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I have two email accounts set up on my iPhone. One is my gmail account which I use for work. The other is the comcast email, my default home email address. The comcast account doesn't sync iPhone, web mail, or the mail program on my iMac at home. My gmail account does. For instance, I send an email from my phone it shows up in the sent box when I go to the mail web page on my work and home computer. With comcast, if I send an email from my phone it stays on my phone. I have to bcc or cc to myself if I want the sent message to show up on the home computer or on the mail web page.

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Unfortunately that is really the only work around since

    Comcast uses POP3 and not IMAP like Gmail or



    I had received an email quite some time ago that they

    were beta testing IMAP with select customers but I doubt

    if it has gone much further than that.