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passbook not working

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    There are numerous postings on this already. Try reading those before posting another "me too" . Even if we wanted to help, "not working " is too general. A common problem is an error when connecting to the App Store. Another is the misconception that you can create passes within Passbook itself.


    Read this article http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5483 . If that doesn't solve your problem, then come back with more details.

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    Thank you for the link for help. I have the iphone5, and am having issues with passbook as well.  when I launch the app, i get taken to the apps for passbook section.  I have downloaded all the available apps and with no solution as of yet.  I have tried the method of changing the year...and that did not work.  I have also tried the instructions on the link that you supplied.  No luck yet.  I did notice that when i navigated to the location services area, passbook was not listed.  Any additonal help you can give would be much appreciated until an update presents itself via Apple.

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    I am guessing you have the Target App.

    Open Target App.

    Under coupons --> Mobile Coupons --> Sigunup for Mobile Coupons.(they will send you a text message)

    Click on the Link from the text messages

    That will open up the mobile coupons tab.

    Scroll down and you will see a button to add the coupons to Passbook.

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    YAY   Thanks ixavi.  Pretty simple once someone figures it out.   works great now.

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    I just talked to apple support. Change the year on your phone to year 2036. Try to get into the App Store, it should work then reset your date to automatic.

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    I'm having the same issue in regards no not having Passbook in the location services list of applications.


    Please let me know your solution if you come up with one.

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    here is the solution.  Amazing Apple messed this up.



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    If you can see the apps in App Store that Passbook brings up, the date change won't help. That work around is suggested for those people where when App Store connection fails.


    One big reason for all the problems is the basic paradigm of Passbook - that the actual coupons, tickets and membership cards are generated by separate apps and only stored in and presented by the Passbook app. I understand this approach but it has confused many people.

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    Anyone get American Airlines to work on Passbook?

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    I find passbook pretty useless and disappointing.   I have Starbucks since they have their own app.  Don't see much benefit from passbook.  Waste of time