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Just upgraded to ML. I don't use Logic much, hence only having Express. Annoyingly I assumed Apple would support its own product but no.


Anyone know how I can upgrade to 9.1.7 which is supposed to work?


Meanwhile I found v8.0.2, which I had when I upgraded to 9.1 and works in ML... what's that about?!


I looked in the applications folder to find v8 sitting there waiting to be used! There are some issues and it opens a default project with the warning it was created with a newer version (true!). Warnings on loading are...



Dear Logic Express user,

you have 1 Audio Unit(s) enabled which did not pass the Apple AU validation. This may cause problems and can even crash Logic Express or lead to data loss! Please check with the manufacturer(s) for updated versions. We recommend disabling these plug-ins in the AU Manager.


This is Melodyne assistant



Warning! This project was created by a newer Logic Express version.

This may cause problems.

Please update Logic Express.


Wish I could, ironic sense of humour, Apple have



Logic Express: Plug-in “Pedalboard” not available!



Logic Express: Plug-in “Amp Dsn” not available!



And that's it. I've opened a file made in 9.1 with just the warning 2 above bounced the file ok - and played it to check.


I assume you'll have a problem if you've used the plugins that aren't supported, but if not you'll be able to work.

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    Wow, Clive!  Just . . . wow.


    I feel your pain.  It is amazing how LE 8 can work but a version of LE 9 won't.  At any rate, if LE 9.1.7 is supposed to work you can download the update here:




    Hopefully this will get you up & running.


    (For a number of reasons I do not plan on upgrading to Mountain Lion.  I'm running OSX 10.7.x and I think that's as far as I'm going.  I really don't like the direction Apple are taking by making their OS more like their IOS used in their mobile devices.)

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    I know. I can only think Apple don't expect people to hang on to previous versions and failed to write LE 8 out of the picture...


    The pain continues, I already found the download but it doesn't pick up the previous version so it won't upgrade.  I'm in touch with Support and will report back on any solutions.