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  • th37th Level 1 Level 1

    I went into my settings & turned on then off the DO NOT DISTURB option in settings.  my sound came back.

  • dudulang Level 1 Level 1

    Just a remind to everyone having this issue and wants to go to Apple store for a repaire: make sure your sound is NOT working when you pump into the Apple store.

    This morning I had an appointment at Genius Bar at apple store Paris louvre museum. Unfortunately, my sound works well when I showed it to them. But in fact, the sound suddenly disappears very frequently in my daily use. Even I showed them the screenshot with the disappearing volume bar to show my iPhone really had this issue, and I also explained them it was just a coincidence that the sound worked well that time. But they didn't do any repair and cancelled my appointment.


    I was so upset and disappointed with Apple. So pleas make sure your phone does have this issue when you go to the Genius Bar. With a great disappointment with Apple, I swear I will never buy any Apple product!!!!

  • racinrobert Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone 4s worked perfectly before iOS6, i have all the above mentioned sound issues. Android is looking pretty good now

  • BraddockMIA Level 1 Level 1

    I always let my wife upgrade to the new iOS before me just in case something like this would happen. Well now I feel terrible and really bad for her. We paid a lot of money to upgrade to the 4S and now she doesn't get sounds, alarm doesn't work, no text notifications, etc. unfortunately for her she found out it didn't work by oversleeping late for work when the alarm didn't sound. She called apple support and like everyone else has said, they deny the problem exists. I wish I could do that in my job. If someone came to me with a legitimate complaint, and everybody knew it was legitimate to include the other people in the waiting room, but I just sat there, looked them straight in the eye and said, "I have no idea what you're talking about. There's no such problem and nobody's been complaining about that." I guess they have to cover up what they can so that their competitors don't find this stuff out and put it in a commercial. I hate android, but man I wish they'd bust them out for this. So, the big pink elephant in the middle of the room is the string of reports about this on the apple support forum. I always imagine a bunch of apple suits sitting around a conference table deliberating on how they will continue to cover it up. Anyhow, I'll get off my soap box. Thanks for letting me vent. And apple, please fix this so that my poor wife, who is a loyal apple fan, can start using her phone again. I hate hearing her cover for you guys hoping and praying a fix/update will come out.

  • Tenshii26 Level 1 Level 1

    So after countless attempts to figure this thing out.. I have failed. Apple told me to set up an appointment to get the device fixed or possible replaced. I'm not a fan of refurbished devices so I declined. The issue went away one night and I have had no problems with sound since. That is until I ran my favorite app. It is called xSys or sysX. This handy utility tears through all active memory processes and terminates all running programs, besides the operating system and iTunes. That is up an until the latest OS came out. Now I have two theories. This app had a "light" memory cleaning mode and a "hard" version. The latter freed up nearly all available memory (my favorite). At a certain point apple stepped in and stopped supporting the app in the store (free app) until a "light-only" version was released. My guess is that maybe it was causing the crash necessary to successfully jailbreak an iDevice. For those who don't know causing a crash or error on the device is necessary for the jailbreak process. (This is why it's getting harder to jailbreak with newer iOS versions).  Possibility the reason for removal of app from store, and issues with newest iOS? Other idea is that newest iOS simply doesn't deal well with applications closing simultaneously. FYI. My sound instantly disappeared the moment I used that particular app. I've recreated this event several times, and am sure that is /my/ cause

    Of the issue. Since then I deleted the app and sound is back. (kept a copy on pc in case) Now the question is does anyone use similar apps or noticed this happens with any sort of app use? On the side- 13,000 views on this topic. Glad to see I'm not alone with this thing..

  • atom715 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello, I recently got an iphone 4s 16gb from a friend and i come to realiza that if the ringer volume is all the way up it does not affect the sound of an outgoing/incoming text message, but the volume settings for my music affects the sound of an outgoing/incoming text message.  any help would greatly be appreciated.  thank you

  • lkcsc Level 1 Level 1

    The nearest Apple store to me is over 80 miles away and all of the ablove problems are really bothering me.  I am so disappointed in Apple; not only  about this happening at all, but in how slow they are is fixing it.  A phone that won't ring is nearly useless.

  • Anthony Curry Level 1 Level 1

    I figure the more complaints apple gets about the sound not working the faster they will fix the glitch. The only temporary solution I have found is to turn my phone off and on when I notice that iTunes will not play without headphones or when I do not hear a click when I type. I rely on my phones alarm and now that I upgraded to io6 it does not work unless I reset my phone. I have never screamed I hate my phone until this update and I need a bug fix quick. Also, at times when I try to turn off my phone the phone restarts itself on its own like its possessed. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but I know that it's not a problem with my phone just the update. Why can I not downgrade back to 5.1.1 either?. If any apple techs read this I just want them to know that the only solution to this problem is probably io7 because io6 is crap. Btw; I'm guessing that io6 is meant for iPhone 5 not 4s.

  • lkcsc Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with Anthony except that this exact same issue IS htting people with the new phone.  I'e spent countless hours oer the last fie days reading eery forum I could find and all versions of out (formerly) beloved iPhone is breaking hearts.  My love affair with my phone is over!  I now think I have an iPod Touch that can make outgoing calls.


    When I called Apple the first guy I spoke with admitted he had heard of this problem, but his supervisor had not.  He did reassure me that Apple engineers take complains like this seriously and guessed it would be worked on ASAP.  At least he never tried to get me to buy a 5 - which isn't going to happen- nor did he in anyway imply it was something I was doing wrong.


    I urge all of you to call, call, call and vocalize your problems.  We can't rely on this being read by Apple staff and even though our grtipes mirror one another I think a call might have m ore impact.


    Lynn, a former owner of an iPhone 4.

  • Thermus Level 1 Level 1

    I'm happy to report that my problem was solved.  I had the same problem immediately after upgrading my wife's iPhone 4 to iOS 6.  Sound was intermittent through the phone's speaker, the side volume buttons didn't do anything, and the volume icon showed no indication of volume control.


    I'm still not sure what combination of things solved it, but here is what I did:


    1. Reinstalled iOS several times via iTunes (helped for a little bit, but still experienced problems).

    2. Dock and undock the iPhone in a music dock.  This helped and the audio plays fine through the phone speakers for a little while.

    3. Reinstall the OS and restore from backup using DFU mode.

    4. During this time, I also contacted AT&T and successfully was able to unlock the phone (it took three tries, but the DFU trick finally confirmed the unlock).


    Ever since, music has played fine through the phone speakers.  I suspect there is some corrupted setting in the installer or in my restored backup.  This is definitely a software bug, but because it's intermittent, may be hard to track down.


    The good news is that Apple is listening.  I filed a bug report and was asked by Apple for additional debugging information.  Unfortunately (fortunately for me), in the meantime I fixed the problem myself, so I couldn't provide useful details from the phone.  But I'd urge everyone with the problem to submit a bug report to Apple...they will listen if enough people file a report...hopefully they can find the common thread.

  • lkcsc Level 1 Level 1

    I lost control and  again called Apple and once again was transfered to a supervisor.  She assured me they are working on it, they are very aware of the problem and they are also now aware my love affair with Apple is over.  However, she had NO idea when this would be fixed.  None.  Not even a guess.  Since Wed. my poor little former phone has only rang three times out of fourteen calls and not even one little peep when I got a text.


    None of should have to be doing this and undoing that for our phones to work!  This, to me goes beyond a glitch - this is a major %$^&-up!

  • Jdem Level 1 Level 1

    Just to reiterate guys, this IS happening on the iPhone 5 as well!!


    Something is broken in iOS6!

  • GregNYR89 Level 1 Level 1

    Can anyone tell me if the iphone 4s that is broken and apple is replacing with the new/refurbished one is on iOS 6.0 or iOS 5.1.1?


    It's just that it's dumb to give people version 6.0 on iPhone 4s when apple is aware that there are problems now. At least till they fix the issues. iPhone 4s works great on iOS 5.1.1 and I don't see a reason to gamble on giving costumers new software with problems. I personaly don't care about the new features in 6.0 but those that want it can always update the software at home.

  • lkcsc Level 1 Level 1

    I don't have an answer for you, but the Do Not Disturb feature on ios 6 is really great and I love it.  Or, I would love it if I was able to get text and phone call sounds.  The options when declining a call are nice too - or would be nice if I were able to receive calls.  I want my ios 5 back!  At this point I wish Apple would come up with a quick fix way of uninstalling 6.


    I have read some where that if you are sent an iPhone4s it has ios 5 on it and i strongly urge to not move to ios 6,  Do they send a new phone or a refurbished one?  I 1/2 wish I would have taken their offer yesterday or at least asked itf it would be a 4s - I would like to have Siri, but not enough to pay for it

  • nateq Level 1 Level 1

    My replacement from the Genius Bar was an Iphone 4S with IOS 5.*.* installed.  Not sure exactly which OS it was, but it wasn't IOS 6.  I actually had to update to IOS 6 because my most current Icloud backup file wasn't showing up as an option from the restore menu.  The only backups that were showing up were old backups (prior to IOS 6).  I needed all my data back, so I upgraded the replacement phone to IOS 6.  My most current restore file showed up as a restore option after I updated the replacment phone to IOS 6.  I restored my data and am currently running IOS 6 on this replacement 4S.  So far, no sound issues have returned on the replacement phone. 

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