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  • ahall0314 Level 1 (0 points)

    I noticed that my iPhone 4s wasn't making noises to alert me that I had new text messages. The keyboard clicks also weren't working. When I tried to adjust the volume with the buttons on the side either nothing would happen or I woudl get the bell picture but nothing below it. I tried to reset the phone a few times and it didn't work. Tried to clean the phone with compressed air and that didn't work. I went to the Apple store and they changed the speaker. When that didn't work they said it was because Pandora had hijacked my system and that if I did a restore it would fix it. I deleted Pandora and then  restored my phone and it didn't work. So I read through some of this thread and tired docking my phone. It would play songs and when I removed it my speaker would work for a few seconds and then just stopped. Repeated this three times. Same result each time. So my phone rings but no text indicators or keyboard clicks.


    Any advice?

  • wayneostavv Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem since the new IOS 6.0 update. I found that disabling the "Do not disturb" feature fixed it for me. Obviously a bug in the new feature. Which I really wanted to use!


    We're missing Steve Jobs already!!!

  • lkcsc Level 1 (0 points)

    What is the status on your phone with ios 666?

  • lkcsc Level 1 (0 points)

    I too finally figured out turning off DND allowed my phone to work like it should.  Sad about this as DND was the main reason I updated to IOS 6.  Bummer.

  • mavrim Level 1 (0 points)

    I noticed that my iphone 4s stopped making keyboard click sound and some ebay notifications were silent. Went through my settings today and when I selected a ring tone, all I got was vibration with no sound.  It did not matter if it was in vibrate or not, sound was never heard. I had just updated to ios 6.01 a few days ago. You tube app has also been acting funny and taking forever to load videos. I put my phone on my speaker dock and selected a ringtone. For some reason, putting the phone on the dock returned the lost sound? What is even weirder, is the fact that youtube app loaded a video quickly and palyed it with sound. From what I was reading, dust enetering the headphone jack and dock could cause problems. I feel thta most of my trouble started from the first update to ios 5.

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    Yesterday I also got the full list of troubles: my iphone 4s (ios 6.0.1) speakers stopped working (except for changing the volume in settings) and pressing volume buttons led just to showing speakers icon without the actually volume level. Beside that, everything worked normal when I put the headphones in. It seems that I have the same case as most of people here.


    After two days of trying (resetting, unlocking, default settings, cleaning, blowing and hairdryer didn't help) I've figured the way to fix it.


    I've taken a small piece of carton, folded twice and pushed it inside the dock connector between the rear side and the pin connector just like this:




    Everything's got fixed immediately! My speakers have started work as usual.


    Than I've tried to pull the paper out and everything has been fine only for about five minutes. I've put the carton back and voila. Now I'm going to leave it there for a night and see whether it'll fix it.


    Anyway I'm not a fan of the fact I should push and pull it every time I want to charge the phone, so it's rather not a decision, but a highlighting of problem.


    Please let me know if this would help you, so we could search for more elegant decision together.

  • nerfarious aussie Level 1 (0 points)

    I don’t know what the deal is with mine.  I lose keyboard clicks and lock sounds.  I think I also lose SMS alerts.  I have never used headphones.  I have never docked it, all I do is plug it in using the Apple cable to charge it.  It seems to lose sounds after I’ve been doing a fair bit of texting.  I did have auto-rotate locked but I’ve since turned it back on see what happens.  It will still play ringtones when other sounds are lost.  The only way I get sounds back is to power down by holding the sleep/wake button and doing the slide thing then turning it back on. Buggered it I know.  4S 6.0.1

  • Maximilano Level 1 (0 points)

    Interesting fact is the following. There is nothing to do with the latest software update.

    I am the user of iPhone 4 and I have never switched to 6.0.1... till now. The thing is that I started to experience sound problems just today (13 November) having previous firmware. According to your suggestion I restored the device, however, could not escape from the latest update to 6.0.1. As a result, I still do not have sounds apart from the main ringtone. All the sounds appear as soon as I plug in headphones.

    So it is clear, that the problem is not in the 6.0.1 software package!

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    Submitted a ticket to Apple this evening concerning "volume buttons not working " as that was the closest category available. Their suggestion was to update to iOS 6.0.1. Then preceded to say if the problem persisted after the update then it was most likely a " hardware problem". Of course I had already updated & THEN the problem arose. Sigh. Keep submitting those tickets ppl!

  • Taiaroa Level 1 (0 points)

    Took just 2 min. 2 upgrade 2 OS6. Now already spent hours on this sound issue. Apple, a fix would be in order any time yesterday!

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    have u try Rest All Settings on the iPhone? I did it 3 times. 1st couple times sound works and fail after several seconds. The 3rd failed as well, so I gave up and use my earplugs(which was ok all this time) to watch netflix. After I was done with netflix, I played music and speaker volume and controls worked again. Maybe 3times a charm or was it netflix. Anyways, hope u try this and works out for u. I just hope this fix isn't a temporary for me, so far it has lasted several hours. Fingers crossed. Goodluck.

  • Cadavis01 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had a similar problem. My music was unable to play but my ringtones are able too. i noticed it only happens when my phone is plugged up charging, im not sure if its because of the off brand charger or if its a glitch in the software. I don't ever remember having this problem in the past, but it is quite weird now. I work for a phone carrier and for a second I was close to changing phones if I hadnt have figured out what the problem was. Apple needs to work on that problem, too many annoying issues are coming up with these new updates.

  • Tr56cey Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem, my phone still rings and I can listen to music with the headphones plugged in. My phone doesn't make a sound when I get a text, keyboard doesn't click and none of my music plays when on speaker. When I use the volume buttons at the side there is no volume indicator?? Help please

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    Same issue here with an iPhone 3GS, had sound issue since upgrading to iOS 5 (updated late, about 3 days before iOS 6).. as soon as i had noticed my sound issues and iOs 6 was released naturally i updated in the hopes o it being fixed, obviously not so lucky.


    Same as everyone else i've tried resets, restores the works but no luck.. it seems that music will pause mid song through my earbuds as if the music app 'crashes', when this happens i lose the volume contorl on the app same as when you try playing through speakers, to solve this normally pulling out the earbuds and reinserting might carry on playing the song however eventurally surely this is going to damage the socket?


    Playing through speakers doesnt work neither does keyboard clicks etc, hopefully we can get some feedback from Apple soon?!


    If not it seems everyone with the issue will continue to take phones into shops and get replacements, their going to start losing money sooner or later??


    Android never looked so good tbh

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    The Solution!

    I encountered this same issue where I had the following symptoms:

    1) no sound on txt messages

    2) no volume slider in iTunes

    3) no volume bar on the screen when turning volume up or down using side buttons.


    I was using the usb to link my phone to my car stereo. For some reason  this resulted in the sound problem. I plugged the iPhone back into the stereo and selected the iPod/usb option. i immediately got sound back on iTunes. I unpluged the phone and  got a screen on the phone asking if I wanted to switch to bluetooth ( connection to car stereo)  or iPhone sound. I chose iPhone and  the problems are solved. All sound is back and all controls are back to normal.

    Looks like the usb connection was taking the audio control from the iPhone... ( while the iPhone was connected to the radio, it had no controls on the screen, only a white screen saying "Accessory Conected") Never had this issue before  iOS6



    The nice folks at Apple wanted to charge me $20 to  even discuss this.. maybe they should send me some $$$$ for doing their job! Seems like they've replaced a ton of phones for a simple flaw in the docking program.

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