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iMovie hasn't been working well for sometime.  I followed a support suggestion and moved my projects to a different folder put only one at a time in the "real" project folder.  That worked great for 5 projects.  I then put those projects in iPhoto so I could locate them in the project library, and them combine them into one movie.  It worked great..... THEN something happen and all my project changed.  When I go to Movies on the side bar, then click on the desired iMovie project in the iMovie project folder when in the column view the project appear as an icon with the top right corner folded over. When they were working I could click on the project in the column and it would play the project in that mini window.  Now it won't. This picture is not in the right project folder but in or out of the iMovie Project folder they are the same, BROKEN! I reinstalled iMovie plus up grades, redid my pram, ran permissions repair... they are still broken! Is there any way to fix my projects?  Help Please!

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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    May be - But it is way out of my league.


    BUT the lesson I try to get true to iMovie users are.


    DO NOT - move or alter any filder named

    • iMovie Event's - or -

    • iMovie Project's

    OR ALIKE on DeskTop/Finder


    If one does the connection back to iMovie is BROKEN and it will be anything from Hard to Impossibly to repair it.


    iMovie DIFFERS in the way it use folders as Libraries - (other program hides them and Lock them to keep them intact) - and though it is possibly to fiddle around with the material in them it usually back-fires and stop working.


    Few times I think it's a good thing to hide material - but in regard to iMovie Event's and Project's this would have saved lot's of people from taking a Chance then blowing the whole thing Material and Project. MY VERY PERSONAL THOUGHT.


    my notes in regard to -  Moving Event's and Project's

    Connection - Either connect one Mac in Target mode to the other via FireWire. Or use an external hard disk !

    (Target-Mode - Start one Mac e.g. laptop - BUT keep T-key down during full up-start - Now a FW-symbol is jumping around the screen and it will work as an external hard disk when connected to the other Mac)

    A. The External Hard Disk - MUST BE - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted to work for Video. UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange works for most other things but not for Video whatever program is used (iMovie or FinalCut)

    B. Should be a FireWire one as USB/USB2 performs badly to me and especially when filling up

    C. Do never Move or Alter any folder named

    • iMovie Event's - or -

    • iMovie Project's

    on DeskTop/Finder - as this will result in iMovie losing connections to them and repair can be anything from hard to impossibly

    D. Moving and Copying must be done within iMovie application and Events to Events - and - Project's to Project's.

    E. Moving Project's to Event's - Do not work for me - I have to export project as a QuickTime movie then Import this into Events.

    Event's window can show two faces

    Like this

    Skärmavbild 2012-06-22 kl. 23.22.32.png

    or like this

    Skärmavbild 2012-06-22 kl. 23.30.11.png

    from one hard disk Event - You can move it to the other hard disk

    You can not (at least not me) move Event to Project or other way around only

    Event to Event and Project to Project

    CONCLUSION: Try to move EVERYTHING back to it's proper folder and iMovie might be able to find it. iMovie has no "Search for lost material" function - AT ALL.

    Yours Bengt W

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    Thank you for that lenthy reply.  I tried to move eveything back to the original folder. It didn't work. 


    I have CRASH PLAN.  It is wonderful.  I wrote them and guess what? It's like "Time Machine".  I was able to go back two weeks to before I messed things up and restore the projectsto the original folder and it worked!  I am so relieved. 


    Anyone that makes stupid errors should have this backup.  Go CRASH PLAN!


    Thanks again.


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    I use Crash Plan myself and I am very happy with it. Glad it worked for you.