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Hi. I've seen several topics regarding this issue yesterday, but since then apple has done maintenance and those posts are nowhere to be seen


I downloaded iOs 6 the day it came out, and had no real issues with my device, but a couple of days after sound problems started. The only sound that comes out my device is 'ringtone' when someone calls me. Occassionally the lock screen sound/keyboard sounds will come back on for a couple of seconds but not much longer. I though maybe I dropped my device or got it wet, but that is not the case.

The 3.5mm jack I use for audio in my car, still provides working sound from my iphone, but the speaker on the phone itself does not. My radio/dock for the phone also plays the music/sounds from the device, and will continue playing them even after removing the phone, but only for a couple of seconds.

So all-in-all I don't think its a hardware issue. My question is, anyone here having a related bug? Any known fixes?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
Solved by Tenshii26 on Oct 20, 2012 8:17 PM Solved

So after countless attempts to figure this thing out.. I have failed. Apple told me to set up an appointment to get the device fixed or possible replaced. I'm not a fan of refurbished devices so I declined. The issue went away one night and I have had no problems with sound since. That is until I ran my favorite app. It is called xSys or sysX. This handy utility tears through all active memory processes and terminates all running programs, besides the operating system and iTunes. That is up an until the latest OS came out. Now I have two theories. This app had a "light" memory cleaning mode and a "hard" version. The latter freed up nearly all available memory (my favorite). At a certain point apple stepped in and stopped supporting the app in the store (free app) until a "light-only" version was released. My guess is that maybe it was causing the crash necessary to successfully jailbreak an iDevice. For those who don't know causing a crash or error on the device is necessary for the jailbreak process. (This is why it's getting harder to jailbreak with newer iOS versions).  Possibility the reason for removal of app from store, and issues with newest iOS? Other idea is that newest iOS simply doesn't deal well with applications closing simultaneously. FYI. My sound instantly disappeared the moment I used that particular app. I've recreated this event several times, and am sure that is /my/ cause

Of the issue. Since then I deleted the app and sound is back. (kept a copy on pc in case) Now the question is does anyone use similar apps or noticed this happens with any sort of app use? On the side- 13,000 views on this topic. Glad to see I'm not alone with this thing..

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    I have a same problems with my 3gs iphone after installing ios 6.Fist it was ok, moving faster on web browsing, increasing the battery life, but after one day is starting to have audio issues in call speaker and after no sound at music listen on speakers, I have to say i didn't damage the hardware, is just starting in a call speking on speakers.

    I try to fix it with a simply restart, but it works at third one and it was temporarlly, because after a few hours it's doing a same sound bug.


    I hope Apple will do a quick update to solve this problem's !!!

  • abouahmed Level 1 Level 1


    I have the same problem with my 4s iphone , i use only 3,5 mm to listen 

  • bustersdad Level 1 Level 1

    I was fine after downloading IOS 6 on September 19, I lost sound on everything but phone calls yesterday, September 23. It came back last night around 10:00 pmand now there is no sound again. I'm wondering if it is the do not disturb feature that i was playing around with on September 22. I had sound again this morning after I went back to default setting on do not disturb in the notifications area in settings. I changed this setting again this morning and the sound stopped. Just changed it back so everyhing was off in do not disturb and now it is working again. Didn't happen immediately though. Also i had my phone in the charger for a few minutes so don't know if that is the fix. i'm going to try do not disturb changes agaiin to see.

  • UpstateNYNick Level 1 Level 1

    I'm now having issues with non Apple earbuds.  On my Skull Candy earbuds the in line controls no longer work but they do on my Apple earbuds.  ANyone else having this issue?

  • Gothamsfinest Level 1 Level 1

    My iPhone has sound issues as well. Siri sound very faint at time but goes back to be normal.  And than when I play music it sometime sounds like its under water, so I stop it and start again and it's just fine

  • justme_263 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same error!!! Anyone knows how to solve it???


    Sometimes it works, sometimes I have no SOUND!!! Help!!!

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    Same issue here. At first the sound went away when I just installed it. It came back and I thought everything was fine again. Now, once more, I have no sound. I have an iPhone 4, ios 6 never hacked or jailbroken. This is very annoying.

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    Hello. I have had the same problmes since I've installed iOS 6 the day it came out. My notification sounds go in and out. I will lose them for 20 + minutes at a time, and then after leaving my phone idle for awhile they will come back. I notice it happens mainly after I've had it plugged into a charger.

    Personally, if you're having the issue you need to call apple so they can be aware of it. When I called a few days ago they knew nothing, and were getting ready to tell me it was my phon but my sounds just so happened to come back while speaking with them. They said there wasn't really anything that they could do since the sounds had came back. I have restored the phone at least 3 times,  twice as new. Reset, rebooted, and any other thing possible. I lose my sounds at least twice a day. I hope apple fixes this soon. It's annoying. Especially for someone who texts a lot.

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    Can no longer hear callers on phone when using my Sony earbuds after I installed i06 on iPhone 3Gs. The caller hears me, but I can't hear them! I can listen to iTunes fine with earbuds, but no phone calls. All other sounds seem fine.

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    Power down iPhone. Connect via cable to Itunes. Hold down power button and home button. I tunes will indicate that an Iphone is in recovery mode, restore. Select yes.  Once done restore data from back up and this should resolve the sound problems. It is important to first restore original factory settings and have a empty phone. then restore your data from the cloud, etc

  • LuLuBabii23 Level 1 Level 1

    I'd love to be able to do this, but when I power off my phone it comes right back on. It doesn't stay powered down. I read in another thread this was something apple changed with iOS 6. I have restored my phone in iTunes 3 times now. Twice I set up as a new phone I didn't even use a back up and I still have the same problem. Not going to keep restoring it. As soon as I unplug from iTunes I have no sounds for 30+ minutes. It's obviously an issue with the iOS 6 (I have iPhone 4S I'm not sure what everyone else has). I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with the problem.

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    Yep I have the same problem.  Downloaded iOS 6 on my 4s, worked fine and then just today after I switched from my bluetooth to my phone, I can no longer hear on the phone through the ear piece.  Speaker works and so do my ear buds.  Thought this was a 3.5mm jack problem before that was due to damage but it seems software related.  Tried setting all my do not disturbs to off and rebooting but it did not work.


    Any suggestions or feedback from Apple on this?

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    I'm having the same issue with my iPhone 4S.  After the update to iOS 6 on September 19, the sounds on my phone were fine until Sunday, September 23.  I then noticed that I had lost clicking sounds, playbacks, ringtones, etc, unless I plug in an earphone.  I tried various fixes but nothing would work.  So, I contacted Verizon, and they decided to overnight a replacement phone.  A day or so later as I was prepping for the new phone, I noticed the sounds on my old iPhone had returned.  I proceeded to replace the phone with the new and have since returned my old phone to Verizon.  Well, today, after a couple of days of having the new phone, the sound issues have returned.  Now, I'm back to square one again!


    I'm wondering if there is an issue with an app or an update to an app that is causing this issue?  I noticed someone else has mentioned September 23 in the thread, so that could be of some significance. 

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    I'm having the same issue with my iPhone 4S.  After the update to iOS 6 on September 19, the sounds on my phone were fine until Sunday, September 23.  I then noticed that I had lost clicking sounds, playbacks, ringtones, etc, unless I plug in an earphone.  I tried various fixes but nothing would work. Then I tried to restore from itunes and it said cannot due to corrupt files. restored from icloud and lost a lot of, tunes,texts,etc...but got sound back.....for 1 day. Today it is doing it again.....HELP

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