Did you happen to go into your DO NOT DISTURB settings before this happened to you? I wonder if its anyhow related?

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    Thank you! This solved my problem!

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    Thank you. Seemed to work for the moment for me too!  Saving post.