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Hey all,


My partner and I have a number of shared iCloud calendars which we seem to be having problems with since we upgraded to iOS6 and's upgrade (I'm not sure if there's been an upgrade but things seem different).


At the moment whenever my partner or I add/delete/change and event in our shared calendars the other person is recieving email notifications of these changes. Orginally when you shared a calendar with someone you could choose whether or not you would be notified when they made any changes to it- this toggle seems to have disappeared and we seem to be stuck with the settings we had set with no way of changing them.


Does anyone have any ideas on a work around to this?


In the preferences pane of iCloud->Calendars we've both turned off all the alert and notification settings yet are still recieving emails. Not only that, but we are also getting notifications via the Calendar App on our iPhones despite in Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars having 'New Invitation Alerts' and 'Shared Calendar Alerts' both turned off.


It seems no matter what we turn off ( & on the iPhone) we still recieive these emails regarding changes, deletions, and new events.


Can anyone help?




iPhone 4, iOS 6
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